Saturday, April 26, 2003

I've got ALL this PERISHABLE FOOD HERE that I got from helping set up and clean up the competition, and MY FUCKING RIDE ISN'T HERE !
WTF ?!

Well, I guess she simply won't get any, and I'll have to eat it all ... (2-3 foot sub (and 5-6 inches wide!) and 1/3 of a gallon of 2 Eegee's slushees)
Damn, damn, double damn, triple damn. We Forfeited.
We came as a team, Nihir, Vivek, and I... Nihir and Vivek being part of the team that won last year.
We got off to a slow start , and had to switch computers at the very beginning, as well :-( because a home directory folder in the unix environment hadn't been created for out team...
continuing on ...
One of our answers simply wasn't correct: we sent it in three times, and three times we got it sent back to us, thus setting us back to 60 minutes.
As we puzzled over our other problems, we realized none of them would get sent in for completion ... and jumped out early.

Really fucking sucks.

But there's always next semester ... or at least that's what Vivek keeps telling me.


(There's more, but I'm not sayin' nuthin' unless yah email me.) ... And at least the new layout is coming along smoothly ... I'm almost done with the dhtml part, and it works in Opera, old/mac Netscapes, and Mozilla too ! No more downgrading !