Friday, January 31, 2003

Life Lesson #8: (I didn't make this one, but I felt it was important enough to include!)
"If you think you know what's going on, you're probably full of shit ."
(I'll post who made that quote soon ... I just haven't tracked 'em down yet.)

Man, I can barely move my arms at all ... it's a herculean task just to reach my hand to my face and scratch my nose !

I must've pulled every muscle I could possibly have pulled in both my arms! They feel like heavy iron rods ... and when I try to move them, they feel like HOT iron rods ! I really f***ed up two days ago in starting a workout routine !

I'll have to take it easy for the next week or two and then start out on less weights ... man, for a guy with single-digit body fat percentage, I am SO out of shape !
A picture that gives RealNetworks a taste of their own medicine

Screws 'n' nails, by request

Don't forget to comment on my design for the UA Atheists/Agnostics Society's site !

On the bus, (while waiting to get off ... that is usually what one does on a bus) I saw a girl get on , with a nintendo console control pad hanging off of her backpack like a keychain ... and I thought, "That is too cool !" Just for the hell of it, I'll do the same.

Well, damn it ... life just dealt from the bottom of the deck, again !
I finally get access to the car ... but only AFTER 10:20 ... Charles Darwin Experience and CDE tryouts were Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, all at 10:00pm ... I get to the University at 10:40 ... nothing ... just people eating, playing pool, ping-pong, and video games ... no CDE, no nothing . Maybe I might've found out what was going on if I had been there only 40 minutes sooner, eh ? I feel like a total idiot .

It's now midnight.

I'm bored, exhausted, drained, and feel rather silly.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Well, I did it ... I finished the first design prototype of the UA Secular Students web page ... I can now do one of three things : either make a few more prototypes, tweak this one, or implement it ... I'm actually thinking about making a few more ... this is fun =D
Here's the link -- Tell me what yah think !

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Life Lesson #7 : Even when the cards are all in your favor, you must remember : Life is the guy with the deck ... and is known for being a dirty, dirty cheater!

Fun Quote: "A glass of absinthe is as poetical as anything in the world. What difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset?" -- Oscar Wilde

Well ... once again, I was broadsided with the short-end of the stick ... Doesn't that make an interesting image? Some guy getting whacked over the head with the broad side of a toothpick ?
Two nights in a row ! Let's see if we can make this a trilogy tomorrow ! }:-P
No Hazy Dayz Open Mic Night for me ...
No Darwin Experience tryouts for me ...
I did everything I was supposed to do ...
But my transportation plans flew out from under me ...

This really f***ing sux.
Wow ... day is over ... finally ... today I began my start of weight lifting in the UofA fitness center ... that place is freakin' huge !

I also learned that after working up a good sweat, my mind goes to crap for the next few hours ! (I had Linear Algebra after the workout, and I couldn't focus on a damn thing .... and we went through three different sections today ! ARRRRGH !

The teacher gave us more homework due on Monday and Wednesday ... and when I asked him if he was trying to ruin our social lives, the other students piped up and said almost in unison that CS majors and Math majors DON'T HAVE social lives ... the funny thing is, that I'm not joking ! This really happened not more than 30 minutes ago ! =)

Well, I think it's just a matter of pride ... (and slack-time ! :-p )

The Design phase of the webpage for the Atheist/Agnostic UA Club Webpage is finished ... now to make the artwork and code ! I'll post up the design sometime soon at the website itself, for everyone to comment and make suggestions.

I think it's funny to note that the web designer for the atheist/agnostics club is a deist (me) ... :-D ... insofar as I can ascertain the meaning of deism ... I looked for something that most easily described my own beliefs ... and not the other way around ...

And yes, sometimes this author LIKES to talk about himself in the third person ! =P

Unfortunately, some people have different notions ... I hate American Heritage's definition of deism ..., but here, this philosophical dictionary's definition of deism is much more to my suiting...

The one I like best is a belief in god based entirely on reason, without reference to religion and personal beliefs .
(well, obviously not all based on reason, because at some point, there's always individual interpretation, which is why I like it.)
Even then, it doesn't really encompass my ...
aw hellz... whatever fits, ya know ?

Anyway , I will add the links to the Microsoft Intermediate Language Specification and Library Components source code for .NET later on ... but for now I must get ready to PARTY !!! Yeehaw. l8r, y'all !

One more thing ... after quite a bit of huntin' I finally caught that bug that kept the page anchors from working properly! Now, when a link within the page is clicked ... that link WILL retrieve the correct weblog entry ! Finally !

