Wednesday, April 30, 2003

So far, so good. Digestion is coming along nicely, and so is the Networking Project.
Well... about putting all projects on the backburner ... I lied:
I did spend more time on the new web page design.
All I have to report at the moment:
the XP version of Opera has some SERIOUS F***ED UP problems, mayaaannnn ...

A: Their javascripting system doesn't allow assigning functions as objects to new variable names

WTF ?! THE WHOLE IDEA BEHIND JAVASCRIPT is to take java, remove classes and treat ALL functions as OBJECTS !

B: If you place a button on a form ... no matter WHAT you do with that button, whenever the user presses it, it submits like a SUBMIT button ! f***ing ..$^)($(!!!

C: If you have a form with a submit button on your page, (and make sure you've included the </form> tag) and create a button ANYWHERE below that form, then whenever the user presses that button , no matter WHAT that button does, THE F***ING BROWSER WILL SWITCH TO THE SUBMIT PAGE !

GruuuUUuUUuuUUUuuuu !!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

In review:

Found a new Friday Past-Time while following some last-minute homework for a class.
( I attended a public recital at the U's College of Music ... it fucking rocked! )

Some guy tried a passive theft at my CD-player.
Parents left for the weekend to receive the Milken Foundation Teacher/Educator Award.

We lost the coding competition ... and lost badly.
I crashed at M's place Saturday Night and most of Sunday. No offense, M, but I can't stand being at your place anymore.
Upon returning from M's place, I completely swore off alcohol, corn-syrup, bleached sugar (for the most part), and (most) sweets.
And I crashed yet again at my own place.

In accordance with a reccommendation from Netshade, (In declaring defeat) I put all projects on the backburner, from Life Lesson 20 to C Prime, and even some classes.

Parents came back from their fun lil' escape/award ceremony in Cali, and proceeded to scream at the details of several small messy details of the house (a chair, a table-top, and a kitchen countertop). This may seem strange to you all, but very few of you know how happy I was to hear my mother lecture on these things that other people would just consider "okay" or "clean enough."

New site layout is almost at completion, but that, too is now on the backburner. It's so bizarre : the old layout is bulky, and unwieldly: it's hard to imagine that I actually coded it (except for the browser detector, which I did not create, but was a great save on typing). But I take it as a sign of progress: I only made it half a year ago. The new layout is at an operable level now, so I might install it soon, but I'll add the rest of the features when school is down and done. I'm in no hurry.

Saturday, April 26, 2003

I've got ALL this PERISHABLE FOOD HERE that I got from helping set up and clean up the competition, and MY FUCKING RIDE ISN'T HERE !
WTF ?!

Well, I guess she simply won't get any, and I'll have to eat it all ... (2-3 foot sub (and 5-6 inches wide!) and 1/3 of a gallon of 2 Eegee's slushees)
Damn, damn, double damn, triple damn. We Forfeited.
We came as a team, Nihir, Vivek, and I... Nihir and Vivek being part of the team that won last year.
We got off to a slow start , and had to switch computers at the very beginning, as well :-( because a home directory folder in the unix environment hadn't been created for out team...
continuing on ...
One of our answers simply wasn't correct: we sent it in three times, and three times we got it sent back to us, thus setting us back to 60 minutes.
As we puzzled over our other problems, we realized none of them would get sent in for completion ... and jumped out early.

Really fucking sucks.

But there's always next semester ... or at least that's what Vivek keeps telling me.


(There's more, but I'm not sayin' nuthin' unless yah email me.) ... And at least the new layout is coming along smoothly ... I'm almost done with the dhtml part, and it works in Opera, old/mac Netscapes, and Mozilla too ! No more downgrading !

Friday, April 25, 2003

Women In Computer Science 7th Annual Coding Competition is tomorrow!
(yah, I know, I'm a guy, but everyone is allowed to enter :-p . Anyway, I'm proud to be competing in anything that WICS sponsors.)
The more women in computer science, the better :-D
must prepare must prepare !

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Too much, too much, TOO MUCH !
I am currently working on the Second Networking Assignment, and yet, I'm still working on NukeCD's Arkadium Client, the C-Prime and Ayli programming languages, the automatic study-group creator, a MUD proxy for a friend, java-style C++ MFC libraries, my new website layout, need to practice for the WICS programming competition on Saturday... And that's the list after I cut back the OTHER things !! It's time to cut some projects again !I'm in this mess in the first place, simply because I CAN'T juggle that many activities! I can retake cs346 and math215 . I'm lucky I'm already in the CS major, else this might've set me back another year. I'm going to take the rest of my stay at the U at a far more relaxed pace. All I need to do now is focus on Networking. But.... I'm still going to try and finish the new site layout anyway :-D

Monday, April 21, 2003

Life Lesson #22: People love to complain.
I love to complain. You love to complain. At some level (fortunately a very obscure level) we're all just a bunch of whiners.

