Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I love my streetboard.
Dimension Boards
The scene (at least part of it) for streetboarding.
It's time.

Time to prune the links in the link window. A life in continual transition of duplicate states creates a singular mess. Time to consolidate the things I need from the things I need not. I don't care either way. Call it a survival trait. Time is of the essence when you're amidst the set of mid-game states.

A thousand words for your senses. A picture for your troubles. A thought for your money. A penny for your illusions.

Familiarity breeds perceived similarity and comparison. Clarity breeds insight. Both can lead to true and false. But genotypes have ever been more important than phenotypes. Deep down, I have joy and care not for nomenclatures of emotion, trite template personas, and fools of past and future history. You can read the rest.

Ramble on, and fubar at will, commander. The audience has no eyes save those that it gave itself. The screen has ears and a mouth. Thoughts attack the wrenching twists of good, god, glory, and lies, while a paycheck is on the horizon, next to the rainbow. I've never liked the taste of candy canes.

Can you not tell the difference between staccato and legato ? Articulation .

Clarity ? Umm ...

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

So far, so good. I have a B in Trad104 and a B in Math 215 ! I'm now waiting on CS.

Another wonderful googlism :

Type in the word define and then some word you want defined, and google will define that word for you above the other search results, with a source to boot.

Terminator 3 was nowhere near as good as Terminator 2. I would've been more appreciative if the movie hadn't ended halfway through. The chain was left dangling. It's nice that the movie followed a different structure, but I still feel that too much was left out.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

"WHOA HO HO !!! And I thought those mortals were fucked up way back then !" -- Puck.

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Song of the moment: Chromazone by Mike Stern... from his 1988 Time in Place cd.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Finals hit like a whiplash... you know it's going to arrive before it hits, but the wait is almost an eternity. And when it finally hits, it's gone before you can finish blinking ... and you don't even feel the effects till the next morning...
I studied my ass off. I'm certain I got A's in all finals ... not necessarily classes ... except math, because that damned final question was so tricksy ...
(XT is short for "the transpose matrix of matrix X" and Rn can be thought of as a coordinate space of real numbers where n is the number of axes.(Here we assume the plural for axis, not axe. :-D )

If A is an n*n matrix in Rn, and AT = - A, what is the determinant of A if n = 3 ? If n = 4 ?

Dammit, I looked at this question from every angle and could only see ZERO for both answers.

I looked it up in another book and found that such a matrix is called a skew matrix and IF n is odd, then, indeed, the determinant is zero. But it says nothing about the determinant when n is even ! I'll get to the bottom of this shortly !

Update: Jacobi's Theorem explains it all.

It would've been nice to know that one before the test. >:-(

I don't know why my brain skipped out on that when thinking about it with diagonals and what not. Grrr.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

I see Fall Semester Finals. They're everywhere....

"Error: Nothing to post!" ... But how is that an error when you have nothing to say ?

I like this kid.

Amit rules. The "Mr. Wizard" of path-finding and game AI.

Sunir is cool, too.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Here are a few googlisms: ;-D

#1 Type in "failure" at the google search bar and hit "I'm feeling lucky!"
Laugh at what shows up in your window ;-D

#2 Type in "french military victories" and hit "I'm feeling lucky!"
And laugh at the results ;-D (although this one is distasteful.)

#3 Type in "weapons of mass destruction" and hit "I'm feeling lucky !"
Read the message carefully :-D.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Times change, as people should. With the rise and fall of each year, month, and day, new challenges come at you like a rush of water, soaking you, pushing you, parting around you, and moving on. Why pause there to think about it ? Why not follow their example ? Who among us can disclaim that you are the sum of your actions ? Each new day brings you your sense of time and direction, along with whatever other senses you have been given. Time pushes you down an interconnecting path, as dynamic and unpredictable as electricity. With every person you meet, new cross-streets are visible to you, just as others disappear. The only constant you see is death; the black tunnel that all roads lead to, the other side of which is unknown. With all the twisting paths to explore, and such little time you have, this does not disconcert you: there is nothing that can be done about it, and thus time is naught but wasted thinking upon it.
Life is too short to be spent on foolish/hateful thoughts and empty promises.