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

At some point (but not tonight) I'm going to add a list of the funniest and most notable log entries on my site, for those of you who don't like coffee with your sugar !

I also finally took care of a site design mishap that went unnoticed ... apparently, in the lo-tech version of my site, I had forgotten to include the Polls !!! But NOW they're HERE ! So all you folk who don't see a small list of buttons on the left that open into small directories, and instead see just lists of links, you can now see a list of polls at the bottom ! Yeah, I know : big deal, but hey, I gotta be consistent with myself ... (see Life Lesson #1 for more info :-p ).
Life Lesson #6: For everyone in your life that you see get angry, make a count of all those who DIDN'T think the world revolved solely around them at that exact moment of anger ... non-live references don't count ... If you find more than zero, let me know ... I wanna meet them ! If you find zero, then strive to be the first, second, third, fourth, etc ... *but only when you're actually angry. :-p* (dang ... I wonder how many more of these I can think of ?)

Well, I didn't get to go to The Charles Darwin Experience Tonight ... but I did succeed in cementing the use of a car for the CDE tryouts tomorrow night and the next night, as well as the Hazy Dayz performance .

Good news is good news ...

Oh, and when I got home today, I found more newspaper clippings where Mom was noted for her award ... everyone's making a fuss about the prize, which she's technically never EVEN GOING TO TOUCH OR SEE ! It's funny how things like that sometimes work out ... of course, a BIG, WONDERFUL PRIZE is still a BIG, WONDERFUL PRIZE, regardless.

Finally, THE FIRST MICROSOFT STUDENT USER GROUP MEETING of the Spring Semester kicked off today ... WHOOP ! There were a lot of people, and free pizza ! The pizza arrived at 4:45, and was officially gone by 5:00 ... I believe there were 7 large-size pizzas, too !
And this wasn't even the kickoff event meeting !
It's cool, MS-SUG gradually gets bigger and bigger every semester !
Grant, you rule.
And Ted gave me quite a large amount of resources on learning MSIL and learning the nitty gritty of the code for .NET !
I can't wait for next week !
Lesson in Life #5: Better to criticize than BE criticized ... but that's only because no one is good at judging their own work : they always think they're better (or much worse) than you ... of course, in my case, it's obviously true =P I am far better than *all* of you =P.

New pictures are up !!!
Me at the REI rock in Seattle ... this is the largest indoor climbing .. um ... rock ... IN THE WORLD !

Alex, Susan, and Colin on Halloween Night ... I had to get a picture of Colin online at some point because ... well I don't have any pictures of him up yet!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why !

Oh and Newspaper links to my Mom's achievement ! (They must've deliberately chosen the worst picture ... but she still looks good despite their evil efforts =D )
Daily Star Article

I'm here at the drc computer lab with Rueben .. and we're talking about the Diana Ross DUI video ... which is apparently ... um ... bad . Really bad ... But ... I'm guessing maybe her popularity at least may be positively affected, ... heh... even if her reputation wasn't.

Monday, January 27, 2003

Lesson in Life #4: If you don't have friends (or family) that you can't talk bluntly, candidly, and/or directly with ... well then you don't have friends (or family) : those are called "acquaintances."

Well well well ... the team that was 0 for 26 in their first two years -- and taught classes on losing -- finally won the superbowl for the first time ... and alongside the man who was bringing the Raiders to the Superbowl only a year before ! Impressive ... cuz this year, the Raiders went against their own coach and his new team ... hmmm ... Something was NOT right with the Raiders that day; for instance the runner who after running for about 10 yards without the ball, finally realized he dropped the damn thing ten yards behind, and had to run back to pick it UP ! And Tampa Bay? Holy shiznit, they must've been playing for both teams that day, cuz they acted like it was deathmatch! They made the pigskin their bitch ! ... even intercepting and getting one last touchdown with 2 seconds left in the game ... when it didn't even MATTER ! =P

On to other things ... An award ceremony was held at my mother's school today to honor her achievements in teaching ... there were actually several people from the newspapers and a tv station ... the ceremony was wonderful ! (I'll link to the article online if they actually print it in the paper -- they probably will, since this reflects upon the voice of teachers in the state.)
heh... I had to skip my CS-346 class to go to the award ceremony, though !

Now I'm back at school ...
waiting for the CS452 class to get out so I can get a signature ...
I need to switch classes. Badly.
After that ... meh ... more class !
And FINALLY ... I get to go home and do **HOMEWORK** !

bleah .

