Thursday, February 27, 2003

Life Lesson #13: On doing the wrong thing: If you have to rationalize it to yourself, then it's probably not a good idea.

Well, here's something for y'all to play with ! I find it incredibly useful ! a free online java - powered typing tester! I've added it to the "info" menu in the "links" directory !

Whoops ! Just made 3 more last minute changes to the javafied javascript ...
1.) In Opera, the inherited 'toString()' method was always overwriting the newer 'toString()' method,
(this is because Opera seems to be the only one of the three main browser engines that actually publicly shows 'toString()' in its function prototype list.)
2.) If the last argument of the parent's constructor was a string, then the string would be parsed as an object, instead of a string.
3.) There was a bit of display code that hadn't been changed to match the actual code.

All problems have been fixed :-D

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Well, Comments are back up ... finally. *sigh* Well , hardly enough people comment on this site in the first place, for HaloScan's servers dying out every now and then to make a real difference -- after all, if you really want/need to talk, you have various methods shown in the right-hand panel of this web page. I guess the illusion of a community is nice, but can only be done when the "community" members decide to visit other people's web sites ... which in turn, takes away from active social life/everyday life. ( But it does have benefits -> typing proficiency/thought-provocation/broadening the mind's understanding of its surroundings, just to give an idea.) It's comforting on many levels, but as to friendships, and anything of real substance, there's only so much one can hope to achieve with a computer and an internet connection. Am I hurting myself, or am I helping myself ? Am I exposing too much of my life, or am I recording the important parts ? Am I subconsciously just trying to re-enact high school popularity games, or am I trying to expand my mind by looking through the windows of other people's lives that they have so graciously opened for just that purpose?

Just some things to think about. But an illusion is never more than an illusion. Which is what?
Well, once again, the commenting system is down. Ugh. I know Jeevan and Haloscan are trying their hardest, but this is downright insane. =P
Anyway, y'all can rate my blog (and leave messages as though it were a guestbook) using the link on the right, or you can also AIM me and/or email me using the AIM Remote control bar on the right as well. I'm online about half of the time, so you've got a 50:50 chance of getting in touch with me .

PS- Well, I'm not telling what I got on my CS 346 exam ... but there's extra credit on the homework assignment, and I know exactly what I did wrong ! :-D
At any rate, my section leader, Steve, came to me just now and told me that I was responsible for giving a large number of students in the class an extra point for one of the test problems !
I had simply written down my assumptions for the problem. And it turned out that my assumption was correct and changed the expected results, and, as my test was one of the last ones to be graded, the graders for that question had to go back and re-grade all of the tests to catch for that error ! :-D

And I got my assignment back ... 30/30 ... perfect on the assignment, the test-cases, and the Big-O estimates ! Now if only I could've done that on the test ! =P

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

MUWAH HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!
FINALLY ! The Javafied javascript WORKS CORRECTLY ! ALL OF IT !
Check it out.
Next step: operator overloading :-p

2nd meeting of the Atheists/Agnostics club is coming up shortly ! We'll see how that goes !

Monday, February 24, 2003

I guess I *should * post an update every now and then, huh ? This *IS* afterall, a journal of sorts. :-D

First of all ... word of advice: if you don't know what you're doing, don't tweak your bios ...
2nd word of advice: if you DO know what you're doing, then DON'T BE AN IDIOT when tweaking your bios.
3rd word of advice: if you still insist on tweaking your bios, no matter what your ram's signal strength is: tweaking SDRAM to 143 MGhz along with reducing all delays and early read/writes to lowest settings is a bad idea. at least for me it was. :-D
First I set the Mem early/delay write (I think :-p)... to the fastest ... I believe it was between 0 and .5 or something like that. My compy was happy, nothing bad happened.
Next I decided to set all the ram settings to two tics instead of three ... I expected that the bios would reload the old settings if something bad happened (as it has done before with the earlier bios updates) ... well ... the computer froze on load up ... and the bios didn't reload old settings. Upon startup, my computer was beeping at me as if by killing the sdram, I had killed its firstborn.
At this point I thought, "okay, no worries. I'll take out the cmos battery, wait 8 minutes, put it back in, and all my settings will 'magically' dissappear!"

I took out Mr C-mos. I turned on my computer ... nothing but angry beeps. It was obviously still pissed off at me.

