Monday, April 21, 2003

Life Lesson #22: People love to complain.
I love to complain. You love to complain. At some level (fortunately a very obscure level) we're all just a bunch of whiners.

I have a friend who's not yet 30, and already has a résumé of the Gods, a critical position in one of the most notable companies in America, and IS IN DEPRESSION !
And he is claiming it's because he's realizing he might not make his first million by the time he's 30. -.- I know clinical depression when I see it ... But that's not only a stupid reason, it's a dangerous one: I'd have to resist the urge to throttle him (erm... at least attempt to... he's fairly adept in various martial arts) and scream bloody murder !

I know some guys who live on the streets who complain but still live with a much healthier outlook on life than him !

Am I complaining about complainers ? I think SO !

It's all about your sense of perception. Be careful. Know when to stop. In the end, reminding yourself of the problem/task ahead only irritates you more, and if you're reminding someone else, then chances are that it irritates them more than anything else :-p. But then, you can't really get into specifics without statistics now can you ? I like that. I'll add that to my list of mottos :-p