Thursday, May 01, 2003

I must say, in regards to my previous entry, that these problems are only with the XP version of Opera. From what I hear, the Win98 version of Opera was even able to handle this OLD layout ! Opera is awesome in many ways, although I still assert for clarity's sake that the XP version SUCKS ASS, and LIKES IT.

Update: Classes are almost over ... and I am sharing the same roller coaster ride as Katie : NEED TO FIND A JOB, and FAST !
But I am NOT working in non-cs jobs... EVER again. screw that. I will NOT be cleaning floors, monitors, keyboards, video shelves, etc. I will NOT vac, I will NOT wash dishes, and I WILL NEVER SAY, "would you like fries with that?"

At any rate, the time has come for me to permanently delete certain activities ... that is to keep them on a backburner for at least a year ... since I've just been given an interesting opportunity to help out with the Computer Science ACM club next semester - but at the same time, as y'all know, I can't simply do the same things I've been doing , else I lose control of time management again.