Sunday, January 05, 2003

C'mon, now folks! Sign the polls ! You know you want to! One or two sentences wouldn't hurt! Just short essays!
Anyway, been cleanin' cleanin' cleanin' etc... I'm happy to take my break finally. And get to things I've been waiting for .
Check out my first completed drawing since ... since too long ago.
Not bad, but not too good, either. I've forgotten a bit, so it looks like I'll want visit for some pointers . I am drawn to anime styles for some reason (I know I know ... bad pun). The simplistic color design and clean scenes are aesthetic; something to strive for, especially since it even looks better than many of the western traditional drawing styles - not that I claim to know much about them.
Hmm.. It was my brothers' birthday on the 3rd, (Happy birthday to you too, Sean !) and more family members' b-days are coming up ... it's quite bizarre that many people have birthdays in groups. Fascinating; one often wonders what events took place for a demigraphic of people to procreate and act as catalysts for such occurrances.

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