Thursday, May 15, 2003

Well, to finish off the most evil semester in existence, your good ol' pal Jamie had a memory failure -- just now realized that the final for Networking was today, and not, in fact, tomorrow.

I'm never, ever overextending myself again. Fuck ACM (sorry, Matt. We never even started. I just won't have time to put in that kind of energy) Fuck Atheist Agnostics Society (Sorry Dan. I've always believed in a benevolent god, anyway) Fuck NukeCD ( at least for now. I'm really, really, really sorry Mike, KJ ). Fuck everything ! fuck it. I have a job, and am still on the path. In reality, I am not set back in anyway except my pocketbook. I'm alive and I now have a good job.
I'm so close to finishing my networking project, I can almost see the data running across the wires like the symbols running down a Matrix Screensaver!