Friday, May 30, 2003

Shite ! My Foobar Teddy Bear is going on clearance ! I must grab him before it's too late !

Btw, if I didn't mention it before, I will now: I hate Java. Coffee is good. Java bad.
Check the great language shootouts that are linked through this web page.

Far too much memory usage.

Far too slow, compared to normal languages, (as all bytecode is ... except for OCaml bytecode)

They've had to add boxing/unboxing in order to get around all the damn Object casting from Containers ... which is still pending I think ...

And one of their co-creators has finally admitted that Java really needs a good set of overloadable operators !

Thursday, May 29, 2003

At the research job, I'm finally getting the hang of things! insomuch as that's possible :-D
But at HaloScan, I seem to have made 3 mistakes in ONE week ! Bleah ! That may sound silly to you, but think about it like this: you're doing your own thing, making your own web page, and decide to use HaloScan for your commenting system ... something happens and your comments don't work ! You go to the forums and ask for help ... you get some moderator who's very nice, but gives you some scary-looking code to fit into your website, and you have to trust him and pray that it works ... well, what if it doesn't ? Then maybe it's your fault cuz you may not have followed his directions ... maybe it's his fault for having bad code ... either way it makes A BIG HEADACHE !
I HATE MAKING MISTAKES ! Well ... Who doesn't ...
But it's when I make mistakes wihle representing a group or identity, ggrrrrr that's when it pisses me off !

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Current Music : Speed Junkie and Rocktronica by Sonic Mayhem.
These guys made the music for a ton of games, Q2 and Quake 3 Arena being the first two that come to my mind...

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Okay ... today was a fight for time ... this whole day I knew I wasn't going to have enough time to do everything I wanted to accomplish, and in someways that helped my mind ... as I'm forcing myself to take in more and more data at one time ... and hopefully increasing my typing speed in the process. Anyway, I only have 8 minutes to type this all in ....
um ... I screwed up on the athlon tests ... I will print the actual results tomorrow ... they are in fact exactly what I thought they should be and have a significant increase in speed ... I will also include the difference in speeds ... and I will also print out the average of cpu clock tics, as recommended. I've been attempting to run this iarc code I've been given, but I can't even build the damn thing and it's makefiles are wrapped TWICE ! there's one makefile that SIMPLY includes another makefile, which adds all of ONE set of flags for compiling, whereupon it finally includes the first makefile of substance, which adds a whole shitload of flags, and (finally) some make options, but then ... *insert long blood-curdling scream in the distance* ... I found some information from Kobus' (Professor Barnard's) Computer Vision library, but until I look into the templates and Kobus' scripts, I'll have problems... I'm going to need to talk to the programmers who made it ... of course, I should've done that already . This was supposed to be a warmup exercise !
Also learning a lot about computer and network security ... stuff I've been wanting to know, just so that I'm never caught unaware or off-guard again :-p
I also got a nice solution from John Cropper of the CS labstaff about the dang idling and exit problem with sshing from off-campus, and (to some degree) the lag time, too. I've more to say, but I think I've bored enough people for one day, and without enough time to add the stories or updates, it's kinda pointless... (it's always about time, isn't it ? Never enough...) Anyway I'l talk to y'all l8r !

Monday, May 26, 2003

we reflect upon those individuals who fought and died for this country, those individuals who ARE fighting and dying for this country, and those individuals who fought for this country and survived ... those individuals who've witnessed countless horrors, undergone painfully unthinkable dilemmas, and split-decisions that have cost/saved lives.

This day, we reflect upon our freedom, and our ability to say that we are free.
This day, we reflect upon Lincoln's reflection oh so many years ago that he may be the last president ...
This day, we reflect upon the Gettysburg Address.
This day, we reflect upon the celebration that black people who are legal members of the United States are also full citizens as well.

I celebrate the fact that I am alive and well, programming in a vastly unexplored field, and getting the opportunity to learn mathematics that they didn't exactly teach in linear algebra class. ;-) I am here because many others fought and/or died* so that I could be here.

we celebrate ...

But we also reflect upon Memorial Day's purpose:

A reflection.

