Tuesday, May 20, 2003

34 visitors today. 34. Unbelievable. Is SiteMeter lying ? I see information on web browsers used, and etc ... so y'all can't be just robots an' proxies ... so ... what's goin' on ? Well, for 34 visits ... I aught to have a life lesson and some coding tips ready tomorrow. So I will.

Oh! btw. This shouldn't be too important,
but in case y'all didn't know,
I'm also really damn proud of it, dammit.

Even though some people don't really realize this even months after we first meet, I figure it's always an interesting conversation to have.
"Well, I knew you're ... um ... ethnic but ... we just couldn't figure out what you are, ... y'know ?"

This has actually been something I've wanted to add to my blog for some time in writing, or in type, as the case may be. Just one of those things so weird that you can't believe it actually happened/happens even after you write it down ... sort of like the "Flasher Girl" incident ... or my brother's "Neo" incident. I'll explain that one tomorrow !
Hiya ! Updates:

Add the CS Advising Department to my current list of those people for whom I must buy flowers.
Current List:

Dr. Zdechlik & Gail Fischler, Music Teachers (for their overwhelming support)
Pat Murray, CS Advisor ( For academically saving my @$$ ! )

She found a way in which I can make a comeback from this hideous semester.

Now at least the javascript buttons don't show errors while they're loading.Thanks, Netshade. Ever have those times when you can't find an elegant solution to a problem, then someone walks by and just nonchalantly pulls one out from the tip of your finger, leaving you to feel like a colossal (but thankful) idiot ? :-D
Um ... I guess I should give the Life Lessons their own Button, and that would solve problem #5 as described below. I'm actually touched that #5 means a lot to at least one person :-D .
Umm I'm supposed to give radical updates, but at the moment, I've got to go ... again ... I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to get to GameWorks today in time to see if that girl I met the other day will be there. That really sux. Why didn't I get her number ? Because it didn't seem like I talked with her long enough for it to be appropriate! Arrrrgh! Well, I know at least two "in-the-know" ladies who frequent this site just often enough to make me feel a bit worthy ... so um, what're your opinions about getting a girl's phone number ? (This is definitely "need-to-know" stuff ! Not just for me, but for other guys ... damn, but I guess I should make a survey, but I just don't get enough visitors, or at least, active ones. I'll make an ongoing Poll ! This'll be the next Poll !

How, when, and after which circumstances have been met does it seem acceptable for a guy to ask a girl for her phone number ?