A bit more worried, I figured I must not have kept the battery out long enough ... and I left it out for 16 minutes.
45 minutes ...
Two freakin' hours
Hair-pulling time.
(which is very hard to do with a short afro, btw)

As a last resort I unplugged the compy, took out the cmos, took out all the ram and went to bed.
The next day I found another daunting task awaited me: the sdram wasn't playing nicely with locking back in to the mobo ...

At this point, I was damn near tears. I attempted to wrest the two sticks of ram back into place, praying to god that none of my motherboard components had a rice-krispies moment since I was using quite a lot of force ! ( rice krispies moment = snap, crackle, pop ! )
After wiping the sweat off my brow (and a few crackles later), I replaced the cmos battery, plugged in the compy, and pressed the ignition button ...
**And then I realize I had been holding my breath since last night, let in some air, and collapsed on the floor ... but not before going into the bios settings to change everything to the way I had it (the default settings always suck) :-D **

Had several tests and assignments in Math215, Mus101A, and CS-346.

Test in Math215 ... I studied ... did the homework, ALL except 2.1,2.2 ...
Turns out those two chapters were really really important.
The test made me its bitch.

Test in Mus101A ... 3 day test. It was actually fun ! I was confident the first day (written test), nervous the second day (growth and development), and had FUN the third day!!(more growth and development)
Needless to say, I got an A on this test.

Test in CS346 ... today... UGH ... I thought I had this down ... and in fact, I did ... all except for induction.
After 2 different classes of needing to know induction, you'd think I'd have it down for this third class, right ? Well I thought so too, which is why I didn't study induction. It turned out to be my downfall ... First two questions on the test were about the Induction Hypotheses. The rest was fun and exciting, including the extra credit.

My mother received a plaque from the Mayor today ... an event she neglected to inform me of, and so at the end of my frazzled day, I felt like hanging out at Mike and Colin's to blow off some steam ...


She didn't freakin' tell me.


It hurtz. She told me afterwards of course. That only made it worse.

Well, Colin finally got his first lesson in programming. Pretty good for his first venture ... I was still in shell shock after the first two weeks of C++ . After his lesson we watched Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) ... freakin' awesome stuff there. AND IT'S ANIME! ANIME !!!! Sure, it's got corny parts . Sure, it's got really really *adult* parts. But it's good stuff, and it really builds off of the character, who slowly changes throughout the show. (but then, I love **good** anime, anyway :-D the rule of thumb is that all anime is bad until proven good!)

Fucking A ... The fucking bank is telling me I gotta pay $62.00 for being stupid and being $0.5x over my checking account, by the middle of the second week of March.
Such bullshit.

And life marches on ! I'll tty'all l8r!
Cynical Liberal
How Republican Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Friday, February 21, 2003

Here's Dan and Mike1 . Dan, the one-time Atheist/Agnostic Society President is the one attempting to kick the crap out of the no parking sign. Anyway, we were trying to see how high we could get ... Dan's kicking, and my attempting to run up the wall ... heh. Damn we were all hyper.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Wow. Wow wow wow. Sometimes you have to stop, take a deep breath, and stop again ... I had that moment today :-p . I saw **** (name taken out for privacy) ... someone I wasn't actually expecting to see again, and she looked different ! Really different ! Radically different ... in a good way, of course. Last time I saw her, she looked post-mortem ... good-looking, but definitely had the post-mortem vibe going on. She could've fit in nicely with any of the goth/vampyre groups. :-D This time she looked alive, and full of health. I hardly even recognized her until she asked me why I didn't say anything to her ! My god.

Dammit, I don't know what is wrong with blogger, but my last two entries have disappeared off of the main page, while still remaining in the archived page. Really bizarre. Anyway, the javafied javascript is going through one or two changes but will have the added functionality of being able to call the 'base' class, (known as 'super' in java), and also receive the functions from the base class. But I don't have time to get to it right now. Must do homework.

Monday, February 17, 2003

Life Lesson #12: Always Cover your ass.

I don't even need to detail this one.

(My dad uses this variant, "Don't let your mouth write a check that your ass can't cover." )


Well, I just found a hideous error in my javascript code. So if you're wondering, "WTF?!" and "WHY DOESN'T THIS SH** WORK?!" ... well it's because I made a f***ing stupid mistake.
The mistake has been fixed.

