Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Okay ... today was a fight for time ... this whole day I knew I wasn't going to have enough time to do everything I wanted to accomplish, and in someways that helped my mind ... as I'm forcing myself to take in more and more data at one time ... and hopefully increasing my typing speed in the process. Anyway, I only have 8 minutes to type this all in ....
um ... I screwed up on the athlon tests ... I will print the actual results tomorrow ... they are in fact exactly what I thought they should be and have a significant increase in speed ... I will also include the difference in speeds ... and I will also print out the average of cpu clock tics, as recommended. I've been attempting to run this iarc code I've been given, but I can't even build the damn thing and it's makefiles are wrapped TWICE ! there's one makefile that SIMPLY includes another makefile, which adds all of ONE set of flags for compiling, whereupon it finally includes the first makefile of substance, which adds a whole shitload of flags, and (finally) some make options, but then ... *insert long blood-curdling scream in the distance* ... I found some information from Kobus' (Professor Barnard's) Computer Vision library, but until I look into the templates and Kobus' scripts, I'll have problems... I'm going to need to talk to the programmers who made it ... of course, I should've done that already . This was supposed to be a warmup exercise !
Also learning a lot about computer and network security ... stuff I've been wanting to know, just so that I'm never caught unaware or off-guard again :-p
I also got a nice solution from John Cropper of the CS labstaff about the dang idling and exit problem with sshing from off-campus, and (to some degree) the lag time, too. I've more to say, but I think I've bored enough people for one day, and without enough time to add the stories or updates, it's kinda pointless... (it's always about time, isn't it ? Never enough...) Anyway I'l talk to y'all l8r !