Sunday, March 09, 2003

Current Music: "Deep Black Skys: SuperMarioland Millenium OC Remix" yes. it IS the gameboy tune you're thinking of :-D
I recently bought the Hyperblade VG CD from Bookman's ... the Tucson analog of Half-Price Books. for $3. I love Hyperblade. D/L the update, D/L Abandon Loader, configure the correct cpu type, play the game, puke from motion sickness, then dump the cd into the stereo and listen to the music for hours on end afterwards ... Okay so the music won't stand up to everyone's scrutiny, but it's DAMN catchy, and I love it all the same!
Well well well ... I just installed Google's Toolbar, and it seems the blogger blog-editor has a freakin' monstrously high page rank :-D I guess I shouldn't be that suprised.
It's about 2.6 times larger than mine, anyway .
I'm so bored. I've been working on homework...just not in the right priority order. At any rate, I'll be taking a break from the computer tomorrow. I would've spent a later day doing the same thing if I hadn't today ... I'm *all* about constructive procrastination :-p

2:14 2:54 3:26 am and nothing accomplished except the realization that you can get the size of a custom bitset class down to the # of bits (smallest whole byte-size, anyway) if you chuck out the necessity for using lvalued array subscript notation ... which pretty much NEUTERS the damn thing.

Yes, I've been re-teaching myself C++'s special peculiarites. I've got that networking project due, and I've decided to go with C++, OBVIOUSLY. Heh. After a startlingly brilliant realization which has come idiotically late in my 6 small and pathetic years of programming, I (finally) see that C/C++ already has a freakin' logical xor operator :-) bool(X) ^ bool(Y) :-D The end result computes just the same as though there WAS a logical xor operator! I macro the keyword "xor" to differenciate anyway, though. I'm also re-learning stupid macro tricks, and have added to my custom library the "unless" and "until" keywords :-D and the only thing they do is flip the expressions of "if" and "while". I also figured out some new features to add to (and some to delete from) my own programming language :-D
yes, I DO believe in GOD !!!! just not one that is restriced to Christians, Muslims, or Jews
I had a really weird but cool dream last night :-) ... it all started when ... *sigh* ... when ... s ... sn .... snzzzzz. ..... .zzzzzzzzzz .........