Tuesday, April 29, 2003

In review:

Found a new Friday Past-Time while following some last-minute homework for a class.
( I attended a public recital at the U's College of Music ... it fucking rocked! )

Some guy tried a passive theft at my CD-player.
Parents left for the weekend to receive the Milken Foundation Teacher/Educator Award.

We lost the coding competition ... and lost badly.
I crashed at M's place Saturday Night and most of Sunday. No offense, M, but I can't stand being at your place anymore.
Upon returning from M's place, I completely swore off alcohol, corn-syrup, bleached sugar (for the most part), and (most) sweets.
And I crashed yet again at my own place.

In accordance with a reccommendation from Netshade, (In declaring defeat) I put all projects on the backburner, from Life Lesson 20 to C Prime, and even some classes.

Parents came back from their fun lil' escape/award ceremony in Cali, and proceeded to scream at the details of several small messy details of the house (a chair, a table-top, and a kitchen countertop). This may seem strange to you all, but very few of you know how happy I was to hear my mother lecture on these things that other people would just consider "okay" or "clean enough."

New site layout is almost at completion, but that, too is now on the backburner. It's so bizarre : the old layout is bulky, and unwieldly: it's hard to imagine that I actually coded it (except for the browser detector, which I did not create, but was a great save on typing). But I take it as a sign of progress: I only made it half a year ago. The new layout is at an operable level now, so I might install it soon, but I'll add the rest of the features when school is down and done. I'm in no hurry.