I am going to thoroughly rock the next 3 nights, though ...
On Tuesday: the first microsoft student user group meeting of the semester, the 2nd Darwin Experience Improv Showing of the semester,
and Darwin tryouts are on Wednesday and Thursday ... Not to mention Wednesday is Hazy Dayz open mic night :-p ... I've got a lot on my plate the next few days.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Frodo has failed ... click on this link to find out how and why. :-D

Slow the f*** down and enjoy life.

It's that time of day, once again ... to turn inward and say "f*** you" to all those who would oppose my "inner introvert."

Life has been quite interesting during these past few days, while I've been attempting to adjust to my new class schedule. The homework actually looks fun and exciting, no sarcasm intended, and the new student union building looks awesome ... certain parts of it remind me of a dream I had a while back, of a place with funky architecture. (The dream changed from nice to nightmare to nice, but I still love the new addition to the school.)

I've been learning quite a few interesting bits of knowledge about programming, and have learned sickening things about the often hyped ideas within the computer science industry ...
For instance, object oriented code is actually an ugly thing as far as compiling it is concerned ... I had always assumed that the reason for its use was not simply because it made source code easy to maintain.
Another interesting fact: reference counting-style memory management sucks.
Also, Garbage collection, if done correctly, is often as good as explicit memory management done by programmers ... although my own interpretations of the results from such papers as Zorn's 1992 comparison of 6 memory management algorithms was that the programmer's optimizations were very useful in many cases. Still, as shown here, garbage collection is quite the contender. After tweaking around with the weighting of the scores of the different language implementations, it became apparent to me that OCaML narrowly beat out the C programming language in The Great Language Shootout: after near-equal scoring in memory and cpu usage, the deciding factor was the size of the source code. I was suprised ... OCaML is object-oriented, type-inferring, and garbage-collected, if I'm not mistaken. That's fairly impressive, so there is some hope for my ideas. Later on, I'll take a step back and look at what simple language features keep the performance cost low in assembly and MSIL. In the meantime, I'm going to learn OCaML, and see how the progress of the creation of OCaML.NET goes!

Monday, January 20, 2003

MEH ! No one's been updating their web journals except me lately ! : - (
It's so boring ! Few friends have much to say right now for some reason ... Oh well ...
*Goes back to studying for classes *

Saturday, January 18, 2003

The language design issue HAS BEEN FIXED !!! WHOO HOO!!! I AM COOL !!! SO COOL !! ... well ... um ... really, I guess I should give credit where credit is due, eh ? :-D
Andrew Appel and Robin Milner and David MacQueen(sml) are SO DAMN COOL, Anders Hejlsberg(C#) is awesome... although his ideas of taking control out of the hands of the programmer is bizarre, Dennis Ritchie(C) and Brian Kernighan(C) are insanely brilliant, and of course, Ralph Griswold(SNOBOL, Icon) is the man !
And the language doesn't actually look much like C#, anymore ... so much as being a general meta-language ... there are 72 keywords !!! 72 !! Somewhat of a good thing and bad, I suppose ! Oh well ! Things are looking up !

Friday, January 17, 2003

Real life rule #2 : It is hard for people to act like the bitches they are when you shower them with kindness and stay cheerful ... and if that doesn't work, then it just makes them look THAT much more bitchy in the eyes of others :-p ... the trick is not to ever let up on the cheerfulness. Unfortunately, that's the part I usually mess up .

*sigh* ... I just waited for too long of a time for a bus to take me home from school, and when it shows up ... it does with a full bike rack ... no room for an extra bike.
I just want to get home and clean up ! I have things to do ! Nights to party through !
After writing the rough draft of the programming language project proposal, I attempted to write a small piece of code that used a bunch of the new features ... and it turned out ... well ... looking rather bizarre. :-D ... There's going to be a lot of things I need to change to keep it looking good ... a lot of things ... it's not even going to look much like C# anymore :-( . The ideas are good ones -- great ones, but I'm just going to need to rethink the contexts in which they are used. When put together in a design, they all seem rather pricky to me, as if some jerk just wanted to add some insignificant features (that is not the case, though) *sigh* this is sooo bizarre . I'm shooting in the dark because I don't have much of an idea of what constitutes a good language . We'll see what happens next.
It might be time for the chopping block of language features.
The coolest part of the language is that, as it stands now, a person can learn the basics as if they were learning C or C++ with minimal differences (but the differences ARE present) and eventually learn the more unique parts of the language as they progress, and can develop a style that suits them ... hellz, they could code in either C# style, object-oriented C style, or Icon style OR explicitly typed SML style or prolog-style predicates (without back-tracking ... in this language, that should be easy to manually implement by the programmer) or they could code in the hybrid style that this project is .
But it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing . It has to mesh well !! Dr Debray was right ! But I've got all the time in the world , and books on the way ! Now if I could only get my a$$ HOME !

