Monday, May 19, 2003

Changes that must be made:

1.) The javascript functions load too slowly: Thus if someone clicks on a button while the page is still loading, then they get a javascript error.
2.) The search bar must be added
3.) I must reset the Archive program to the current page date so people don' t have to use the arrows to get back to where they were. In fact, it may be a better idea to use drop-down menus for the Year/Month/Week placeholders rather than buttons. In fact, that's what I'll do ! But not now :-p.
4.) The quotes MUST come back !
5.) I need to make the Life Lessons a bit more noticeable on the page ... somehow.

Okay. I've a lot to do and a lot to say, so stay tuned and I'll have a rather interesting update for y'all, filled with fun facts, and even some good coding style practices !