Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Wtf ? Haloscan lost the past week's worth of comments ! And those were really f****ing awesome comments ! arrrgh! (12:13am 2/6/03 ... they fixed the problem)

Overall ... today and yesterday have been two of the weirdest days in my records of sentient existence !

I got drunk at a friend's house last night ... first we had some wine (nothing fancy) with dinner, which was okay ... but then dessert attacked: with a barrage of chocolate, coffee, rum, and some other junk into a sort of uber-mudslide ! ... a mix of a normal mudslide and some variety of irish cream ... ooooog ...

Now I remember why I don't drink ! Gawd, I feel horrid ! I had to get up and clean up and run out the door while still feeling like ooze from the night before !

It's funny tho : we all had a blast, but we didn't really trash the place at all ... as we became more intoxicated , we actually ended up cleaning it ! Well, we certainly got a good start ... The place is now noticeably better than it was before we started drinking, and that's the funniest thing about it !

I'm not mixing alcohols again ... Hellz, I'm not drinking again, either ! ... Another life lesson I suppose ... this certainly isn't for everyone ... hmm ...

Gotta finish my homework !

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