Monday, June 23, 2003

I'm back.

And I may just have a few pictures for y'all soon of the new house look, compared to the old :-D

Anyway, I've stayed up working . I'm damn near done with project #1 at work. Tonight I suddenly went overboard on that ... god, I think I'm now addicted to short-circuiting code ... which is really a very bad thing, considering it makes for really f***ing hard reading material upon a first glance ... which defeats the purpose ... BUT IT'S SO DAMN COOL !

So I'm done ... errr ... I have to test the code, and show that it actually runs of course ... and also that it runs at least marginally faster than the original.



I'll visit y'all later ! I promise ! And I have more good coding practices ... and maybe tomorrow I'll actually finish that dang #macro statement construct !