Sorry... this last part below was just waiting to come out for quite some time. Just a rant:
*(And they did NOT give up their lives easily, nor willingly ... they not only fought for their country, but for themselves as well, with an understanding of what the preciousness of life is about, with an understanding, which is far more admirable than blowing your damn self up and attacking people within the confines of everyday life, somehow thinking that you've made some difference, or that some god actually thinks you're a hero for selfishly attempting to open Heaven's Door and become a CHEAP and most self-degrading martyr by attempting to take away any chance at life that others have. If any god were to celebrate that, then I pity the fate of humanity. Regardless of your reasoning, because the above certainly can't fit every case, there is no rational reasoning to giving one's life up in such a way: it doesn't help a damn thing ... it certainly doesn't help your cause, as you'd need more individuals, and are always decreasing the size of your supporters, and it will never do enough damage to ward off other forces, nor frighten them ... all it does is destroy that which you are attempting to save. Thus, I am forced to assume that your true goal is not for your religion, but for yourself. What does a terrorist have to celebrate aside from his/her false pride ? A good question. Aside from benefits/freedom to family members/friends, I cannot think of much else, as it usually falls under power/money/drugs )
*Whew* ... only 12:30 pm and my first "real" day on the job has been a bit rough !

In addition to the further optimization plans, I've been advised to test the actual cpu clock time , even though clock speeds can be directly tinkered with, in Linux, and even at the hardware level. Well it aught to be interesting nonetheless. I'm still not understanding how I can add this ugly mess to the KJB library, because of all the damn dependencies in the makefiles ... yes, I said "makefileS" ... and there are double wrappers for some of them, too. 'Nuff said.
Current Music: Xenon by Mr. T, DDR Extreme Mix Version. You just know I'm going to post a list of my favorites soon ... it's inevitable :-D !

Only 30 hours of work in. I want 40.
Well, it's my first week, so I shouldn't be that angry... after all, I make my own time schedule, so I'm the only one to blame.
I've been getting information about video capture cards ...
Also been talking with my Rocket Scientist/Engineer neighbor about a vast number of resources on Computer Vision, the most exciting of which seems to be some new sort of doppler radar technology that maps out space in three dimensions, thus simplifying the task to a HUGE extent. I figure it's of enough importance to tell Kobus (Professor Barnard) although I'm sure he already knows of it.
Also, I'm testing some old optimization tricks (as you all can easily see).
Optimization Results Round #1 ! (I should warn you that while these showed loop inversion to be slow on the Athlon machines, I attempted a second test on only loop inversion within a single for loop and found that when testing index != 0 that the results usually returned in a sixth of the time !)
OMG. You have no idea how fucking hard it was to find good and accurate Linux timers. I didn't want to use gprof simply because it created too big a profile for my task, and because I had incorrectly assumed that there were standard linux timers that were more accurate than a microsecond. I was wrong. :-) The Computer Science Department's Lectura Server does have a high-resolution timing function: gethrtime, which is accurate to the nanosecond. Unfortunately, the Pentium III Debian Machines and Athlon RedHat Machines didn't know wtf gethrtime was. So after an unsuccessful search for a nanosecond-accurate timer, I was forced to go with Linux's standard function, gettimeofday, which is accurate to the microsecond. Fortunately, its overhead is only one microsecond, and I can average out the time over multiple calls, and get a good idea of the run-time. (And that's exactly what I did, too).
Rouond Two will involve the rest of the nice (and significant) optimizations that we know and love, such as strength reduction (I'm only worried about that within loops), comparing parameterization of variables vs pointers vs addresses, stack-fucking, loop unrolling (although I've read that GCC 3.2X does this automatically), and of course, UBER-short-circuiting, which is what I'm most excited about ... aka programming C like it's SML ! I've been wondering for quite some time how the compiler would handle such a huge line of &&'s, ||'s, and commas ! :-D
So, next I'll go through GCC 3.2X's various levels of optimization, and, after finally gprofing the IARC code, I'll be able to apply the optimizations according to the Athlon results. Once I'm done, the real optimization begins. But by then, I'll hope to understand the code finally, so it shouldn't be a problem. But believe you me ... that is UGLY code :-p
Check it out !
Optimization Results Round #1 !

Heck, I'm feelin' a bit saucy right now ... maybe I'll even finish adding the rest of the button links, quotes, search bar, and updating the javascript archive engine ! ...... ...... erm .... maybe not tonight.

Man, I'm getting really really sick of these badly-timed blogger server errors ...


Saturday, May 24, 2003

Friday, May 23, 2003

For my next trick ... I give you a small and very simple (at least codewise) sample of a Sparc machine's weird and cool capabilities ... the stuff that started my interest on making CPrime.
(yes I know the code is a bit messy, but I was in a hurry. I'll clean it up later, since I am also in a hurry NOW ! :-D)
I was wanting to test if functions duplicated in memory were given their own static members (individual bits of memory allocated) or not (which means they refer to the same memory address). That code actually compiles and runs in the CS Dept's Lectura Server. It's really really weird. You can mess around with the assembly instructions dynamically, and even print them out 'n' stuff . I'm thinking about getting info on Sparc Assembly instructions so I can play with it some more :-D . KJ also mentioned to me that the functions copied in memory needs to be page-aligned else the OS will complain. Pretty freakin' cool, no ?

