Thursday, July 31, 2003

This is subject to changes ... lots of changes.
PLEASE add your suggestions to the comments box below !
First Draft :

The Best all-time "rock-on!" movies :

1 Aliens
2 Matrix
3 Serial Experiments Lain (thirteen 15-20 minute episodes = 195-260 minutes = 3h15m-4h20m )
4 Ninja Scroll
5 Ghost in the Shell
6 The Princess Bride
7 Willow
8 Labrynth
9 Terminator 2
10 X-men 1 & 2
11 Spiderman
12 The Lady Eve
13 Cowboy Bebop, the Movie
14 Spirited Away
15 Castle of Cagliostro
16 The Usual Suspects
17 Fists of Legend
18 Legend of the Drunken Master
19 Mortal Kombat
20 Super Mario Brothers
21 Blade Runner
22 Big Trouble in Little China
23 Army of Darkness
24 Jurassic Park 3
25 Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail
26 Fight Club
27 Enter the Dragon ... don't watch for the acting, or the story.
28 Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
29 Hudson Hawk
30 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
31 Indiana Jones (All)
32 StickDeath (
33 Never-ending Story
34 Back to the Future (All)
35 The Goonies
36 Spaceballs
37 Flight of the Navigator
38 Tomb Raider
39 Masters of the Universe
40 The Sinbad movies ...
41 Any other Bond flics ?
42 Lilo & Stitch
43 Evolution
44 Minority Report
45 Nausicaa of the Valley of Winds
46 Lord of the Rings Movies
47 Akira
49 Pirates of the Carribean
50 Oceans 11 (the remake)
51 The Bourne Identity
52 The In-Laws
53 Last of the Mohicans
54 Ninjai (
55 South Park: the Movie
56 Galaxy Quest

Stuff to be decided upon:

48 RE-WATCH BEFORE DECIDING ::XXX:: replayability factor: 88%

The following is another list of movies that are just damn good, but usually have absolutely no replayability. It will likely grow larger as well.
Name replay value
Auntie Mame70%
Soul Food76%
Love & Basketball?
The Color Purple 33%
Jin Roh03%
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon76%

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Before you read this, I must tell you that I don't really wear glasses.

[07/29/2003::23:17:00] mghall2: did I ever show u Man Faye
[07/29/2003::23:17:05] mghall2:
[07/29/2003::23:17:35] mghall2: warning may cause a bunning sensation in the eyes
[07/29/2003::23:17:41] Jtoxification: heheheh
[07/29/2003::23:18:22] Jtoxification: I saw man -faye ... IT'S WHY I NOW WEAR GLASSES LIKE YOU, YOU BASTARD !
[07/29/2003::23:18:25] Jtoxification: :-)
[07/29/2003::23:18:46] mghall2: heres ruebens respons
[07/29/2003::23:19:03] mghall2: RjgSqll: OH GAWD
RjgSqll: MY EYES
RjgSqll: MY EYES
mghall2: he was worse iN RL
RjgSqll: AHHHH
RjgSqll: THE ASS|
RjgSqll: THE ASS
[07/29/2003::23:19:17] Jtoxification: LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[07/29/2003::23:19:41] mghall2: I got to link that on my blog
[07/29/2003::23:19:46] Jtoxification: hehehehe
[07/29/2003::23:23:03] Jtoxification: already done :-D
[07/29/2003::23:23:54] mghall2: yep
[07/29/2003::23:24:39] mghall2: lol

Monday, July 21, 2003

Life is often akin to ocean waves over a beach ; it can hit you in waves and waves, pull at you with the undertow, while other times, it can be calm and will flow smoothly over the sand -- but no matter how heavy the waves are, an untainted beach and ocean is always among the greatest sights to behold.

Let's take it even further:

For a surfer, there can be no greater beach than the one with constant 10-20-foot waves coming every minute, and no greater let-down than a cool, calm tide.

It's all relative. :-)

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Stop running.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Happy Birthday, HaloScan!
Congrats to Jeevan, Simon, and their awesome free web service !

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Random collection of thoughts for the day:

High sodium diet didn't work ... yet. :-p Who knew it'd be so hard for one to raise his blood pressure in America ? My blood pressure didn't raise at all. The doctor says I should try lowering my medicine dosage slightly and see if that helps.

On a bumper sticker, I recently read this:
"The problems we face today will not be solved by the minds that created them."

Too true.

Often you'll find among the best poets and writers, an ability to convey the complex simply and concisely.

One day I will find myself among them, along with that ability.

Life catches up with you: even if you think you're far behind, it might still lap you if you're not careful.

It's not about a race, or a competition. It's about "you". Always has been. So what are "you" going to do ?

