Saturday, May 10, 2003

The top link buttons will become links shortly, or will only open in new windows, (because you can't right-click the bastards)
Also, I have 2 new life lessons and a "Nothing to Say" Alma Mater, with all-new clich├ęs :-p, in celebration of the new layout! Also I'm going to remove the javascript from the links loading process because now Search engines don't see the links AT ALL, which is a bit of a bummer, so I'm crossing my fingers that since my content now appears before the links, that hopefully the search engines will still pick up something more substancial than just 40 hits on something like <a href=blahblha>Netshade's site </a>... over and over again! Finally, the width of the entries may need an aesthetic increase.
Okay. First of all, my nonstartling conclusion in regards to why an individual may get a large # of web page hits, but a small # of commenters: Because most of the hits are actually Servers/Proxies/Spammers updating their data on pages that are assigned to search engines. In other words, the more entries I make, the more hits I get, because the service programs notice the increase in updates and thus check the page more often. This could be a load of shite ... but if you don't believe me, make a reply in the comments link below :-p , and I'll see how many people actually see this shhhtuff.

For all you programmers out there ! (that is, when my page is updated so search engines can even find this freakin' text :-p) :
From this site, I finally found that 1472 bytes is the largest message size possible in a single UDP packet before segmentation occurs with 1500 MTU and 20 (IP) + 8 (UDP) bytes of header information ! (well, 1473, if you count OOB data :-p) I think that means that if one sends more than that amount, it gets sent in pieces ? Ugh ... I have more reading to do.
Dammit. Another problem which will soon be fixed in my new blog: Google's indexing won't go farther than my links, as my links come before the actual content, and, well ... I have a LOT of information before the content. So now that will be changed in the newest version, so I'll definitely want to finish that asap (after the networking project. aw hellz... *still dazed from yesterday's experience* (It really happened ! )
oh, and after checking an entry I made a few days ago, I just found out I missed out on making another life lesson ! Well, I'll use it anyway, dammit ! (Monday)