Friday, January 31, 2003

Life Lesson #8: (I didn't make this one, but I felt it was important enough to include!)
"If you think you know what's going on, you're probably full of shit ."
(I'll post who made that quote soon ... I just haven't tracked 'em down yet.)

Man, I can barely move my arms at all ... it's a herculean task just to reach my hand to my face and scratch my nose !

I must've pulled every muscle I could possibly have pulled in both my arms! They feel like heavy iron rods ... and when I try to move them, they feel like HOT iron rods ! I really f***ed up two days ago in starting a workout routine !

I'll have to take it easy for the next week or two and then start out on less weights ... man, for a guy with single-digit body fat percentage, I am SO out of shape !
A picture that gives RealNetworks a taste of their own medicine

Screws 'n' nails, by request

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On the bus, (while waiting to get off ... that is usually what one does on a bus) I saw a girl get on , with a nintendo console control pad hanging off of her backpack like a keychain ... and I thought, "That is too cool !" Just for the hell of it, I'll do the same.

Well, damn it ... life just dealt from the bottom of the deck, again !
I finally get access to the car ... but only AFTER 10:20 ... Charles Darwin Experience and CDE tryouts were Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, all at 10:00pm ... I get to the University at 10:40 ... nothing ... just people eating, playing pool, ping-pong, and video games ... no CDE, no nothing . Maybe I might've found out what was going on if I had been there only 40 minutes sooner, eh ? I feel like a total idiot .

It's now midnight.

I'm bored, exhausted, drained, and feel rather silly.