I have a friend who's not yet 30, and already has a résumé of the Gods, a critical position in one of the most notable companies in America, and IS IN DEPRESSION !
And he is claiming it's because he's realizing he might not make his first million by the time he's 30. -.- I know clinical depression when I see it ... But that's not only a stupid reason, it's a dangerous one: I'd have to resist the urge to throttle him (erm... at least attempt to... he's fairly adept in various martial arts) and scream bloody murder !

I know some guys who live on the streets who complain but still live with a much healthier outlook on life than him !

Am I complaining about complainers ? I think SO !

It's all about your sense of perception. Be careful. Know when to stop. In the end, reminding yourself of the problem/task ahead only irritates you more, and if you're reminding someone else, then chances are that it irritates them more than anything else :-p. But then, you can't really get into specifics without statistics now can you ? I like that. I'll add that to my list of mottos :-p

Friday, April 18, 2003

Life Lesson #21: Don't attribute moral values to subjects that do not involve them.
(such as MS vs. *nix) It's only moral when MS changes something that affects *your* code. Then you get moody about it. Well you'd be getting moody about Linux if there was no Microsoft, since ... whoops, no, I'll save life lesson #22 for Monday. In the meantime, I'll finish #20, and get back to the pre-pre-alpha version of the cprime translator ... if I finish soon, I can use it for my 2nd networking assignment !
(Today's life lesson was inspired by one of Stan Lippman's comments. #20 ain't finished yet.)

Thursday, April 17, 2003

'you know the world's gone mad when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America's Cup, France is accusing the USA of arrogance and the Germans don't want to go to war.'
Chris Rock
(break from 1st installment of Life Lesson #20 - the next session is coming soon.)

Okay, this was so damn cool I had to share :-D . Yesterday, at 5:00, Stanley Lippman gave a techtalk about the problems with version 1 of Visual C++.NET and the differences between that and the second version ... I guess you could call it Service Pack #1 :-p ... or at least that's what he said :-D
Anyway, if y'all didn't know, he's written a ton of books on C++, and a few on C#, and has worked on several C++ compilers, including THE VERY FIRST ONE with Bjarne Stroustrup. Anyway, we got to meet him, and he also gave another talk this morning at 11:00am. It ruled. I learned a ton of information directly applicable to my own languages, which is always nice, because I feel like a blind man trying to place in a dance competition ! You get sorta self-conscious after awhile, cuz it almost always seems like everyone else has more information than you . So I stayed afterwards and got invited to go to lunch with him, Ted, Mr Mercer, Professor Collberg, and another student, by Professor Downey and we got to talk about quite a number of things ... it freakin' ruled! (And I got a book signed by Lippman :-D )
I feel alot better about some of the things I'm doing to start out with on C ' , since it seems that the guys who originally worked on C++ actually did some of their tests the same way I am with a rough Cprime-to-C translator, so gung-ho !

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Life Lesson #20: No one is ever what they appear to be :
(This one is going to be a fairly long entry, so bear with me as I type in sessions.)
A few days ago, my mother and I went out to a reunion of sorts and chatted with friends and neighbors of hers from when she was a little girl.
I left it with a full belly and a full mind. In a semi-continuation of this event, I talked with a friend (a baby boomer) about his experiences growing up, which added to the great wealth of amazing stories I received. After thinking over them, I came to the conclusion that I am obligated to speak about these experiences so that I could remember them, and so that I may share them with you all and anyone else who might discover this site.
The stories I heard will not shock any of you black folk, but for me and for those of you who don't know much about black culture or the injustices that people faced not even 20 years ago will amaze you. I walked away re-affirming my beliefs that A: I love my black heritage and culture, and B: that mass racism is only a generation behind us -- therefore it still exists, or at least, the people who helped/help generate it are still alive and well.
[To be cont'd]
Linux version of the Matrix :
Trinity: "I need to know how to operate a helicopter!" ~>man -k pilot ~>man -s3helicopter pilot

Trinity(speaking to Neo):"Get in."

