Friday, May 23, 2003

For my next trick ... I give you a small and very simple (at least codewise) sample of a Sparc machine's weird and cool capabilities ... the stuff that started my interest on making CPrime.
(yes I know the code is a bit messy, but I was in a hurry. I'll clean it up later, since I am also in a hurry NOW ! :-D)
I was wanting to test if functions duplicated in memory were given their own static members (individual bits of memory allocated) or not (which means they refer to the same memory address). That code actually compiles and runs in the CS Dept's Lectura Server. It's really really weird. You can mess around with the assembly instructions dynamically, and even print them out 'n' stuff . I'm thinking about getting info on Sparc Assembly instructions so I can play with it some more :-D . KJ also mentioned to me that the functions copied in memory needs to be page-aligned else the OS will complain. Pretty freakin' cool, no ?

Mayann... I'm so wantin' tah tell ya all about the cool shit I'm lookin' at in my research job ... the professor has years and years of functions and such built into one huge-ass image/matrix manipulation library ! But wait till I'm a bit more familiar with it, first :-D

Oh, yah, btw. I've got a really cool AIM log to share with you guys between Me an' KJ later on :-D
Okay. Question: should I just load up my center buttons in the beginning and have them open small windows, or should I keep them the way they are, even with their slow load times (because of blogger's high load times) ? Or should I link them up as an external javascript source somewhere near the top of my page ?

Well, at least they know a problem actually exists!