Mayann... I'm so wantin' tah tell ya all about the cool shit I'm lookin' at in my research job ... the professor has years and years of functions and such built into one huge-ass image/matrix manipulation library ! But wait till I'm a bit more familiar with it, first :-D

Oh, yah, btw. I've got a really cool AIM log to share with you guys between Me an' KJ later on :-D
Okay. Question: should I just load up my center buttons in the beginning and have them open small windows, or should I keep them the way they are, even with their slow load times (because of blogger's high load times) ? Or should I link them up as an external javascript source somewhere near the top of my page ?

Well, at least they know a problem actually exists!

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Beware of Tattoo Artist! Especially if you don't know the language he writes in ! Heh.
"At the end of the day, this is an ugly boy."
Jeez. I'll remember to stick to images or non-literature symbols while searching for the perfect tattoo.
Added, in the first 14 minutes of Friday Morning:
It may be necessary to copy the other javascript code into a separately linked file, so that the file links independently of the damn blogger html site, since it's having serious problems loading the whole damn blog !
Well, here's the first of my newest series, Good Coding Practices. The first few may seem a bit simple, trite, or glaringly obvious to some, but unfortunately, not all individuals. But I figure it's a good base to start from:
Good Coding Practice #1:
Always put opening brackets on separate lines below declarations. You will often see it the other way in books, and I've actually had people attempt to convince me by saying, "Man, I'm telling you, this is how the professionals do it! Trust me!"
Too bad. I'm more concerned with readability. :-p Instead of :
int aFunction(parameters) {
/* A lot of Code */

do this:
int aFunction(parameters)
/*A lot of Code */

It may seem nitpicky, but BELIEVE ME when I say that it neatly walks all the way around the problem of nested scopes from hell and forgotten closing brackets.

Good Coding Practice #2:
Naming and organization is important. don't have two separate functions in different files with the same name, and don't have the same function in different files.
use header files, prototypes, and file linking ... in javascript the headers and file linking is equivalent to <script type="text/javascript" src = someURL> . It's easier to read and understand. And in larger projects, you'll want to use folders ... make sure your source code organization is logical, because it can soon become a nightmare . There IS a point at which a program gets so big that you will have forgotten some names and details of other parts of your code, and when you reach it, you will want easy access.
Good Coding Practice #3:
In C and C++, array subscript notation for any array anArray of type someType with an integer index i, or :
someType anArray[i] is usually compiled as:
*(anArray + (i * sizeof(someType)) )
Thus, when using a significant amount of array operations, if your code is time-sensitive in some areas, then it may be worth while to investigate the increase of speed by simply using pointers to access the array's contents. i.e. this:
for (int i = 0; i < length; i++)
{ /*some code involving anArray[i]*/ }

becomes this :
for (someType *ptr = anArray, *end = anArray+length * sizeof(someType); ptr < end ; ptr+= sizeof(someType))
{/*some code involving *ptr */}

just a quick example. You'd probably want to beautify that code somewhat more.
There's also some interesting information about loop inversion, but until I run my own tests, I'm hesitant to post it ... in fact, I'll run tests on this one, too :-p

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

34 visitors today. 34. Unbelievable. Is SiteMeter lying ? I see information on web browsers used, and etc ... so y'all can't be just robots an' proxies ... so ... what's goin' on ? Well, for 34 visits ... I aught to have a life lesson and some coding tips ready tomorrow. So I will.

Oh! btw. This shouldn't be too important,
but in case y'all didn't know,
I'm also really damn proud of it, dammit.

Even though some people don't really realize this even months after we first meet, I figure it's always an interesting conversation to have.
"Well, I knew you're ... um ... ethnic but ... we just couldn't figure out what you are, ... y'know ?"

This has actually been something I've wanted to add to my blog for some time in writing, or in type, as the case may be. Just one of those things so weird that you can't believe it actually happened/happens even after you write it down ... sort of like the "Flasher Girl" incident ... or my brother's "Neo" incident. I'll explain that one tomorrow !
Hiya ! Updates:

Add the CS Advising Department to my current list of those people for whom I must buy flowers.
Current List:

Dr. Zdechlik & Gail Fischler, Music Teachers (for their overwhelming support)
Pat Murray, CS Advisor ( For academically saving my @$$ ! )

She found a way in which I can make a comeback from this hideous semester.

