Thursday, March 20, 2003

It's been a few days since my last update.
Two new life lessons to come shortly, involving mental snapshots and dealing with the war. Yes it seems tritely arrogant now, but wait till you read them, eh ?

Umm... in other news :

It seems M2 decided to put his halloween pic into the hotornot website :-D ... I don't know WHY exactly, but hey, check it out =P I think he's affecting the score, no ? ;-)

Something y'all might be interested in. It seems Optimus Prime is going to help fight Iraq ... literally :-D see the details

from m2: [joking mode]This just in: Saddam's body double changes name to Megatron.[/joking mode]

I learned a hellovalot more than I ever wanted to about the way C++ packs unions and structs ... it pissed me off beyond belief, but I finally found out why making a struct with a single character in it was being given the size of 4 freakin' characters.
C++ for different compilers automatically buffers objects of the type strcut or union, with some predefined amount larger than a single character (A single character is one byte in size, whereas 'short' numbers are two bytes, and most other simple types are four bytes.) that's where #pragma pack (X) comes into play : I found out that my C++ compiler was set to #pragma pack (4), thus giving me at LEAST 4 bytes worth for any struct or union I tried to make, even if all I wanted was ONE ... fucking ... byte . I was able to set it to #pragma pack (1) and had no further problems in g++ or in the free Borland C++ 5.5 compiler. This had me soo damn pissed off, by the time I found out how to fix it, I was running around screaming in glee like a madman . Really!

Well. Umm.. right. I guess I'd better get back to my homework, right ?