Tuesday, January 28, 2003

At some point (but not tonight) I'm going to add a list of the funniest and most notable log entries on my site, for those of you who don't like coffee with your sugar !

I also finally took care of a site design mishap that went unnoticed ... apparently, in the lo-tech version of my site, I had forgotten to include the Polls !!! But NOW they're HERE ! So all you folk who don't see a small list of buttons on the left that open into small directories, and instead see just lists of links, you can now see a list of polls at the bottom ! Yeah, I know : big deal, but hey, I gotta be consistent with myself ... (see Life Lesson #1 for more info :-p ).
Life Lesson #6: For everyone in your life that you see get angry, make a count of all those who DIDN'T think the world revolved solely around them at that exact moment of anger ... non-live references don't count ... If you find more than zero, let me know ... I wanna meet them ! If you find zero, then strive to be the first, second, third, fourth, etc ... *but only when you're actually angry. :-p* (dang ... I wonder how many more of these I can think of ?)

Well, I didn't get to go to The Charles Darwin Experience Tonight ... but I did succeed in cementing the use of a car for the CDE tryouts tomorrow night and the next night, as well as the Hazy Dayz performance .

Good news is good news ...

Oh, and when I got home today, I found more newspaper clippings where Mom was noted for her award ... everyone's making a fuss about the prize, which she's technically never EVEN GOING TO TOUCH OR SEE ! It's funny how things like that sometimes work out ... of course, a BIG, WONDERFUL PRIZE is still a BIG, WONDERFUL PRIZE, regardless.

Finally, THE FIRST MICROSOFT STUDENT USER GROUP MEETING of the Spring Semester kicked off today ... WHOOP ! There were a lot of people, and free pizza ! The pizza arrived at 4:45, and was officially gone by 5:00 ... I believe there were 7 large-size pizzas, too !
And this wasn't even the kickoff event meeting !
It's cool, MS-SUG gradually gets bigger and bigger every semester !
Grant, you rule.
And Ted gave me quite a large amount of resources on learning MSIL and learning the nitty gritty of the code for .NET !
I can't wait for next week !
Lesson in Life #5: Better to criticize than BE criticized ... but that's only because no one is good at judging their own work : they always think they're better (or much worse) than you ... of course, in my case, it's obviously true =P I am far better than *all* of you =P.

New pictures are up !!!
Me at the REI rock in Seattle ... this is the largest indoor climbing .. um ... rock ... IN THE WORLD !

Alex, Susan, and Colin on Halloween Night ... I had to get a picture of Colin online at some point because ... well I don't have any pictures of him up yet!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why !

Oh and Newspaper links to my Mom's achievement ! (They must've deliberately chosen the worst picture ... but she still looks good despite their evil efforts =D )
Daily Star Article

I'm here at the drc computer lab with Rueben .. and we're talking about the Diana Ross DUI video ... which is apparently ... um ... bad . Really bad ... But ... I'm guessing maybe her popularity at least may be positively affected, ... heh... even if her reputation wasn't.