Now at least the javascript buttons don't show errors while they're loading.Thanks, Netshade. Ever have those times when you can't find an elegant solution to a problem, then someone walks by and just nonchalantly pulls one out from the tip of your finger, leaving you to feel like a colossal (but thankful) idiot ? :-D
Um ... I guess I should give the Life Lessons their own Button, and that would solve problem #5 as described below. I'm actually touched that #5 means a lot to at least one person :-D .
Umm I'm supposed to give radical updates, but at the moment, I've got to go ... again ... I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to get to GameWorks today in time to see if that girl I met the other day will be there. That really sux. Why didn't I get her number ? Because it didn't seem like I talked with her long enough for it to be appropriate! Arrrrgh! Well, I know at least two "in-the-know" ladies who frequent this site just often enough to make me feel a bit worthy ... so um, what're your opinions about getting a girl's phone number ? (This is definitely "need-to-know" stuff ! Not just for me, but for other guys ... damn, but I guess I should make a survey, but I just don't get enough visitors, or at least, active ones. I'll make an ongoing Poll ! This'll be the next Poll !

How, when, and after which circumstances have been met does it seem acceptable for a guy to ask a girl for her phone number ?

Monday, May 19, 2003

Changes that must be made:

1.) The javascript functions load too slowly: Thus if someone clicks on a button while the page is still loading, then they get a javascript error.
2.) The search bar must be added
3.) I must reset the Archive program to the current page date so people don' t have to use the arrows to get back to where they were. In fact, it may be a better idea to use drop-down menus for the Year/Month/Week placeholders rather than buttons. In fact, that's what I'll do ! But not now :-p.
4.) The quotes MUST come back !
5.) I need to make the Life Lessons a bit more noticeable on the page ... somehow.

Okay. I've a lot to do and a lot to say, so stay tuned and I'll have a rather interesting update for y'all, filled with fun facts, and even some good coding style practices !

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Um. This might be a good time to announce that there are some pieces of information and humor on this page that are unsuitable for some people and young children to read... Nothing too horrendous, mind you ... just ... um ... it's all just ... in bad taste :-D

Friday, May 16, 2003

To finish: Linear Algebra... they needed to staple a packet of vaseline to this test. Think on it. You'll figure the joke out.

Networking: I sent my plea. We shall soon know the verdict.

Research: fun and exciting : xserver was havin' problems loading up, and I start my job.

Arcade: I met a girl, Ginger who plays herself some DDR. Why is it everyone ELSE is better than I AM ? Well at least *I* look good when I play. but then, so did she ... which is commendable... but the difference was that she was playing at the hardest setting!

After exhaustion set in, I talked with her for awhile, and before I know it, it's 10:10pm.
BUS ?! Nono. not for you, my afro-endowed wonderboy. I'm too late. Now I lie in wait for the next bus. The last bus. The bus that leaves at 11:06 about half a mile south of here. (it's actuall 10:50, now. not 11:50)

*sigh*. All friends out. either at LAN party, or getting piss-drunk and sulking about their grades. And I'm stuck here. I gotta call home at least, and let them know I plan on staying out all night.

Okay. Last night was the coolest night ... the Earth was between the sun and the moon ... exactly ... and the moon TURNED RED, did a disappearing act, reappeard all at around 9 or so ... then at 10:30 ... the moon got brighter, and brighter, and brighter, till you almost couldn't look at it, and at 11:00, it was shining white with a red halo ! It looked like a sub-sun, and you could see EVERYTHING ... IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT ! the perfect night to bike home !

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Well, to finish off the most evil semester in existence, your good ol' pal Jamie had a memory failure -- just now realized that the final for Networking was today, and not, in fact, tomorrow.

I'm never, ever overextending myself again. Fuck ACM (sorry, Matt. We never even started. I just won't have time to put in that kind of energy) Fuck Atheist Agnostics Society (Sorry Dan. I've always believed in a benevolent god, anyway) Fuck NukeCD ( at least for now. I'm really, really, really sorry Mike, KJ ). Fuck everything ! fuck it. I have a job, and am still on the path. In reality, I am not set back in anyway except my pocketbook. I'm alive and I now have a good job.
I'm so close to finishing my networking project, I can almost see the data running across the wires like the symbols running down a Matrix Screensaver!

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Dammit. no comments for me. But then, I really shouldn't be checking right now anyway. Was it something I typed ?


