Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I just couldn't go a full week without getting online. ;-)

My resolution: strive to spend as little time as possible on all compies, to save my sanity.

I updated the aim online detector generator. my code works fine - it's pretty straightforward, even though there's some strange problem with recognizing some users as being offline even when they're online -- but that's due to the weirdness of AIMS's various features. I encourage all to read it, since it involves passing forms to other web pages via javascript . :-D
"Curried C" is now C' (C-prime)
C'(c-prime) is now Ayli (As You Like It)
Ayli will remain my own intellectual prop, but I am sourceforging C' asap.
the funny thing is, that my idea for C' defines many similarities to javascript ... on the surface.
just a few simple things can often change a language in big and often unforseeable ways.
I'm going to get back to work on the Java-style wrapper classes for Windows gui-related API calls & DirectX calls.

The stories will come. Oh yes, the stories will come.

I will attempt a sign-sittin' picture tomorrow for all to point and stare at with glee.

Am now looking for a good summer job, now that internships seem a bit distant. That's it for now.

Non-shallow/Non-repeating life lessons are getting harder to uncover/learn without getting more and more specific. vague and bubbly promises of new ones are floating around in my head. After I double check the other 17 life-lessons to make sure there isn't too much overlap, I'll see if they can solidify into something more than abstract thought bubbles.

On Monday Night I actually biked home all the way from school ... 15-20 miles or so. In-fucking-credible! I want to remember that night, because the next day, I didn't feel ANY burn !

will talk to y'all l8r.