Thursday, February 27, 2003

Life Lesson #13: On doing the wrong thing: If you have to rationalize it to yourself, then it's probably not a good idea.

Well, here's something for y'all to play with ! I find it incredibly useful ! a free online java - powered typing tester! I've added it to the "info" menu in the "links" directory !

Whoops ! Just made 3 more last minute changes to the javafied javascript ...
1.) In Opera, the inherited 'toString()' method was always overwriting the newer 'toString()' method,
(this is because Opera seems to be the only one of the three main browser engines that actually publicly shows 'toString()' in its function prototype list.)
2.) If the last argument of the parent's constructor was a string, then the string would be parsed as an object, instead of a string.
3.) There was a bit of display code that hadn't been changed to match the actual code.

All problems have been fixed :-D