Getting to the last of my Networking ... with the extension.
And I learned that the total # of students who applied for section leader positions wasn't 30-something ... it was over 50.
More on Foobar Apparel: Since it's almost a spoof , but not quite, I didn't want to get in trouble, which is why it's not spelled fubar (as in Fubu®) for those of you who don't know what fubar/foobar is, it's a word as intertwined with the computer world as 'bug' is. Simply put, it means Fucked Up Beyond All Repair :-D
It's not that I don't also like Microsoft®: the real problem here is just waiting for them to come up with a lightly enforced trademark (lightly enough that I only need the ® symbol ) and fun logo. The penguin beats the damn window, the dog, and the damn paper clip hands down. I'm cool with Einstein, tho, but I doubt MS could use him without getting in big trouble. (Oh, and you know why they created Clippy the annoying helper ? Because every time they made surveys about what they could add to Microsoft Word, the majority of the idiots they surveyed asked for features that were ALREADY standard ! ) I've seen more crap about Microsoft Word, and people saying they can write better software ... that's BS... or as the Vodka makers would say:

Absolut Kaka

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Foobar Apparel : For the (not so) serious Computer Scientist. I'm so stoked ! I've finally got the first of my ideas up there ! I've got a whole bunch of linux and programming language logos finished up and ready to go, too, at the moment, but I'm going to double check and see if I can get proper permissions before I can use them, just in case... but I've got time to think about it now. Check it out !
Well, my javascript idea worked, so I may now add the search bar onto my site ... But I still want to see if I can get away with hard-coding the links now. Since they load after the content, they should be safe, right ?
And, for ease of use, I'll soon add some "previous/next" buttons to the site navigation.
Some parts of Zelda games never change :-D nor would we want them to.
Life Lesson # 23: A grasp of the analogous is not a grasp of analysis.
Never confuse wordplay with logic.

Monday, May 12, 2003

I didn't get the section leader job. Apparently 30 or so students applied, and only 12 got the job. I dunno, but sumthin' slippery strikes me about their choosin' ... Sheeyit, it don't harm me none. My life is that much easier. It just means I can keep more hours on the research job during fall (and, regardless, research starting pay is $2 more !)

I may have been given an extension on my Networking Assignment. I WILL NOT FAIL !
I cannot continue my networking homework. I'm 23 years old and can't even pull a full overnighter anymore . I'll have to live with the bad grade. In fact, there's nothing I can do to get more than an E. AN E. What can you do about that ? I remember reading about something that allows you to drop your classes down to zero once and only once, but I can't find any information about it now ! The only thing left is Academic renewal: a necessary evil. This will be the worst semester in my history of college. It turns out that the only class left I can get a grade replacement in is cs346, so I'll most likely drop the math minor, take just few enough classes that I'll get A's, and graduate as soon as possible. Will Linear Algebra stay in place? Who knows. My new research job might require it, so in the meantime, I'm keeping it registered.
just to let y'all know, libc_toc is the greatest keyword since *nix's "man" command. Do a search and you will find mirrors of the GNU Library Manual's most excellent (spoken in proper Bill&Ted dialect) Table of Contents. If you're wondering WHY I'm up and have been making so many posts lately, the answer is SIMPLE! I'm going to be near a computer until 4:00pm tomorrow, when I'll be finished with my 3:45pm Demo slot for my Networking project ! Fun? No. :-p

Sunday, May 11, 2003

My friends, please use google's linux search engine for all your tux's OS and programming needs. For site changes to be implemented, view the entry below. I'm also thinking about making the menus move with the page. Finally, I concur with my earlier statement (see entry below) because of the absolute lack of visitor comments yesterday and today, even though I've a total of 43 recorded visitors so far between Saturday and Sunday. And, of course, such a high number should automatically be under suspicion because today IS MOTHER'S DAY !
I'll tell ya all about it Monday NIGHT. Many events will resolve themselves on Monday. Ain't it cool ?

Oh, and about that awesome flasher girl:
It seems Tom Leykis sometimes announces 'Flasher Fridays' where he encourages women to "flash their racks" in support of the show.
And as this was most likely the case, I must not only thank flasher girl, but I must also thank Tom Leykis for his Flasher Friday ! Since I haven't listened to the show much often, I guess I'll have to take a look at what all the fuss is about. I can't yet comment about the radio show, but his marketing skillz are tops !

Saturday, May 10, 2003

The top link buttons will become links shortly, or will only open in new windows, (because you can't right-click the bastards)
Also, I have 2 new life lessons and a "Nothing to Say" Alma Mater, with all-new clich├ęs :-p, in celebration of the new layout! Also I'm going to remove the javascript from the links loading process because now Search engines don't see the links AT ALL, which is a bit of a bummer, so I'm crossing my fingers that since my content now appears before the links, that hopefully the search engines will still pick up something more substancial than just 40 hits on something like <a href=blahblha>Netshade's site </a>... over and over again! Finally, the width of the entries may need an aesthetic increase.
Okay. First of all, my nonstartling conclusion in regards to why an individual may get a large # of web page hits, but a small # of commenters: Because most of the hits are actually Servers/Proxies/Spammers updating their data on pages that are assigned to search engines. In other words, the more entries I make, the more hits I get, because the service programs notice the increase in updates and thus check the page more often. This could be a load of shite ... but if you don't believe me, make a reply in the comments link below :-p , and I'll see how many people actually see this shhhtuff.

