Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Okay. Update time. Finals are coming. I actually get to schedule my cs 346 final with my teacher, very nice, but it's a time before everyone else takes it. I made my first perl script a few days ago for Consillium... but it won't work until the admin sets up a good mail server. In the meantime, I've filled an application to become a section leader for fall semester ... I can't hold my breath that long, but I'm excited all the same. We'll find out if I get the position after the interview on Friday :-D . (I know you must be thinking, "YE GAWDS HE'S PILING HIS PLATE AGAIN !" but nay, nay, say I; I'm only taking three classes fall semester ... maybe even two, and furthermore, I am well aquainted with all three subjects (Since I'm retaking two of 'em). Lemme see ... um ... saw X2 ... awesome movie; I had more than a few gripes, but everything else made up for it so much that I didn't care a shred. Hellz, it was a hellofalot better than *cough*someone else's "Episode 2," but I never claimed that would be much of a feat :-D X2 on the other hand, kicked ass and made the silver screen beg for more.