Saturday, April 05, 2003

(Edited: 4/7/03: WICS Competition got pushed back to April 26th)
You have two Entries to choose from today (technically 3, but whothefuck cares?):
The Blog of Strife and Moral Dilemmas over Nothing Too Important
The Normal Blog
In the meantime, I will be analyzing and restructuring my thought processes, as I no longer care much for strife and moral dilemma over nothing important, nor do I care for posting fruitless information. My three weeks in the disneyland version of Hell(as opposed to the Disney World version ... And the full flung version, which would most likely be what the troops and Iraqi citizens at the front lines are exeriencing.) has forced me to re-evaluate my sense of time, both present and past, my flare for drama, my stress levels, and my ability to handle life. See y'all in a week ... or two. :-p

The Blog of Strife and Moral Dilemmas over Nothing Too Important:
I will be taking a break from all non-academic computer-related subjects ... including this blog.
This blog is a pet project of mine. On one side, I can freely say that it's for me, and that I can look back on it and get a general index to my mind's history.
But sure as shizzy, that ain't the whole story.
On the flip side, I can get other people's perceptions about what I post, and can now readily admit that it certainly and shallowly DOES do a lot for one's ego, even to have JUST one person visiting your site (out of sheer interest ... not out of pity). Perhaps because I feel guilty to that 0.0001% of the population who actually find my rants somewhat enlightening, (but to those who read my site out of PITY: please STOP wasting your time NOW.) - I feel the need to say something: While I am gone, I think anyone who is even somewhat entertained by this site should REALLY check out the folder-buttons on the left, sometime in the very near future. (or the links on the left, depending on which browser you're using) Check out my (imho) notable entries. Sign a poll. Request a poll. They aren't really polls so much as they are essay questions, and VERY cheesy ones at that. I have a free +e+ris clone for download, a whole shitload of free navigational clipart to download (nothing too impressive), weird pictures, awesome links, (If you're bored, then nothing stops the boredom as well as the info links, humor links, and animation links!). It's my haven. And of course, mi casa es tu casa. (to some extent... Don't quote me on that !)

The Normal Blog:
I just signed up for Fall 03 Semester Classes. I'm taking it easy this time around. I'll have the tentative schedule up in a few days . But I'll be taking a break from all computer-related things except those dealing with homework and WICS programming competition. :-( that means this blog will be unused for a week or so. :-(
I'll of course include a few new life lessons, some stories ... such as a few funny ones I've heard on the bus, and others, such as this show I watched with my family yesterday on TLC (called 'Faking It'), where, this time, some guy (well, actually, a fairly well-known (prize-winning) race car driver) who'd never seen a drag queen before, had 3 weeks to become one, and fake a panel of 3 judges viewing the performances of 4 drag queens into believing that he had been one for years. Heheheheheh. We were all wondering what his prize was, and how he was put in that position. I think that also would've been a great episode in just explaining the backround events that lead up to that show. At any rate, he managed to fool one of the experts :-D, but even so, none of them knew something was up until a member of the show's company interviewed each one and asked them ... each was completely fooled until they were forced to analyze it. Heh. All in all, it was definitely worth watching. I think that guy was forever changed by that experience !
Well, that's one story down, and a few more to go. Next time, though. And I should have that picture I wanted up by next week, too ... as well as the results from the WICS competition.