For all you programmers out there ! (that is, when my page is updated so search engines can even find this freakin' text :-p) :
From this site, I finally found that 1472 bytes is the largest message size possible in a single UDP packet before segmentation occurs with 1500 MTU and 20 (IP) + 8 (UDP) bytes of header information ! (well, 1473, if you count OOB data :-p) I think that means that if one sends more than that amount, it gets sent in pieces ? Ugh ... I have more reading to do.
Dammit. Another problem which will soon be fixed in my new blog: Google's indexing won't go farther than my links, as my links come before the actual content, and, well ... I have a LOT of information before the content. So now that will be changed in the newest version, so I'll definitely want to finish that asap (after the networking project. aw hellz... *still dazed from yesterday's experience* (It really happened ! )
oh, and after checking an entry I made a few days ago, I just found out I missed out on making another life lesson ! Well, I'll use it anyway, dammit ! (Monday)

Friday, May 09, 2003

Warning: Below is a recording of the EVENT of the DAY (Hellz, it's an event of the YEAR, to rival that of my new research job !) that the author is completely and shamelessly happy about :
Out with M1 and C-kun, a gorgeous gal (who was about my age) hooted at us from her friend's car on the street ... and I realized I was still a bit overdressed with the white button-down and black t-shirt ... so I took off the button-down, and the girl shouted, "Yah! Take it ALL OFF !" And we laughed ... the stoplight turned red, the car stopped, and a few moments later, she had her shirt off, and whole naked chest bared in my direction, arms wide open, a huge smile on her face, shouting, "YaaaaH!!!"
My jaw dropped to the floor !
(I haven't seen ANYTHING like ... like ... Whoa ! ... And believe you me, I've seen alot !)
I'VE NEVER been flashed on the street before ...
much less by a foxy, foxy lady !
(I'm really not in the mood right now to contemplate the connotations of what she did and why she did it, as the answers I come up with might only depress me, but rest assured, at some point, I'll analyze that event, which has been forever etched into my memory banks .. *grins, staring vacantly into space*)
Back to work ! I'll add descriptions of what happened at the interview later, since my last big homework project is due on Monday !
The greatest Ebay Feedback Comments ever made!
At long last: the INTERVIEW:
I don't know . I waited for my ... crud ! I gtg be somewhere at 4:30 !!!! argh! Okay ... don't panic, I'll finish the rest later... in the meantime read the short version below:

