Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Here's something I bet many of you didn't know about Blogger : you can add or remove 'team' members for different blog sites and give them various permission levels. So in other words, if you wanted a special forum for you and your friends, you could simply make a new blog, and give them all usernames and passwords -- and only give them access to making new blog entries, but not deleting or changing anyone else's :-p. There is a plethora of possibilities one might potentially perceive to implement and practice with Blogger's multiple-party blogging system
Cool, no ?

-- On a darker note:
Yesterday, the shit hit the walls, the ceiling, people,places, things. Today, it all simply hit me.
I won't bore you with details.
Suffice to say, the last 3 weeks of my life have been complete hell. And if my life were a movie, then these last two days were the climax/anti-climax, a paradox in a way; perhaps the most hellish part -- and yet I simply don't care now. It's over for now. It's done with, for now. I have two, (maybe three) classes I need to GRO (GradeReplacementOpportunity). But I've survived...More white hair on the front of my hairline (I'm 23 yrs/o !) but I've survived. At this point, if I get C's in all my 4 classes (I don't consider the lecture class to be a class, since you just show up, and you get an A), I'll be fucking ecstatic.