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Whoo ! Starry-eyed suprise ! Sunrise ! Yesterday was the first day of Monsoon season ! WHOOP ! And it was awesome ! Today is the 4th day of the high-sodium regimen! While I'm slightly dubious of the sodium's benefits, I saw first-hand yesterday that higher blood pressure is indeed what I need ;-) ... when I get angry or worried, I'm betting that my blood pressure starts to rise, and I suddenly become more awake and alert ... in fact, that's probably why I'm usually so alert to begin with when I go out with my friends, and then mellow out ... my blood presssure raises to an acceptable level for a short period of time.
At home, we switched out wall-sconces, moved furniture around, had a guy come by to deep-clean and smooth the carpets connecting to the tile, and I went over to the UA via M2, who really saved my ass yesterday, and we solved my current paycheck issue ... the fact that I'm not getting one for ANOTHER two weeks ! (heh, simply more $ for me next time around.)
My gov't insurance decided to drop me on the grounds that I'm making too much money... I need to let those idiots know that this is most likely a temporary summer job, and even if it IS continual, (which would just rock so much) it's gonna get cut down to 15 hours when school starts !
Today is also story day ! I get to write another chapter !

Warning! Before you read below this line, realize that underneath the previously introduced line are the ramblings of a young man who has just finished 8 straight hours of coding while he should've been sleeping. While I'm sure this will not amaze you, (well, if you're a CS-major/alumni, it sure as hell won't) you should remember exactly what happens to those who offer stories during moments of incoherency ... more incoherency !
Got done coding for work a few minutes ago, and I'm not even sure if all the shit I went through was even worth the effort. I mean, half of the work was simply tuning the source file to various coding conventions ... and very little of it was actual optimization work ... and what's more, even some of my best optimizations turned out to have messed with the damn automatic conversions done with integers and floats in division and multiplication operations. I'm not a happy camper. But at least I'm done.
I still haven't gotten a reply from my boss yet about the forking/pthreading.

Dammit, I was also supposed to talk to Agent Smith yesterday about digitizing B&W VHS footage that my boss has for a Computer Vision project, since Smith is a techie lord especially in the arena of video capture -- everything was supposed to go smoothly last night ... M2, KJ, and I would go over to Agent Smith's Friday Lan Party, I could talk with Agent Smith about VidCap, then KJ and I could talk about C-Prime, then I could finish my work IN PEACE, away from the parents ! But nay, nay I say NAY ! I WENT NOWHERE LAST NIGHT ! I stayed home.
But at least I got that much ... I was finally able to convince the parents that it was in my best interest tonight to stay up and finish my work ...
Now, before you say, "Hey, momma's boy!" which, I actually am quite proud of, beotch,
I must explain to you that they charge me $$ for staying up late , and primarily because I am an incredibly noisy person ;-)

I had planned on going to see the helicopter launch today with the computer vision code and all that ... but I drained my batteries last night ... the little LED display on my forehead is showing Zero of Three bars ... I need to recharge badly. G'morning, all ! I hope you have fun watching the sunrise ! I know I am !

Friday, July 11, 2003

Third day of the high-sodium intake ... I feel like a hefty bag of lead pipes in the middle of ripping ... I guess I'll start recording the food I eat for the week here, too.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Man, yesterday was awesome ! It was also the first day of my new doctor-recommended "high-sodium" diet :-D.
Rueben came over at 11 am, and helped us clean up the front room area -- the last major part of the house affected by the painting and tiling. After we finished, Rueben and I made like screeching tires ... and got the hell outta the house. We stopped by some apartments, and went out to Golf 'n' Stuff, where I got my DDR fix on. After I had sufficiently made a fool of myself (Actually my opinion has always been that there is a fine line between dancing and playing a video game ... unfortunately, most DDR players cross that line :-) , and end up looking like boobs ... I try not to let that happen and stay loose ... my friends keep on insisting that I look cool, but you never can tell unless you've got a video camera :-) , After that we decided to hit the batting cages for awhile, whereupon Rueben got hit in the arm with a rogue 80 mph softball, and I was successfully able to bat away a 60 mph softball aimed for my package ! At that point, we high-tailed it over to Funtastiks Fun Park ... where we decided to play some laser tag ! :-D heheheh. Erm, I can't remember, but according to Rueb, it was 3 teenage girls on Blue, 4 late teen, early 20's buff guys + a mother and child on red, and Rueben and I in yellow ... and the two of us kicked ASS ! we didn't get first place, but considering the fact that we were hopelessly outnumbered and the fact that we got such a high score just makes everyone else look that much worse :-D Damn, that was awesome !

