Friday, May 09, 2003

Warning: Below is a recording of the EVENT of the DAY (Hellz, it's an event of the YEAR, to rival that of my new research job !) that the author is completely and shamelessly happy about :
Out with M1 and C-kun, a gorgeous gal (who was about my age) hooted at us from her friend's car on the street ... and I realized I was still a bit overdressed with the white button-down and black t-shirt ... so I took off the button-down, and the girl shouted, "Yah! Take it ALL OFF !" And we laughed ... the stoplight turned red, the car stopped, and a few moments later, she had her shirt off, and whole naked chest bared in my direction, arms wide open, a huge smile on her face, shouting, "YaaaaH!!!"
My jaw dropped to the floor !
(I haven't seen ANYTHING like ... like ... Whoa ! ... And believe you me, I've seen alot !)
I'VE NEVER been flashed on the street before ...
much less by a foxy, foxy lady !
(I'm really not in the mood right now to contemplate the connotations of what she did and why she did it, as the answers I come up with might only depress me, but rest assured, at some point, I'll analyze that event, which has been forever etched into my memory banks .. *grins, staring vacantly into space*)
Back to work ! I'll add descriptions of what happened at the interview later, since my last big homework project is due on Monday !
The greatest Ebay Feedback Comments ever made!
At long last: the INTERVIEW:
I don't know . I waited for my ... crud ! I gtg be somewhere at 4:30 !!!! argh! Okay ... don't panic, I'll finish the rest later... in the meantime read the short version below:

I started out great, but then got a bit nervous. I think I may have blocked the view of the whiteboard while I was writing on it (AAAACK!), and really should've gone over my speech and presentation more thoroughly. I remembered their names (which is an incredible feat for me)
Heh, in recognition of Upcoming Mother's Day, I've decided to put roses in easy to find places for my mom. I'll buy some more tonight :-D
Someone please stop and tell me if this makes sense: 21 visitors today, and it's not yet 1:45pm ! (No, it's not 2:44pm as Blogger would have you think! It's just that WE DON'T FREAKIN' HAVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS IN ARIZONA!! GAHH!!) Um... I'm happy an' all, but what does it take for y'all to leave a message or two ?
Anyway, I have no idea what I received for my Music Final ... since all I know is that I didn't do as well as I should've.
On the bus, today, I came to a realization that all my stock responses to deal with angry people are now obsolete: if you apologize to someone, no matter how good your intentions are, you're validating that person's claims and are just inviting them to unleash their inner drama queen, instead of calming it as you hoped it would -- and worse yet was the realization that I am NO different. As such, being humble and apologetic in such situations can be just as bad as complete, argumentative denial. So far, the best solution I've come up with is to be damn funny, but of course, that's not exactly the most consistent ability for everyone ... at least not for me... not yet.
Anyway, I am now preparing for my interview as a section leader ... I seriously hope I get the job, not for me, but for the students that I'd be aiding ... I'm rather happy that I've got the other research job ... hellz it'll be awesome, and long-term ... but it'll be too bad if this other opportunity passes by. So I'm pushin' the psyche, gettin' into the groove, gotta get the flow goin', and gotta prep, prep, prep !
We'll see what happens !
Ever closer to completion
There are some days, where cloud 9 is just one big hunk of smog: sure, you're up shit's creek, but damn ... you had a fun time gettin' there. Add today to my list. First off ... this morning, on a bus, a seeing-eye dog showed me a sample of animal telepethy ... let's call it ATL 101 ... I didn't even get the drift until the very end, when it was too late to do anything about it :-p. But he/she made me a lot less of a skeptic. I'm betting it's more inference than anything else ... since when I finally understood, it was painfully obvious, but ... it seemed like I ... I'm crazy enough to be posting this, so ... um... moving on ... I dropped by M1 and C-kun's place to pick up one of my C++ books and to find good antivirus software, cuz C-kun won the w.supernova lotto on kazaa-lite, and without any antivirus software to claim the prize, he had to accept it open handed (and his computer accepted it, open-cheeked) so we went over to bestbuy and took a look at our options ... McCaffey, Norton, or Safeworld. Norton is the best, but brings even a medium-end system down to its knees, ("I did not have sexual relations with that woman") and I've never heard of Safeworld, so I can't say anything good or bad about that, which leaves McCaffey. So C-kun is gettin' a copy o'dat, which should give him about a year's subscription to the latest updates or so, I believe. Next we searched around for various compy components (just the categories, really) that we'd be adding to his soon-to-be-oh-so-real dream compy. Later on, we realized that with the addition of my new job, I should be able to afford a compy upgrade, too ... so since he has this idea that all his computers must be named after Matrix characters (so far there's Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo) we'd make twin uber-machines, and name them after the twin agents on Matrix 2 :-D .
On our way back to his place, we thought of a list of .. um... failed NukeCD slogans ... just to let you know how far our minds were in the gutter, one of the worse "failed" slogans was, "Nuked CD Software: Have YOU screwed YOUR cat lately?"
M2 just gave me another good one :-D
Nuked CD Software: "Vaporware not just for Sourceforge anymore"
Here's another I just thought up of:
"Software bugs: Don't abhor it, ignore it !"
We stopped back at M1 and Ckun's, grabbed M1, and went back out.
Upon exiting the gated community as a trio, we walked through the Wendy's drivethru, got some food, and went to the bar nextdoor, ordering a pitcher of Miller Light and 2 sets of darts :-D ... we wrote our screen/pen names on the wall and the date, had a f***ing blast, bought some miniature shot bottles at 7-11 and went our separate ways for the night !

Umm.. also, M1 let me know that their nextdoor neighbor is leaving in the week ... a one-bedroom apt in a locked/gated/old-folk(primarily) apartment complex ... hint hint. We'll see. I'd have to stock up on $$ the first month, and I'd have to see how far I am along Independence Way.

Well, tomorrow, I face part 2 of my MUSIC final ... Music class was one of things that kept me sane this semester.
We also find out whether that apartment is a definite fork in the road, or simply a one-way, opposite-direction road.
I also have my Section Leader Interview @ 3:45pm ! Good Luck to Me and the rest of YOU !
G'niTe, y'all !
Ever closer to completion