Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Okay ... to continue about the Research job :
nyaHA! Netshade, spakest thou the RIGHT words! Apparently, Prof Kobus Barnard (y'know, that's the first time I've heard or seen anyone refer to him as "Dr" or "Professor," and I'M the one making the reference !) has quite A LOT of places for me to fit in, and he's not even done listing all the places ... it seems to me he wants even more help ... so depending on what he's got planned, he may be a GREAT resource for other students too ! His main project is essentially the opposite of computer graphics: make the computer take an image and figure out what that image is. I could do debugging/testing/optimizing/ platform-standardizing or work on the image segmentation process, or work on maintaining the file versions, script-writing, ye gawds, he's got many many things to do ! AND there'll be distributed programming projects, too ! Heaven must've fallen on my LAP ! Thank you Prof Barnard, and thank you, Rob !
I was reminded today why some blogs are exciting and some aren't. In a newly improved effort to evoke some sort of response from y'all so that I can feel better about myself (dripping sarcasm here ... although I certainly would appreciate even so much as a simple, "hi," in the commenting system, if you've visited the page. )
I've decided to add more interesting content ! ...But when Finals are over :-p.
I'll continue the Life Lessons and the weird philosophical discussions, fun and weird quotes, good books, along with real programming information, only I'll be adding a heck of alot more now, since I'll be doing a lot more *nix programming work ... which brings us to a hastily decided segue ...
This is sure proof that It's been worth it. Add two things I love to do ... programming/scripting/debugging AND making money ... heh ... yea, it doth roXOR.
Okay, I'm only two phases short of completion on my new website layout, although I'll have to change a few things if I want it to be compatible in Netscape 4 and below ... [envision sarcasm dripping from the page, off the monitor, and onto your newly-pressed dress-pants] I've had enough: This stuff even works in Konquerer now ... well, there is one slight problem but it's a painfully obvious fix. I've done what I've set out to do, and that was to make a web page viewable in all the main browsers updated within the past two years, and I have DONE SO ! Check out the Work in Progress here.
Latest Problem: I attempted to add a search bar to the page : upon testing it with a few friend's names it became apparent that google was only finding my links to their pages. In the new site, I'm attempting to hide at least their names by creating the links dynamically with javascript, so that my search bar will (hopefully) bit more functional :-D .
I GOT A 94% on my MUSIC FINAL ! Yah, it was too much fun.
Not much else, unless I want to make a 5-page essay on my "Wednesday," which of course is Boring and Wasteful of precious time ... preccciouuus ... my preccciouuussssss. *SNAP*
Yes, I'm done with you now; those of you who've read this far are certified to be healthy, attention-accreditted individuals with patience up the wazoo .... you lucky %#*#s