After Lasertag, Funtastiks was pretty much closing down, so we decided to haul ass back to Golf 'n' Stuff, where we coincidentally met up with Alex and Eddie, who were there with their friends, Doug and Kylee .... it was awesome ... first, Alex and I had to complete our ritual table hockey game. Then we played miniature golf ... which actually allowed Rueb and I to stay out a bit later than planned, since I called home and, as Alex and Eddie put it, "I played the God Card," and told the parents we were playing miniature golf with Eddie, who happens to be a Youth Pastor for his church :-p heheheheh. Funny thing is that Neither Rueb nor I are particularly church-oriented ... I had to warn Rueb not to make any references to the band, Tool :-D especially not in Eddie's presence, who happened to be wearing a "Got Jesus?" t-shirt at the time :-p . And while we certainly had fun playing mini-golf... it just slowed everything down so much. In the end, I think we all got our miniature golf quota in for the current century! Anyway, I'm done.

Today, I code. And code, and code, and code ! :-) ttyl !

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Today (Tuesday, Not really Wednesday -- NO, NOT YET !)
I've been ordered by my PCP to increase my sodium intake ... to increase my blood pressure.
My mother and I went to my doctors, today. And we finally got answers to some questions we've been wondering about for years, but since I was never able to fully express the problem before, I was never able to get to the answers.

This time, we were prepared. This time, we got answers.
For the next week, I'll be eating salty foods like there's no tomorrow.
(It's either that or take medicine that'll increase my blood pressure for me ... and where's the fun in that? )

After the week is a follow-up with the doctor to see the results, which is also the day before my father gets his kidney removed, which is also the day before code is due at work, which is also the day before HaloScan Free Commenting Service's First Birthday. Got the fingers crossed.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Writing in present tense is just so much easier, more natural than in past tense ...

I promised myself I'd post less entries about nothing, and more entries about opinionated nothings, but every once in awhile, I'll backtrack. below is a slight backtrack.

I finally ordered some of my foobar apparel a few days ago ... it'll be in the mail shortly.
I guess the next thing will be some Blogger apparel. I have this kickass jacket with a huge, orange, styled "B" on the back that reminds me of the blogger logo ... the jacket is awesome, just the usual long sleeve, navy blue, with a collared neck... it's the simplicity that makes it cool, I suppose. Google should make a jacket like that ! I'd sport it !

Saturday, July 05, 2003

We of the English language can split infinitives because they're phrases, not words. English ain't Latin. Get over it :-).
Wow. Summer is official. My posts have dwindled down to nil, Netshade's Brainrazor site is down, Katie is awhol, Cyn is on the road, and everyone else ... ? Well, hellz ... we're ... engaging ... in ... real ... life !
At some point you've just gotta stop and walk away for awhile -- Keep it from becoming an obsession: no one is forcing you to blog or visit other people's blogs ... although there is definitely something to be gained from doing so. I once stated that we're creating custom-stained windows for others to view our lives from ... we get to choose what they see, and in what colors they see it. It becomes a dual-addiction : instant conversation about a topic of your choice ... and an instant look into the minds, eyes, and ears of thousands of other people, at any time, anywhere there's an internet connection. We've had blog-like sites before blogs came out, but now that there's a format, the genre is exponentially more accessible.
Your car has less horsepower than you think. From Rueben.

Friday, July 04, 2003

Life Lesson #24: If you truly do not like being agitated, then you will not greet problems with agitation.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

The entry below is just a rant towards certain political leaders ... least of which are the bad guys. It is not meant to be elitist in any shape or form or used as an analogy towards tech support whatsoever... I will admit that it is a tech support analogy, but it's meant to be one-way.

This is just a clarification.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Life Lesson #25: If you scrub too hard, you might dull the finish.

There are those who run the world

... idiots, assholes, puppets, etc ...

and those who program it.

p]-[ \_/ |<   +]-[3   \_/ 5 3 R 5,  d00d.    p]-[ \_/ |<   3/\/\    4 |_ |_ .

The two are easily differentiated ... which is unfortunate, since it is often the case that when the programmers are in too large of a public eye, their survival rates tend to decrease.

In a nutshell, the users seek to profit from the world, whereas the programmers seek to change it.

I have no grudges against people who want to profit, thrive, live well -- only against those who would do so, primarily off of another's back via fraud, opression, repression, embezzlement, fucked-up budget priorities, and, my personal unfavorite, corporate-sponsored athletes of the legislative, judicial, and executive varieties.

p]-[ \_/ |<   +]-[3   \_/ 5 3 R 5,  d00d.    p]-[ \_/ |<   3/\/\    4 |_ |_ .