Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Well, Comments are back up ... finally. *sigh* Well , hardly enough people comment on this site in the first place, for HaloScan's servers dying out every now and then to make a real difference -- after all, if you really want/need to talk, you have various methods shown in the right-hand panel of this web page. I guess the illusion of a community is nice, but can only be done when the "community" members decide to visit other people's web sites ... which in turn, takes away from active social life/everyday life. ( But it does have benefits -> typing proficiency/thought-provocation/broadening the mind's understanding of its surroundings, just to give an idea.) It's comforting on many levels, but as to friendships, and anything of real substance, there's only so much one can hope to achieve with a computer and an internet connection. Am I hurting myself, or am I helping myself ? Am I exposing too much of my life, or am I recording the important parts ? Am I subconsciously just trying to re-enact high school popularity games, or am I trying to expand my mind by looking through the windows of other people's lives that they have so graciously opened for just that purpose?

Just some things to think about. But an illusion is never more than an illusion. Which is what?
Well, once again, the commenting system is down. Ugh. I know Jeevan and Haloscan are trying their hardest, but this is downright insane. =P
Anyway, y'all can rate my blog (and leave messages as though it were a guestbook) using the link on the right, or you can also AIM me and/or email me using the AIM Remote control bar on the right as well. I'm online about half of the time, so you've got a 50:50 chance of getting in touch with me .

PS- Well, I'm not telling what I got on my CS 346 exam ... but there's extra credit on the homework assignment, and I know exactly what I did wrong ! :-D
At any rate, my section leader, Steve, came to me just now and told me that I was responsible for giving a large number of students in the class an extra point for one of the test problems !
I had simply written down my assumptions for the problem. And it turned out that my assumption was correct and changed the expected results, and, as my test was one of the last ones to be graded, the graders for that question had to go back and re-grade all of the tests to catch for that error ! :-D

And I got my assignment back ... 30/30 ... perfect on the assignment, the test-cases, and the Big-O estimates ! Now if only I could've done that on the test ! =P