Thursday, May 08, 2003

I got a 75%.
Simply because it seemed like I knew the material in some cases, and in other cases, there was the understanding, but not any way of describing it concretely, or with structure... and that hurt the score alot ... there was also the blanking out, halfway through the topic on topological sorting, and my slowness in using induction ... I love induction ... I'm just ... a bit out of practice, dammit ! :-p
Oh well. I need to retake the class anyway . It certainly turned out better than if I had taken the written version !
One down, one to go. (technically three to go, but I'm counting priority)
Even better
Still studyin', believe it or not ... I got these links from Ben on the compy right next to mine ... really !
First final in 2 hours @ 4:30 ... regardless of what the damn time thing says, the current time here in Tucson is really 2:37pm.
First Final is today... Appropriate Music : YYZ by Rush.