Monday, February 24, 2003

I guess I *should * post an update every now and then, huh ? This *IS* afterall, a journal of sorts. :-D

First of all ... word of advice: if you don't know what you're doing, don't tweak your bios ...
2nd word of advice: if you DO know what you're doing, then DON'T BE AN IDIOT when tweaking your bios.
3rd word of advice: if you still insist on tweaking your bios, no matter what your ram's signal strength is: tweaking SDRAM to 143 MGhz along with reducing all delays and early read/writes to lowest settings is a bad idea. at least for me it was. :-D
First I set the Mem early/delay write (I think :-p)... to the fastest ... I believe it was between 0 and .5 or something like that. My compy was happy, nothing bad happened.
Next I decided to set all the ram settings to two tics instead of three ... I expected that the bios would reload the old settings if something bad happened (as it has done before with the earlier bios updates) ... well ... the computer froze on load up ... and the bios didn't reload old settings. Upon startup, my computer was beeping at me as if by killing the sdram, I had killed its firstborn.
At this point I thought, "okay, no worries. I'll take out the cmos battery, wait 8 minutes, put it back in, and all my settings will 'magically' dissappear!"

I took out Mr C-mos. I turned on my computer ... nothing but angry beeps. It was obviously still pissed off at me.

A bit more worried, I figured I must not have kept the battery out long enough ... and I left it out for 16 minutes.
45 minutes ...
Two freakin' hours
Hair-pulling time.
(which is very hard to do with a short afro, btw)

As a last resort I unplugged the compy, took out the cmos, took out all the ram and went to bed.
The next day I found another daunting task awaited me: the sdram wasn't playing nicely with locking back in to the mobo ...

At this point, I was damn near tears. I attempted to wrest the two sticks of ram back into place, praying to god that none of my motherboard components had a rice-krispies moment since I was using quite a lot of force ! ( rice krispies moment = snap, crackle, pop ! )
After wiping the sweat off my brow (and a few crackles later), I replaced the cmos battery, plugged in the compy, and pressed the ignition button ...
**And then I realize I had been holding my breath since last night, let in some air, and collapsed on the floor ... but not before going into the bios settings to change everything to the way I had it (the default settings always suck) :-D **

Had several tests and assignments in Math215, Mus101A, and CS-346.

Test in Math215 ... I studied ... did the homework, ALL except 2.1,2.2 ...
Turns out those two chapters were really really important.
The test made me its bitch.

Test in Mus101A ... 3 day test. It was actually fun ! I was confident the first day (written test), nervous the second day (growth and development), and had FUN the third day!!(more growth and development)
Needless to say, I got an A on this test.

Test in CS346 ... today... UGH ... I thought I had this down ... and in fact, I did ... all except for induction.
After 2 different classes of needing to know induction, you'd think I'd have it down for this third class, right ? Well I thought so too, which is why I didn't study induction. It turned out to be my downfall ... First two questions on the test were about the Induction Hypotheses. The rest was fun and exciting, including the extra credit.

My mother received a plaque from the Mayor today ... an event she neglected to inform me of, and so at the end of my frazzled day, I felt like hanging out at Mike and Colin's to blow off some steam ...


She didn't freakin' tell me.


It hurtz. She told me afterwards of course. That only made it worse.

Well, Colin finally got his first lesson in programming. Pretty good for his first venture ... I was still in shell shock after the first two weeks of C++ . After his lesson we watched Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) ... freakin' awesome stuff there. AND IT'S ANIME! ANIME !!!! Sure, it's got corny parts . Sure, it's got really really *adult* parts. But it's good stuff, and it really builds off of the character, who slowly changes throughout the show. (but then, I love **good** anime, anyway :-D the rule of thumb is that all anime is bad until proven good!)

Fucking A ... The fucking bank is telling me I gotta pay $62.00 for being stupid and being $0.5x over my checking account, by the middle of the second week of March.
Such bullshit.

And life marches on ! I'll tty'all l8r!
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