Saturday, April 12, 2003

Life Lesson #18: It doesn't matter who you are : you're NOT the smartest motherfucker around.
Wanting to be is quite a good motivator -- I use that one quite often !  But some people don't seem to understand that you can't outsmart actual facts ... not even by definition, if you want to be trite about it. You can't outsmart chemistry.  You can't outsmart physics.  You can't outsmart physical dependence.  You can't outsmart reality.  If you think you have then you've only disproved an incompletely/incorrectly formulated claim (Which is still a feat to be noted) --> not the actual laws that govern reality.  Think carefully about what you do!  Many of the other life lessons overlap this subject in various ways : its own inclusion into the archive is an exclamation point.  Life will not automatically make concessions to "let you off easy" if your decision-making leads you to an ugly hole.
In other words, Don't just look before you leap ; Look at those who came before you, look at those who come with you, and finally, take a good look at yourself.

C' has been sourceforged!  I guess I'll use my knowledge from C' to build up to Ayli -- ( Ayli was originally C' ).
Still in infancy stage, obviously.