Friday, May 16, 2003

To finish: Linear Algebra... they needed to staple a packet of vaseline to this test. Think on it. You'll figure the joke out.

Networking: I sent my plea. We shall soon know the verdict.

Research: fun and exciting : xserver was havin' problems loading up, and I start my job.

Arcade: I met a girl, Ginger who plays herself some DDR. Why is it everyone ELSE is better than I AM ? Well at least *I* look good when I play. but then, so did she ... which is commendable... but the difference was that she was playing at the hardest setting!

After exhaustion set in, I talked with her for awhile, and before I know it, it's 10:10pm.
BUS ?! Nono. not for you, my afro-endowed wonderboy. I'm too late. Now I lie in wait for the next bus. The last bus. The bus that leaves at 11:06 about half a mile south of here. (it's actuall 10:50, now. not 11:50)

*sigh*. All friends out. either at LAN party, or getting piss-drunk and sulking about their grades. And I'm stuck here. I gotta call home at least, and let them know I plan on staying out all night.

Okay. Last night was the coolest night ... the Earth was between the sun and the moon ... exactly ... and the moon TURNED RED, did a disappearing act, reappeard all at around 9 or so ... then at 10:30 ... the moon got brighter, and brighter, and brighter, till you almost couldn't look at it, and at 11:00, it was shining white with a red halo ! It looked like a sub-sun, and you could see EVERYTHING ... IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT ! the perfect night to bike home !