Monday, April 14, 2003

Life Lesson #19: Strike a balance between living in the moment and preparing for the future.
Sure, you should work towards a secure future. No, you shouldn't waste all your time living in the moment... but...
All work and no play might not make Jack a dull boy, but if Jack dies tomorrow, Jack hasn't really done jack, now has he ?

Rock on ! Jeevan graced me with 'moderator' status for Haloscan's Forums ! :-D

Am studying (or taking a break from studying... heh heh heh) for a Computer Science Discrete Math Test today in 13 hours and 16 minutes (12:44). Havin' fun all the same. I guess I should take a rest now, eh?

(darn ... apparently even though I've set all settings to Mountain Standard, Blogger still seems to think my current time is 1:50, instead of 12:50. We DON'T HAVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS IN ARIZONA ! BLEAH !)