But in fixing that mistake, I've found ways to make the code better.

So don't bother reading it now, although it WILL work now ... just as long as you follow the conventions, and DON'T name the constructor the same as the object ... that bites, but hey, I'm workin' on it. Originally I used a lot of evals and junk, and had some cool features, but it didn't always work half the time, and strange things would happen across browsers, but this is *SO* much simpler. FAR simpler. And it works in Phoenix, Opera, IE, Mozilla, and Netscape! :-p.
Anyway, you can read the changes if you want, but I suggest not. Fortunately I doubt if enough people have actually been reading this blog to notice.

Oh yeah ... my life ... Had a Linear Algebra Test ... deceptively simple, I haven't even caught up to where everyone else is in the class yet, and boom ... I feel the heavy hand of Doom rest upon my shoulders as I plummet to the ground in a heap, unable to support the weight... Enough about me, though !

The first Atheist/Agnostics Meeting is Tomorrow at 6:00 ... which incomveniently coincides with the first CS345/346 review session ... I'm going to try and go to both. We'll see what happens. The club fair is also tomorrow, so I get to put in some time during my audited class and hand out brochures and junk, talk to people, argue with fundamentalists ... it'll be great !
I'm a bit miffed at our president ... after all, it's more of a freethought group ... I'm deist, and he's atheist, Conrad is agnostic ... I believe ... and we're certainly not closing our doors to skeptics, either. *sigh* What's done is done. Now we just need to continue to say that we DO encourage deists and skeptics to join. gah. Oh well. we'll see what happens.
L8r !
I've done it !
I've javafied Javascript !
erm ... Insofar as I want it javafied, :-D.

But credit must always be given where credit is due ... I never would've had the balls to try it if I hadn't learned the cool tricks from Douglas Crockford's Website on private function members, inheritance, and parameter-saving in Javascript, and I also used one of his functions in my javafication.

So if you like to code, or are just curious as to what the heck I'm talking about, CHECK IT OUT !


Sunday, February 16, 2003

Life Lesson # 11 : Be nice. Do everything short of bending over backwards to help other people free of charge. But ALWAYS know the fine line between doing a service (exchange or $) and being kind. (pro bono ?) : contracts and exchanges are absolutely necessary for certain types of work, especially if you've spent years developing your talent (you must respect it, or others will not), or if someone else's property of some sort is at stake. If you don't get anything in return for a free service, don't complain! ;-D Duh. If someone else complains ... Well as long as you did what you set out to do (And did it to the best of your ability) ... Free means free.

I've just seen way too many people prove the validity of Lesson #1, and it really pisses me off. (Not that what I say actually affects even a shred of human behavior ... I just need an outlet to vent through.) -- And yes, I'm aware I broke the rule of only indirectly relating the laws to my posts, but life goes on, ya know ?

Lessons 12 & 13 will run along similar veins.
(I'm sorry if anyone was expecting something funny ... That'll come on #14, I promise)

Friday, February 14, 2003

Saint Valentine's Day.
F*** you all .
Celebrate, damn you !

My Opinionated Nothing for those of you who have love:
you should be damn near obligated to do something romantic.

I hope you all thoroughly enjoy this day ...

*I won't.*

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Life Lesson #10:Time stops for no one. At least not yet.

(the following is taken from Active Network Formus. Please go there if you want more information.)
An answer to WinXP FileManager/InternetExplorer Status Bar woes and automatic setting change woes during web browsing :

Start with one instance of IE. Select View | Status Bar. Now press Ctrl while clicking the X in the upper-right-hand corner of the window to close the application. Next, open My Computer and select View | Status Bar. Finally, go to Tools | Folder Options and select the View tab. Click Apply to all folders, confirm the dialog, and then close Windows Explorer.

NOW ...... start regedit (Run > regedit )

go to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
select "Show_StatusBar"
go to 'Permissions...' from Edit menu
click 'Advanced'
find your user name in the list & click 'edit' button
put a check next to 'Set value' under 'Deny'

Taken from Active Network Formus

Monday, February 10, 2003

Okay! New pic of the day! This is just too damn cool for words, too ! :-D
(I must note, however that I totally disagree with the war ... even though I also fear what Saddam is going to/could do with all those chemicals !....the connotations of ep2 leading to ep3 is just freakin' scary tho.)