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Yeehaw !!! Today was a good day! I've gotten a bit more information on programming and compiling software, am almost done with the research proposals for funding, and got permission from my friend to use his rather brilliant idea for a programming language name ! Woo !
I've got so much to do ... gotta start editing the freethought group webpage ... I can promise y'all now, that page is gonna look funky ! (In a good way, of course!)

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Life Lesson #1: MAKE the world revolve around you; cuz no one else is going to act selfish for you !

For the first time in a long time, I met someone who needed to chill out a hell of a lot more than I did ... rather interesting (and scary) to see. f***ing CHILL OUT ! I've never seen anyone more obsessed on how bad Java was and on how C++ should be the only language used ... he is absolutely right, of course ... but STILL !

Wow ... first day of classes, and I've only been to my first class ... piano ! fun stuff ! I've got three more classes today ... it's going to be a very long day!

Monday, January 13, 2003

TWO DAYS ... TWO DAYS TILL CLASSES BEGIN ... and already half of my budget is gone due to supplies, medical, and living expenses ! gaaaaaaaah! And I still haven't even gotten my books yet ! Two days, two days ... tomorrow I must thoroughly party, else I go insane with this heavy courseload !
we shall see we shall see we shall see.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

Well, here I am at 1:04 am, typing away at a slightly neglected Journal. Heh, this morning my dad and I watched some sort of firefighter olympics ... I don't believe I've ever seen anything like that before! ^^ Sis and I made Kahlua brownies ... mmmm very good, but not as good as the kahlua truffles I had earlier ... ah well ... good food is good food ! Get this! A study was shown that supposedly drinking 1-2 glasses of some sort of alcoholic beverage 5-7 days a week (isn't that borderline alcoholism ?) will DECREASE chances of heart problems by 37 % ... THAT is quite a significant percentange. Of course, alcoholics really don't need another reason to drink ... the research also showed that the benefits declined if the intake was higher ... DUH!!! :-) But hey, they made a scale of how many drinks on average per day per week gave what percentage of decrease, and I figure it's another corporate message ... "BUY ALCOHOL, GET WASTED, SUPPORT OUR PRODUCTS!" but it doesn't hurt to find out if the research holds water ... or holds its liquor in this case :) . At any rate, I'm taking just a bit of their advice and am drinking a bit every now and then... I don't think I'll need to go to AA any time soon , though.
hmm... school starts up soon ... there goes the last of my free time ... I wanted to hang out with friends ...instead I'm hanging out with black&decker ... yard tools, that is :).
I hung out with Killjoy last night ... cool shit ! we talked with some guys that are interested in restarting the UA freethought club ... but it took hours just to figure out what the name of the club was going to be ... and no one has come to a conclusion yet, because we were all goofing off way too much !!! This is going to be an interesting semester ... I hope that wasn't a taste of things to come ...

Sunday, January 05, 2003

C'mon, now folks! Sign the polls ! You know you want to! One or two sentences wouldn't hurt! Just short essays!
Anyway, been cleanin' cleanin' cleanin' etc... I'm happy to take my break finally. And get to things I've been waiting for .
Check out my first completed drawing since ... since too long ago.
Not bad, but not too good, either. I've forgotten a bit, so it looks like I'll want visit for some pointers . I am drawn to anime styles for some reason (I know I know ... bad pun). The simplistic color design and clean scenes are aesthetic; something to strive for, especially since it even looks better than many of the western traditional drawing styles - not that I claim to know much about them.
Hmm.. It was my brothers' birthday on the 3rd, (Happy birthday to you too, Sean !) and more family members' b-days are coming up ... it's quite bizarre that many people have birthdays in groups. Fascinating; one often wonders what events took place for a demigraphic of people to procreate and act as catalysts for such occurrances.

Friday, January 03, 2003

January 3rd... yah. whoop. At the UA computer lab. No one else is here. I need to finish up here and pay some bills. Not much is happening ... waitin' for school to start back up , of all things. *sigh* *goes off to the Guitar Center to enjoy some hands-on window shopping (the drum section!!!)*