Wednesday, April 30, 2003

So far, so good. Digestion is coming along nicely, and so is the Networking Project.
Well... about putting all projects on the backburner ... I lied:
I did spend more time on the new web page design.
All I have to report at the moment:
the XP version of Opera has some SERIOUS F***ED UP problems, mayaaannnn ...

A: Their javascripting system doesn't allow assigning functions as objects to new variable names

WTF ?! THE WHOLE IDEA BEHIND JAVASCRIPT is to take java, remove classes and treat ALL functions as OBJECTS !

B: If you place a button on a form ... no matter WHAT you do with that button, whenever the user presses it, it submits like a SUBMIT button ! f***ing ..$^)($(!!!

C: If you have a form with a submit button on your page, (and make sure you've included the </form> tag) and create a button ANYWHERE below that form, then whenever the user presses that button , no matter WHAT that button does, THE F***ING BROWSER WILL SWITCH TO THE SUBMIT PAGE !

GruuuUUuUUuuUUUuuuu !!!!!!!