I live now. Not five minutes ago. And I have no guarantee that I will live five minutes from now. I have confidence, and I am prepared, but I have no guarantee.

With asteroids from the belt swinging by our planet, solar winds from the sun to wipe away our magnetic protection, and a comet so large that every 3 decades or so, Earth passes through its tail a year after their orbits cross, all it would take to destroy our beautiful planet is a bit of gravitational pull in a bad direction. No collision necessary. Once the world understands this, maybe we'll finally have that “Star Wars” program, but that's neither here nor there. These are but a pair of many things that could make or break our lives.

Stop your lamenting, stop your guilt trips, stop your finger-pointing, stop your bickering, stop your manipulating, stop your lying, stop your cheating, stop your stealing, stop all of the bullshit. There just isn't time to do these things lest both life and its purpose wait in vain for your discovery.

Take a fucking chill pill, have some fun, and get over yourself.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

This is my first truly opinionated nothing in a very long time, so expect crap and a lot more of it:

*tap tap tap tap*
My sister smiles at me. "Stop it," she says. The glow from the TV illuminates her face like a spotlight.
I smile back at her. "Fuck off."
Harsh words. I'm fond of them. My friends tell me I've singlehandedly given the expression "sheeyit" a joyous connotation for them -- I always say it with a smile.

*tap tap tap tap*

I don't mean it, of course - my sister knows this, though; I just love rhythm. The music stops and starts, yet the beat can continue anywhere, anytime. And yes, I did stop for her, btw. It can be so annoying when you're watching tv to have someone tap on something . Seemingly hyperactive tendencies such as this one actually help soothe my mind. Thus I sit here in front of my monitor, tapping my thighs, tapping the keyboard, stalling my homework: if I wait patiently enough, the answers might just appear on the page for me. As of the past 2.6 hours, the only markings are blue horizontal lines -- but those were there to begin with. I am the goalie who picks daisies while the opposing team scores.
I can't understand why of all my choices, that I decided upon Computer Science as a major. Well, that's partially true ... I know my fate was sealed when my eyes first came across 4 people playing doom in a high school computer lab.
Back to the future - I look at my math homework now, and it's all gibberish to me. It isn't hard ... but it ain't that easy, either. As always, I know that upon reading Chapter [blah], everything will fall into order as miraculously as sorting a deck of cards by playing 52-pickup. Somehow, that statement alone has been the mantra that got me from high school to this point, relatively unscathed, if you don't count the # of times that the thread should've snapped ... y'know ... the one holding Damocles' sword ? You get better at dodging that way, anyway. Well, if it's his sword, then it might as well have been mine.
I thank god, my ancestors, and those who watch over me, that my writing skills have not diminished ... though as you can all tell, they are old and rusty. I'm not concerned, since I know they always polish well.
Times like these often force me to think of those who watch over me. I shouldn't ever forget about them. I'm not religious in the sense of some pre-packaged view ... but I still believe that there are beings in my corner of the universe who want to help me out ... and I'm calling upon them now to set some heavy action in motion, and help me ! Knowing me, I'm hoping they don't say, "It isn't hard ... but it ain't that easy, either. As always, I know that upon reading Chapter [blah], everything will fall into order." But better that than nothing at all :-D
Ock. It's Ten O'clock, and my rambling is incomplete. But I care not for the ramble so much as the exercise. Have fun, y'all. Maybe I'll get better at this, and maybe I won't. But I'll have fun doing so. :-)

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Never skateboard or snakeboard with hard metal things in your pockets.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Journal entries will come later.

Blatantly obvious revelation : people love emotions.

They love 'em. Of course, on the surface, you might think,
"How, in any sane mind, could that ever make sense ?!"
Who the hell wants to feel like shit ?!

