Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Life Lesson #7 : Even when the cards are all in your favor, you must remember : Life is the guy with the deck ... and is known for being a dirty, dirty cheater!

Fun Quote: "A glass of absinthe is as poetical as anything in the world. What difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset?" -- Oscar Wilde

Well ... once again, I was broadsided with the short-end of the stick ... Doesn't that make an interesting image? Some guy getting whacked over the head with the broad side of a toothpick ?
Two nights in a row ! Let's see if we can make this a trilogy tomorrow ! }:-P
No Hazy Dayz Open Mic Night for me ...
No Darwin Experience tryouts for me ...
I did everything I was supposed to do ...
But my transportation plans flew out from under me ...

This really f***ing sux.
Wow ... day is over ... finally ... today I began my start of weight lifting in the UofA fitness center ... that place is freakin' huge !

I also learned that after working up a good sweat, my mind goes to crap for the next few hours ! (I had Linear Algebra after the workout, and I couldn't focus on a damn thing .... and we went through three different sections today ! ARRRRGH !

The teacher gave us more homework due on Monday and Wednesday ... and when I asked him if he was trying to ruin our social lives, the other students piped up and said almost in unison that CS majors and Math majors DON'T HAVE social lives ... the funny thing is, that I'm not joking ! This really happened not more than 30 minutes ago ! =)

Well, I think it's just a matter of pride ... (and slack-time ! :-p )

The Design phase of the webpage for the Atheist/Agnostic UA Club Webpage is finished ... now to make the artwork and code ! I'll post up the design sometime soon at the website itself, for everyone to comment and make suggestions.

I think it's funny to note that the web designer for the atheist/agnostics club is a deist (me) ... :-D ... insofar as I can ascertain the meaning of deism ... I looked for something that most easily described my own beliefs ... and not the other way around ...

And yes, sometimes this author LIKES to talk about himself in the third person ! =P

Unfortunately, some people have different notions ... I hate American Heritage's definition of deism ..., but here, this philosophical dictionary's definition of deism is much more to my suiting...

The one I like best is a belief in god based entirely on reason, without reference to religion and personal beliefs .
(well, obviously not all based on reason, because at some point, there's always individual interpretation, which is why I like it.)
Even then, it doesn't really encompass my ...
aw hellz... whatever fits, ya know ?

Anyway , I will add the links to the Microsoft Intermediate Language Specification and Library Components source code for .NET later on ... but for now I must get ready to PARTY !!! Yeehaw. l8r, y'all !

One more thing ... after quite a bit of huntin' I finally caught that bug that kept the page anchors from working properly! Now, when a link within the page is clicked ... that link WILL retrieve the correct weblog entry ! Finally !