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Wow ... what a day ... programmed, did homework, programmed, did homework ... etc ...

Mike1 and I are now working on a MageKnight conversion of CircleMUD with some extra features !

check it out !
port: 4000

at some point we're going to use it as a base for a graphical mud, :-D

Friday, February 07, 2003

Sorry... this was so funny I had to link to it ! (And it's beneficial, too !)
The benefits of kissing :-D
The Ancient Human's important tool of kissing

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Academic Law #1 : The best lectures only occur when you're not there to enjoy them.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Once again, I must post up this truly awesome pic, because, whoever made it (I can't read the copyright info on it) did a good job of encompassing my beliefs ! (once again, I should let y'all know I'm a deist)

Your magical style is Magus.

What type of Magic do you work?
Take the Magical Style Quiz by
Sometimes you screw up, not willingly, but certainly deliberately ... you aim for the hole in the road, as much as you don't want to fall into it ... you're going through the motions, you only see certain doom, but you go ahead anyway... and then when it hits, and you fall into the hole, all you can think about from the moment you start to fall, to the moment you hit the ground is, "Why did I do that?" ... which is often coupled with, "Man, this is going to hurt!" Finally, when you get back up and out of the hole ... you swear to yourself that you'll never do it again ... at least ... you hope you won't ... :-D

Today, we had another official Atheist/Agnostic society club meeting ... btw, AS OF FEB 1st, we are a recognized UA CLUB ! whoo hoo! Conrad & Dan & I discussed posters and advertising for our first meeting. I also worked a bit on the web page ... and somehow fixed Dan's sound drivers for his compy ... so we were able to listen to some old-old-old-school classic rock for the rest of the meeting. It was rather bizarre ... but so were the last 48 hours. I'm so damn glad to be home ... So glad to be home ... so glad to be home ... also, after being at several different people's pads, I've come to the conclusion that I cannot live in a space without adequate lighting, color, and elements of intellectual curiosity, culture and diversity . Man, I'm spoiled. :-)
So good to be home.... after getting drunk, spending the night with some friends, giving away approx. $100-150 worth of items, and undergoing numerous mini-adventures, It's nice to sleep in my own bed ...
Wtf ? Haloscan lost the past week's worth of comments ! And those were really f****ing awesome comments ! arrrgh! (12:13am 2/6/03 ... they fixed the problem)

Overall ... today and yesterday have been two of the weirdest days in my records of sentient existence !

I got drunk at a friend's house last night ... first we had some wine (nothing fancy) with dinner, which was okay ... but then dessert attacked: with a barrage of chocolate, coffee, rum, and some other junk into a sort of uber-mudslide ! ... a mix of a normal mudslide and some variety of irish cream ... ooooog ...

Now I remember why I don't drink ! Gawd, I feel horrid ! I had to get up and clean up and run out the door while still feeling like ooze from the night before !

It's funny tho : we all had a blast, but we didn't really trash the place at all ... as we became more intoxicated , we actually ended up cleaning it ! Well, we certainly got a good start ... The place is now noticeably better than it was before we started drinking, and that's the funniest thing about it !

I'm not mixing alcohols again ... Hellz, I'm not drinking again, either ! ... Another life lesson I suppose ... this certainly isn't for everyone ... hmm ...

Gotta finish my homework !

Monday, February 03, 2003

REALLY Random idea of the day:

Some girls think that all men are perverts ... well ... that's partially true ... I tend to consider it that most of us men have inner 2nd-rate romance novelists .
The ones that are sick are those whose inner - 2nd rate romance novelists are inner-horror-novelists ;-D

End of the Weight-lifting fiasco : Okay ! My arms are actually recovering quite nicely! I thought I'd be out of commission for weeks ! I can now reach both arms up to my face, and actually scratch my nose in an itch-crisis !
And I've got a noticeable difference in size mass of my arms !

(Not that I'll do that again, mind ye! I'll take weight-lifting far slower and lighter from now on!)

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Life Lesson #9: Since the beginning of life as we know it, death has always been a matter of when, not if.

My respect and admiration goes to the crew of the COLUMBIA;
my sympathies go out to their families.

In my opinion, truly engaging scientific observation and discovery has always been worth risking life and limb,
but the human beings who *actually* face those risks *of their own free will and volition* are heroes.