I started out great, but then got a bit nervous. I think I may have blocked the view of the whiteboard while I was writing on it (AAAACK!), and really should've gone over my speech and presentation more thoroughly. I remembered their names (which is an incredible feat for me)
Heh, in recognition of Upcoming Mother's Day, I've decided to put roses in easy to find places for my mom. I'll buy some more tonight :-D
Someone please stop and tell me if this makes sense: 21 visitors today, and it's not yet 1:45pm ! (No, it's not 2:44pm as Blogger would have you think! It's just that WE DON'T FREAKIN' HAVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS IN ARIZONA!! GAHH!!) Um... I'm happy an' all, but what does it take for y'all to leave a message or two ?
Anyway, I have no idea what I received for my Music Final ... since all I know is that I didn't do as well as I should've.
On the bus, today, I came to a realization that all my stock responses to deal with angry people are now obsolete: if you apologize to someone, no matter how good your intentions are, you're validating that person's claims and are just inviting them to unleash their inner drama queen, instead of calming it as you hoped it would -- and worse yet was the realization that I am NO different. As such, being humble and apologetic in such situations can be just as bad as complete, argumentative denial. So far, the best solution I've come up with is to be damn funny, but of course, that's not exactly the most consistent ability for everyone ... at least not for me... not yet.
Anyway, I am now preparing for my interview as a section leader ... I seriously hope I get the job, not for me, but for the students that I'd be aiding ... I'm rather happy that I've got the other research job ... hellz it'll be awesome, and long-term ... but it'll be too bad if this other opportunity passes by. So I'm pushin' the psyche, gettin' into the groove, gotta get the flow goin', and gotta prep, prep, prep !
We'll see what happens !
Ever closer to completion
There are some days, where cloud 9 is just one big hunk of smog: sure, you're up shit's creek, but damn ... you had a fun time gettin' there. Add today to my list. First off ... this morning, on a bus, a seeing-eye dog showed me a sample of animal telepethy ... let's call it ATL 101 ... I didn't even get the drift until the very end, when it was too late to do anything about it :-p. But he/she made me a lot less of a skeptic. I'm betting it's more inference than anything else ... since when I finally understood, it was painfully obvious, but ... it seemed like I ... I'm crazy enough to be posting this, so ... um... moving on ... I dropped by M1 and C-kun's place to pick up one of my C++ books and to find good antivirus software, cuz C-kun won the w.supernova lotto on kazaa-lite, and without any antivirus software to claim the prize, he had to accept it open handed (and his computer accepted it, open-cheeked) so we went over to bestbuy and took a look at our options ... McCaffey, Norton, or Safeworld. Norton is the best, but brings even a medium-end system down to its knees, ("I did not have sexual relations with that woman") and I've never heard of Safeworld, so I can't say anything good or bad about that, which leaves McCaffey. So C-kun is gettin' a copy o'dat, which should give him about a year's subscription to the latest updates or so, I believe. Next we searched around for various compy components (just the categories, really) that we'd be adding to his soon-to-be-oh-so-real dream compy. Later on, we realized that with the addition of my new job, I should be able to afford a compy upgrade, too ... so since he has this idea that all his computers must be named after Matrix characters (so far there's Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo) we'd make twin uber-machines, and name them after the twin agents on Matrix 2 :-D .
On our way back to his place, we thought of a list of .. um... failed NukeCD slogans ... just to let you know how far our minds were in the gutter, one of the worse "failed" slogans was, "Nuked CD Software: Have YOU screwed YOUR cat lately?"
M2 just gave me another good one :-D
Nuked CD Software: "Vaporware not just for Sourceforge anymore"
Here's another I just thought up of:
"Software bugs: Don't abhor it, ignore it !"
We stopped back at M1 and Ckun's, grabbed M1, and went back out.
Upon exiting the gated community as a trio, we walked through the Wendy's drivethru, got some food, and went to the bar nextdoor, ordering a pitcher of Miller Light and 2 sets of darts :-D ... we wrote our screen/pen names on the wall and the date, had a f***ing blast, bought some miniature shot bottles at 7-11 and went our separate ways for the night !

Umm.. also, M1 let me know that their nextdoor neighbor is leaving in the week ... a one-bedroom apt in a locked/gated/old-folk(primarily) apartment complex ... hint hint. We'll see. I'd have to stock up on $$ the first month, and I'd have to see how far I am along Independence Way.

Well, tomorrow, I face part 2 of my MUSIC final ... Music class was one of things that kept me sane this semester.
We also find out whether that apartment is a definite fork in the road, or simply a one-way, opposite-direction road.
I also have my Section Leader Interview @ 3:45pm ! Good Luck to Me and the rest of YOU !
G'niTe, y'all !
Ever closer to completion

Thursday, May 08, 2003

I got a 75%.
Simply because it seemed like I knew the material in some cases, and in other cases, there was the understanding, but not any way of describing it concretely, or with structure... and that hurt the score alot ... there was also the blanking out, halfway through the topic on topological sorting, and my slowness in using induction ... I love induction ... I'm just ... a bit out of practice, dammit ! :-p
Oh well. I need to retake the class anyway . It certainly turned out better than if I had taken the written version !
One down, one to go. (technically three to go, but I'm counting priority)
Even better
Still studyin', believe it or not ... I got these links from Ben on the compy right next to mine ... really !
First final in 2 hours @ 4:30 ... regardless of what the damn time thing says, the current time here in Tucson is really 2:37pm.
First Final is today... Appropriate Music : YYZ by Rush.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Okay ... to continue about the Research job :
nyaHA! Netshade, spakest thou the RIGHT words! Apparently, Prof Kobus Barnard (y'know, that's the first time I've heard or seen anyone refer to him as "Dr" or "Professor," and I'M the one making the reference !) has quite A LOT of places for me to fit in, and he's not even done listing all the places ... it seems to me he wants even more help ... so depending on what he's got planned, he may be a GREAT resource for other students too ! His main project is essentially the opposite of computer graphics: make the computer take an image and figure out what that image is. I could do debugging/testing/optimizing/ platform-standardizing or work on the image segmentation process, or work on maintaining the file versions, script-writing, ye gawds, he's got many many things to do ! AND there'll be distributed programming projects, too ! Heaven must've fallen on my LAP ! Thank you Prof Barnard, and thank you, Rob !
I was reminded today why some blogs are exciting and some aren't. In a newly improved effort to evoke some sort of response from y'all so that I can feel better about myself (dripping sarcasm here ... although I certainly would appreciate even so much as a simple, "hi," in the commenting system, if you've visited the page. )
I've decided to add more interesting content ! ...But when Finals are over :-p.
I'll continue the Life Lessons and the weird philosophical discussions, fun and weird quotes, good books, along with real programming information, only I'll be adding a heck of alot more now, since I'll be doing a lot more *nix programming work ... which brings us to a hastily decided segue ...
This is sure proof that It's been worth it. Add two things I love to do ... programming/scripting/debugging AND making money ... heh ... yea, it doth roXOR.
Okay, I'm only two phases short of completion on my new website layout, although I'll have to change a few things if I want it to be compatible in Netscape 4 and below ... [envision sarcasm dripping from the page, off the monitor, and onto your newly-pressed dress-pants] I've had enough: This stuff even works in Konquerer now ... well, there is one slight problem but it's a painfully obvious fix. I've done what I've set out to do, and that was to make a web page viewable in all the main browsers updated within the past two years, and I have DONE SO ! Check out the Work in Progress here.
Latest Problem: I attempted to add a search bar to the page : upon testing it with a few friend's names it became apparent that google was only finding my links to their pages. In the new site, I'm attempting to hide at least their names by creating the links dynamically with javascript, so that my search bar will (hopefully) bit more functional :-D .
I GOT A 94% on my MUSIC FINAL ! Yah, it was too much fun.
Not much else, unless I want to make a 5-page essay on my "Wednesday," which of course is Boring and Wasteful of precious time ... preccciouuus ... my preccciouuussssss. *SNAP*
Yes, I'm done with you now; those of you who've read this far are certified to be healthy, attention-accreditted individuals with patience up the wazoo .... you lucky %#*#s

