Friday, March 14, 2003

Hmm... a life lesson is waiting to come out, but the time and energy must be spent elsewhere at the moment. Last day of classes before spring break ! Yay! Now I can finally get to THE OTHER homework I've been putting off :-p ! So much for alcohol, games, and directx ! At any rate, I'm going to take it easy for the next few days.
Yesterday !
I just about finished my CS assignment (was working on the last two problems) when I saw that the teacher had released some extra credit homework for us over spring break ! I just about had a seizure from the multiple waves of relief that broke over my body !
After I was done, I was so damn giddy , it was crazy.
I stopped by Mike & Colin's a few hours later , whereupon Mike and I went to kmart for lunch, aided an elderly woman to her apartment, and brought up that stupid, yet strangely amusing fight club debate again over whether one of us was simply an independent construct of the other's mind. =P Fortunately for our sanities, I have several pictures of us as a reminder that this is just a theoretical debate :-p For the next two hours or so, Colin and I began his 2nd session in learning C++ . Exercise #1. =D

I almost had a nice picture to show off - it didn't work out, but we might try again, today. Mike1 and I went over to one of those "Fire Lane - no parking" signs near kmart, armed with a camera. We intended to take a picture of me sitting atop the sign , ( I would've liked standing, but the damn sign was shaking ... and Mike had this really annoying tendency to want to hold on to it while I was SITTING ON TOP OF IT ... gah.) At any rate, as soon as he attempted to take a good picture, the camera's battery died (it's been having problems time and time again ... grr) So no picture ... I think ... but now I'm looking for a standalone sign somewhere in tucson that has the words "No Loitering" on it =D. That would be the best sign to sit atop for a photo ! I thought about photograph of leaning lazily against the pole atop the arm of a traffic signal, but even though I'm confident in my abilities as a climber, shit still happens, and those traffic light pole arms can get REALLY shaky in the wind -- not to mention I'd hate to start a criminal record simply by trying to make a memorable photo album, since that's just a bit conspicuous and reckless ... depending on where we decide to photograph.