I don't expect everyone to get this rather awful joke, but it reminds me to be thankful for man pages.
In Windows you need to go to the msdn network if you want that kind of help.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

we're diving in shallow waters, today
Contrary to popular belief, not everyone wants to hear meaningless drivel. Meaningful drivel, however, is a totally different story ;-)

Imagine your suprise when you find out the horse that you're beating has died long ago.

On the same page, however, you must remember that if you ask someone for their opinion, their mood, or their life-story, don't expect the abridged version.

Please note that this is NOT meant towards anyone I know in particular, as the people that need this lesson don't even know my aim name.

I've got more stories to tell, but unfortunately my attention span is running on empty today, so I'll only say this : "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands ..."
oh, right... um... my windows API wrapper classes are now on sourceforge !

My test ... ye gods... my CS 346 test ... Not ... enough ... time ... I probably got the class low this time around. Yay. *insert sounds of thrashing*.

Monday, April 14, 2003

Life Lesson #19: Strike a balance between living in the moment and preparing for the future.
Sure, you should work towards a secure future. No, you shouldn't waste all your time living in the moment... but...
All work and no play might not make Jack a dull boy, but if Jack dies tomorrow, Jack hasn't really done jack, now has he ?

Rock on ! Jeevan graced me with 'moderator' status for Haloscan's Forums ! :-D

Am studying (or taking a break from studying... heh heh heh) for a Computer Science Discrete Math Test today in 13 hours and 16 minutes (12:44). Havin' fun all the same. I guess I should take a rest now, eh?

(darn ... apparently even though I've set all settings to Mountain Standard, Blogger still seems to think my current time is 1:50, instead of 12:50. We DON'T HAVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS IN ARIZONA ! BLEAH !)

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Life Lesson #18: It doesn't matter who you are : you're NOT the smartest motherfucker around.
Wanting to be is quite a good motivator -- I use that one quite often !  But some people don't seem to understand that you can't outsmart actual facts ... not even by definition, if you want to be trite about it. You can't outsmart chemistry.  You can't outsmart physics.  You can't outsmart physical dependence.  You can't outsmart reality.  If you think you have then you've only disproved an incompletely/incorrectly formulated claim (Which is still a feat to be noted) --> not the actual laws that govern reality.  Think carefully about what you do!  Many of the other life lessons overlap this subject in various ways : its own inclusion into the archive is an exclamation point.  Life will not automatically make concessions to "let you off easy" if your decision-making leads you to an ugly hole.
In other words, Don't just look before you leap ; Look at those who came before you, look at those who come with you, and finally, take a good look at yourself.

C' has been sourceforged!  I guess I'll use my knowledge from C' to build up to Ayli -- ( Ayli was originally C' ).
Still in infancy stage, obviously.

Friday, April 11, 2003

So we finally tried making that sign picture yesterday night ... several times. All we learned was that Mike's camera is in its element only during the day. the first few shots were only silhouettes of legs in front of a sign, and the final shot is still ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS! The next picture WILL be during the day, unless we find a better camera :-( At any rate, since I still need a theme, (No, I don't just like the idea of sitting atop a sign ... it needs a purpose, dammit!) I'll probably wait until such a time presents itself that I may sit atop one of the 70 mph signs with either a martini glass or a sign that says, "slow down!"

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I just couldn't go a full week without getting online. ;-)

My resolution: strive to spend as little time as possible on all compies, to save my sanity.

I updated the aim online detector generator. my code works fine - it's pretty straightforward, even though there's some strange problem with recognizing some users as being offline even when they're online -- but that's due to the weirdness of AIMS's various features. I encourage all to read it, since it involves passing forms to other web pages via javascript . :-D
"Curried C" is now C' (C-prime)
C'(c-prime) is now Ayli (As You Like It)
Ayli will remain my own intellectual prop, but I am sourceforging C' asap.
the funny thing is, that my idea for C' defines many similarities to javascript ... on the surface.
just a few simple things can often change a language in big and often unforseeable ways.
I'm going to get back to work on the Java-style wrapper classes for Windows gui-related API calls & DirectX calls.

The stories will come. Oh yes, the stories will come.

I will attempt a sign-sittin' picture tomorrow for all to point and stare at with glee.

Am now looking for a good summer job, now that internships seem a bit distant. That's it for now.

Non-shallow/Non-repeating life lessons are getting harder to uncover/learn without getting more and more specific. vague and bubbly promises of new ones are floating around in my head. After I double check the other 17 life-lessons to make sure there isn't too much overlap, I'll see if they can solidify into something more than abstract thought bubbles.

On Monday Night I actually biked home all the way from school ... 15-20 miles or so. In-fucking-credible! I want to remember that night, because the next day, I didn't feel ANY burn !

will talk to y'all l8r.

