Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Sometimes you screw up, not willingly, but certainly deliberately ... you aim for the hole in the road, as much as you don't want to fall into it ... you're going through the motions, you only see certain doom, but you go ahead anyway... and then when it hits, and you fall into the hole, all you can think about from the moment you start to fall, to the moment you hit the ground is, "Why did I do that?" ... which is often coupled with, "Man, this is going to hurt!" Finally, when you get back up and out of the hole ... you swear to yourself that you'll never do it again ... at least ... you hope you won't ... :-D

Today, we had another official Atheist/Agnostic society club meeting ... btw, AS OF FEB 1st, we are a recognized UA CLUB ! whoo hoo! Conrad & Dan & I discussed posters and advertising for our first meeting. I also worked a bit on the web page ... and somehow fixed Dan's sound drivers for his compy ... so we were able to listen to some old-old-old-school classic rock for the rest of the meeting. It was rather bizarre ... but so were the last 48 hours. I'm so damn glad to be home ... So glad to be home ... so glad to be home ... also, after being at several different people's pads, I've come to the conclusion that I cannot live in a space without adequate lighting, color, and elements of intellectual curiosity, culture and diversity . Man, I'm spoiled. :-)
So good to be home.... after getting drunk, spending the night with some friends, giving away approx. $100-150 worth of items, and undergoing numerous mini-adventures, It's nice to sleep in my own bed ...

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