Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Foobar Apparel : For the (not so) serious Computer Scientist. I'm so stoked ! I've finally got the first of my ideas up there ! I've got a whole bunch of linux and programming language logos finished up and ready to go, too, at the moment, but I'm going to double check and see if I can get proper permissions before I can use them, just in case... but I've got time to think about it now. Check it out !
Well, my javascript idea worked, so I may now add the search bar onto my site ... But I still want to see if I can get away with hard-coding the links now. Since they load after the content, they should be safe, right ?
And, for ease of use, I'll soon add some "previous/next" buttons to the site navigation.
Some parts of Zelda games never change :-D nor would we want them to.
Life Lesson # 23: A grasp of the analogous is not a grasp of analysis.
Never confuse wordplay with logic.