Saturday, May 03, 2003

Fun jokes.    Well if I ever really wanted to see what my site looked like without cascading style sheets or navigation pics ... that desire, that utter, ceaseless nagging at the back of my consciousness that shouted, "aw, come on! Just 10 seconds, 10 SECONDS!" has been silenced forever. It seems the university server has been down for awhile, denying my use of pictures and style-sheets. Oh well. At least the style sheet problem was easy to correct for the time being.
Oh! And did I mention, that the weird layering problem that makes it a hassle to select any text on this page has been fixed in my new upcoming layout ? :-D

On to today's really weird story:

As I lay in bed this morning, analyzing the dreams in which I had engaged only moments before, my thoughts converged on a startling notion: if our subconscious minds are so adept at translating the nonsensical data given by our senses when asleep (into dreams) ... then what does that say about the data given to us by our senses when we're awake ?