Monday, January 27, 2003

Lesson in Life #4: If you don't have friends (or family) that you can't talk bluntly, candidly, and/or directly with ... well then you don't have friends (or family) : those are called "acquaintances."

Well well well ... the team that was 0 for 26 in their first two years -- and taught classes on losing -- finally won the superbowl for the first time ... and alongside the man who was bringing the Raiders to the Superbowl only a year before ! Impressive ... cuz this year, the Raiders went against their own coach and his new team ... hmmm ... Something was NOT right with the Raiders that day; for instance the runner who after running for about 10 yards without the ball, finally realized he dropped the damn thing ten yards behind, and had to run back to pick it UP ! And Tampa Bay? Holy shiznit, they must've been playing for both teams that day, cuz they acted like it was deathmatch! They made the pigskin their bitch ! ... even intercepting and getting one last touchdown with 2 seconds left in the game ... when it didn't even MATTER ! =P

On to other things ... An award ceremony was held at my mother's school today to honor her achievements in teaching ... there were actually several people from the newspapers and a tv station ... the ceremony was wonderful ! (I'll link to the article online if they actually print it in the paper -- they probably will, since this reflects upon the voice of teachers in the state.)
heh... I had to skip my CS-346 class to go to the award ceremony, though !

Now I'm back at school ...
waiting for the CS452 class to get out so I can get a signature ...
I need to switch classes. Badly.
After that ... meh ... more class !
And FINALLY ... I get to go home and do **HOMEWORK** !

bleah .

I am going to thoroughly rock the next 3 nights, though ...
On Tuesday: the first microsoft student user group meeting of the semester, the 2nd Darwin Experience Improv Showing of the semester,
and Darwin tryouts are on Wednesday and Thursday ... Not to mention Wednesday is Hazy Dayz open mic night :-p ... I've got a lot on my plate the next few days.