Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Dammit. no comments for me. But then, I really shouldn't be checking right now anyway. Was it something I typed ?


Getting to the last of my Networking ... with the extension.
And I learned that the total # of students who applied for section leader positions wasn't 30-something ... it was over 50.
More on Foobar Apparel: Since it's almost a spoof , but not quite, I didn't want to get in trouble, which is why it's not spelled fubar (as in Fubu®) for those of you who don't know what fubar/foobar is, it's a word as intertwined with the computer world as 'bug' is. Simply put, it means Fucked Up Beyond All Repair :-D
It's not that I don't also like Microsoft®: the real problem here is just waiting for them to come up with a lightly enforced trademark (lightly enough that I only need the ® symbol ) and fun logo. The penguin beats the damn window, the dog, and the damn paper clip hands down. I'm cool with Einstein, tho, but I doubt MS could use him without getting in big trouble. (Oh, and you know why they created Clippy the annoying helper ? Because every time they made surveys about what they could add to Microsoft Word, the majority of the idiots they surveyed asked for features that were ALREADY standard ! ) I've seen more crap about Microsoft Word, and people saying they can write better software ... that's BS... or as the Vodka makers would say:

Absolut Kaka