Saturday, April 05, 2003

(Edited: 4/7/03: WICS Competition got pushed back to April 26th)
You have two Entries to choose from today (technically 3, but whothefuck cares?):
The Blog of Strife and Moral Dilemmas over Nothing Too Important
The Normal Blog
In the meantime, I will be analyzing and restructuring my thought processes, as I no longer care much for strife and moral dilemma over nothing important, nor do I care for posting fruitless information. My three weeks in the disneyland version of Hell(as opposed to the Disney World version ... And the full flung version, which would most likely be what the troops and Iraqi citizens at the front lines are exeriencing.) has forced me to re-evaluate my sense of time, both present and past, my flare for drama, my stress levels, and my ability to handle life. See y'all in a week ... or two. :-p

The Blog of Strife and Moral Dilemmas over Nothing Too Important:
I will be taking a break from all non-academic computer-related subjects ... including this blog.
This blog is a pet project of mine. On one side, I can freely say that it's for me, and that I can look back on it and get a general index to my mind's history.
But sure as shizzy, that ain't the whole story.
On the flip side, I can get other people's perceptions about what I post, and can now readily admit that it certainly and shallowly DOES do a lot for one's ego, even to have JUST one person visiting your site (out of sheer interest ... not out of pity). Perhaps because I feel guilty to that 0.0001% of the population who actually find my rants somewhat enlightening, (but to those who read my site out of PITY: please STOP wasting your time NOW.) - I feel the need to say something: While I am gone, I think anyone who is even somewhat entertained by this site should REALLY check out the folder-buttons on the left, sometime in the very near future. (or the links on the left, depending on which browser you're using) Check out my (imho) notable entries. Sign a poll. Request a poll. They aren't really polls so much as they are essay questions, and VERY cheesy ones at that. I have a free +e+ris clone for download, a whole shitload of free navigational clipart to download (nothing too impressive), weird pictures, awesome links, (If you're bored, then nothing stops the boredom as well as the info links, humor links, and animation links!). It's my haven. And of course, mi casa es tu casa. (to some extent... Don't quote me on that !)

The Normal Blog:
I just signed up for Fall 03 Semester Classes. I'm taking it easy this time around. I'll have the tentative schedule up in a few days . But I'll be taking a break from all computer-related things except those dealing with homework and WICS programming competition. :-( that means this blog will be unused for a week or so. :-(
I'll of course include a few new life lessons, some stories ... such as a few funny ones I've heard on the bus, and others, such as this show I watched with my family yesterday on TLC (called 'Faking It'), where, this time, some guy (well, actually, a fairly well-known (prize-winning) race car driver) who'd never seen a drag queen before, had 3 weeks to become one, and fake a panel of 3 judges viewing the performances of 4 drag queens into believing that he had been one for years. Heheheheheh. We were all wondering what his prize was, and how he was put in that position. I think that also would've been a great episode in just explaining the backround events that lead up to that show. At any rate, he managed to fool one of the experts :-D, but even so, none of them knew something was up until a member of the show's company interviewed each one and asked them ... each was completely fooled until they were forced to analyze it. Heh. All in all, it was definitely worth watching. I think that guy was forever changed by that experience !
Well, that's one story down, and a few more to go. Next time, though. And I should have that picture I wanted up by next week, too ... as well as the results from the WICS competition.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003


Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Here's something I bet many of you didn't know about Blogger : you can add or remove 'team' members for different blog sites and give them various permission levels. So in other words, if you wanted a special forum for you and your friends, you could simply make a new blog, and give them all usernames and passwords -- and only give them access to making new blog entries, but not deleting or changing anyone else's :-p. There is a plethora of possibilities one might potentially perceive to implement and practice with Blogger's multiple-party blogging system
Cool, no ?

-- On a darker note:
Yesterday, the shit hit the walls, the ceiling, people,places, things. Today, it all simply hit me.
I won't bore you with details.
Suffice to say, the last 3 weeks of my life have been complete hell. And if my life were a movie, then these last two days were the climax/anti-climax, a paradox in a way; perhaps the most hellish part -- and yet I simply don't care now. It's over for now. It's done with, for now. I have two, (maybe three) classes I need to GRO (GradeReplacementOpportunity). But I've survived...More white hair on the front of my hairline (I'm 23 yrs/o !) but I've survived. At this point, if I get C's in all my 4 classes (I don't consider the lecture class to be a class, since you just show up, and you get an A), I'll be fucking ecstatic.