Thursday, May 29, 2003

At the research job, I'm finally getting the hang of things! insomuch as that's possible :-D
But at HaloScan, I seem to have made 3 mistakes in ONE week ! Bleah ! That may sound silly to you, but think about it like this: you're doing your own thing, making your own web page, and decide to use HaloScan for your commenting system ... something happens and your comments don't work ! You go to the forums and ask for help ... you get some moderator who's very nice, but gives you some scary-looking code to fit into your website, and you have to trust him and pray that it works ... well, what if it doesn't ? Then maybe it's your fault cuz you may not have followed his directions ... maybe it's his fault for having bad code ... either way it makes A BIG HEADACHE !
I HATE MAKING MISTAKES ! Well ... Who doesn't ...
But it's when I make mistakes wihle representing a group or identity, ggrrrrr that's when it pisses me off !