Sunday, June 01, 2003

Check out this slashdot article.



I've been trying to find information on this advanced doppler radar technology stuff, since it's supposed to be the 3D equivalent of a digital camera, which maps out everything into 3D points, but haven't found anything on it yet. I'm sure Kobus knows about it, but once again, it's still better to check than to assume.

It's all about nmap, baby.
Warning! : Disregard of caution during use of this tool can lead to serious consequences, many of which are of legal status in body and in origin.

Tomorrow, I get back to school, and complete phase #1 in my research job: getting familiar with the function library and adding two programs to it. It'll be awesome since I'll finally have something to show for myself, considering Kobus (Professor Barnard) is dropping by Tucson to help out for a few days next week. I figure that gives me enough time to get started with Prasad on the ncuts picture segmentation code. Technically, I thought it should simply be click click click, done ... but my confidence has suddenly run dry. We'll see.

Today is the first day of June, my dear Aunt June's birthday
:-( Happy Birthday, Aunt June

... and the first day of Haloscan's re-opening to signups...

The first of the month ... Which also means that my print quota at the U is 400 pages ! Time to print out a shitload o code !