Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Lesson in Life #5: Better to criticize than BE criticized ... but that's only because no one is good at judging their own work : they always think they're better (or much worse) than you ... of course, in my case, it's obviously true =P I am far better than *all* of you =P.

New pictures are up !!!
Me at the REI rock in Seattle ... this is the largest indoor climbing .. um ... rock ... IN THE WORLD !

Alex, Susan, and Colin on Halloween Night ... I had to get a picture of Colin online at some point because ... well I don't have any pictures of him up yet!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why !

Oh and Newspaper links to my Mom's achievement ! (They must've deliberately chosen the worst picture ... but she still looks good despite their evil efforts =D )
Daily Star Article

I'm here at the drc computer lab with Rueben .. and we're talking about the Diana Ross DUI video ... which is apparently ... um ... bad . Really bad ... But ... I'm guessing maybe her popularity at least may be positively affected, ... heh... even if her reputation wasn't.

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