Sunday, January 12, 2003

Well, here I am at 1:04 am, typing away at a slightly neglected Journal. Heh, this morning my dad and I watched some sort of firefighter olympics ... I don't believe I've ever seen anything like that before! ^^ Sis and I made Kahlua brownies ... mmmm very good, but not as good as the kahlua truffles I had earlier ... ah well ... good food is good food ! Get this! A study was shown that supposedly drinking 1-2 glasses of some sort of alcoholic beverage 5-7 days a week (isn't that borderline alcoholism ?) will DECREASE chances of heart problems by 37 % ... THAT is quite a significant percentange. Of course, alcoholics really don't need another reason to drink ... the research also showed that the benefits declined if the intake was higher ... DUH!!! :-) But hey, they made a scale of how many drinks on average per day per week gave what percentage of decrease, and I figure it's another corporate message ... "BUY ALCOHOL, GET WASTED, SUPPORT OUR PRODUCTS!" but it doesn't hurt to find out if the research holds water ... or holds its liquor in this case :) . At any rate, I'm taking just a bit of their advice and am drinking a bit every now and then... I don't think I'll need to go to AA any time soon , though.
hmm... school starts up soon ... there goes the last of my free time ... I wanted to hang out with friends ...instead I'm hanging out with black&decker ... yard tools, that is :).
I hung out with Killjoy last night ... cool shit ! we talked with some guys that are interested in restarting the UA freethought club ... but it took hours just to figure out what the name of the club was going to be ... and no one has come to a conclusion yet, because we were all goofing off way too much !!! This is going to be an interesting semester ... I hope that wasn't a taste of things to come ...

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