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Okay. Update time. Finals are coming. I actually get to schedule my cs 346 final with my teacher, very nice, but it's a time before everyone else takes it. I made my first perl script a few days ago for Consillium... but it won't work until the admin sets up a good mail server. In the meantime, I've filled an application to become a section leader for fall semester ... I can't hold my breath that long, but I'm excited all the same. We'll find out if I get the position after the interview on Friday :-D . (I know you must be thinking, "YE GAWDS HE'S PILING HIS PLATE AGAIN !" but nay, nay, say I; I'm only taking three classes fall semester ... maybe even two, and furthermore, I am well aquainted with all three subjects (Since I'm retaking two of 'em). Lemme see ... um ... saw X2 ... awesome movie; I had more than a few gripes, but everything else made up for it so much that I didn't care a shred. Hellz, it was a hellofalot better than *cough*someone else's "Episode 2," but I never claimed that would be much of a feat :-D X2 on the other hand, kicked ass and made the silver screen beg for more.

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Fun jokes.    Well if I ever really wanted to see what my site looked like without cascading style sheets or navigation pics ... that desire, that utter, ceaseless nagging at the back of my consciousness that shouted, "aw, come on! Just 10 seconds, 10 SECONDS!" has been silenced forever. It seems the university server has been down for awhile, denying my use of pictures and style-sheets. Oh well. At least the style sheet problem was easy to correct for the time being.
Oh! And did I mention, that the weird layering problem that makes it a hassle to select any text on this page has been fixed in my new upcoming layout ? :-D

On to today's really weird story:

As I lay in bed this morning, analyzing the dreams in which I had engaged only moments before, my thoughts converged on a startling notion: if our subconscious minds are so adept at translating the nonsensical data given by our senses when asleep (into dreams) ... then what does that say about the data given to us by our senses when we're awake ?

Friday, May 02, 2003

I'm off to my Music final !
I'm almost done with the new layout.
As you can see, there are a few bugs, and I'm not finished organizing everything, and the links and directory buttons still do not exist.
But it's freakin' cool, no ?

Thursday, May 01, 2003

I must say, in regards to my previous entry, that these problems are only with the XP version of Opera. From what I hear, the Win98 version of Opera was even able to handle this OLD layout ! Opera is awesome in many ways, although I still assert for clarity's sake that the XP version SUCKS ASS, and LIKES IT.

Update: Classes are almost over ... and I am sharing the same roller coaster ride as Katie : NEED TO FIND A JOB, and FAST !
But I am NOT working in non-cs jobs... EVER again. screw that. I will NOT be cleaning floors, monitors, keyboards, video shelves, etc. I will NOT vac, I will NOT wash dishes, and I WILL NEVER SAY, "would you like fries with that?"

At any rate, the time has come for me to permanently delete certain activities ... that is to keep them on a backburner for at least a year ... since I've just been given an interesting opportunity to help out with the Computer Science ACM club next semester - but at the same time, as y'all know, I can't simply do the same things I've been doing , else I lose control of time management again.