Sunday, February 16, 2003

Life Lesson # 11 : Be nice. Do everything short of bending over backwards to help other people free of charge. But ALWAYS know the fine line between doing a service (exchange or $) and being kind. (pro bono ?) : contracts and exchanges are absolutely necessary for certain types of work, especially if you've spent years developing your talent (you must respect it, or others will not), or if someone else's property of some sort is at stake. If you don't get anything in return for a free service, don't complain! ;-D Duh. If someone else complains ... Well as long as you did what you set out to do (And did it to the best of your ability) ... Free means free.

I've just seen way too many people prove the validity of Lesson #1, and it really pisses me off. (Not that what I say actually affects even a shred of human behavior ... I just need an outlet to vent through.) -- And yes, I'm aware I broke the rule of only indirectly relating the laws to my posts, but life goes on, ya know ?

Lessons 12 & 13 will run along similar veins.
(I'm sorry if anyone was expecting something funny ... That'll come on #14, I promise)