Wednesday, June 04, 2003

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A penny saved. Laugh your ass off.
I'm just about done ... there's not much I can do to speed up the first program, but apparently one of the coders mentioned that there's a lot to be done in speeding up the second program ... yay. That's where the math comes in :-p.
In the meantime, I've been formatting the source code into the format specified by Kobus' documents.
helper program #1 : A rather simple beast of the Regular Expression variety written in C++. I used this guy to convert all keywords of the form keyWord to the form key_word. A good exercise all around. Damn I'm bored. It's almost 1:00 am, and I've had the worst kind of insomnia for the past few days ... No way I'm going to lay in that bed for hours at a time for another damn night. So I decided to do some more work.

Speaking of which ...

I talked to the people in the know about when my paycheck was comin in, and when I need to turn in my time-sheet, and suprise suprise , my first week I was supposed to turn in a timesheet. The next one is due this Thursday, which means I get my first paycheck next Friday ... Friday, the 13th of June ! ROCK ON ! Muwah ha ha ha !

In the meantime I'll have to talk to those people about gettin' my first week's pay.

In other news I have hit upon my first major idea in quite some time... this time, I WILL COMPLETE IT ! AND IT (at least, the alpha version) WILL BE COMPLETED WITHIN THE MONTH. AND IT SHALL BE GLORIOUS ! And NO ! I'm NOT telling y'all what it is ... UNTIL I'm DONE ! Muwah ha ha !