Well that's the problem : people tend to associate feelings as the results of events ... and that's perfectly reasonable, in usual circumstances, but when large-scale events happen, you leave yourself open to danger: the difference between sanity and insanity can often be just a matter of events (I heard that from the Cowboy Bebop Movie :-p -- I just love that quote)

Everyone at some point in time think they've got it worse, (and sometimes better) than others . You're comparing yourself to these others DUE TO THE FACT THAT YOU SEE THEM IN THAT LIGHT ! And you could be 100% right. But there are always hundreds of thousands who are worse off than you or the subject of your emotions, and many who are better off. When will that ever change ? There is no race. There is no competition save for the ones that you create in your own mind.
People often have too little information to even attempt to judge another's life. It is funny then, that so many people will assume they know you after a total of only a few actual hours of contact.

So really, if feeling depressed or angry was something people want to avoid (clinical manifestations aside), then why do they jump at the opportunity to feel that way when things go wrong ? For the same reason they associate emotions with events ? It doesn't feel right ? You'd be cheating yourself ? You'd be cheating others ? Others would think less of you ? Because you can ? Because it's so awful and so many horrible, horrible things have happened that you must obsess on them ?

Because it hurts ?

Then why feel that way ? The world does not stop for you. If you know what happens tomorrow... if you're somehow sure your life will not end tomorrow, that your time is not being wasted, or that you're immortal, or that the afterlife awaits you in benefit, then by all means, go ahead and feel like shit. I know it hurts. I would be a complete ass if I were to think that anyone could just rise up out of the pits of hell, oblivious to their current situation, especially if they're still deeply lost and tangled within the web of fate.

But I can't think of any other reason.

I don't know the answers. I know myself.

As far as I can tell it hasn't ever helped the situation for me ... :-D I just felt a lot worse.

And yet, why is there this compelling want to feel sorry for oneself ?

Feeling angry is the same way ... some people jump at the opportunity to be angry !
It's a favorite emotion for some people !

I'll stick to the ones I like best.

A more dangerous route which is unfortunately alike this one is to run from your emotions. To not acknowledge them, surpressing them rather than dealing with them. They will catch up with you ... if something else doesn't first.
Don't supress them, but don't feed them, either.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
Sometimes, you just hate being right-on.

Sometimes you hate to see events unfold the way you fortold.
But it is better to know beforehand than not at all.
And it is better to be validated than to know naught at all.

It is better to be right than to be led-on.
I'm in LA.

Having a blast.

Hangin' out with family.

The riddle game Mindtrap rocks.

Yes it does.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

Last night ... another kickass night. Truly something to be astonished and proud of, considering the circumstances given that day.
Upon browsing a significant number of other blogger's pages, you begin to realize that far more people than you have ever imagined have proper grammar and jaw-dropping prose.

Current Song : "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"

Friday, November 21, 2003

Last night kicked ass.

I hung out with another streetboarder, a guy from England named Reuben.

He showed me a lot of tricks, and let me try out a few myself ( I only landed one of 'em correctly tho ! *ouch!* :-p )

At any rate it's enough fun to prove to me that bindings on the streetboard are worthwhile .

I'll have pictures up in one or two days :-D

Now I'm off to class ! I've got a test in CS to study for !

Thursday, November 20, 2003

And now, for a joke that only programmers will understand.
I had perhaps the scariest nightmare I've had in awhile ... a long while... in the last hour of my sleep, too ... from 4:10 to 5:10 ... a dream within a dream ... scary stuff ... AIM me and I'll talk about it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

He just alerted me that the IRC group is giving off a really big Fed Vibe ... go figure.
Now for the scary part:

A friend of mine found a list off IRC of complete personal information of MANY individuals across three years, as early as 2001 and as late as July of this year ... everything from where they work to their credit card info... and he's just begun the long and drawn-out process of alerting the individuals to their stolen information via 3rd person Sprint operators over the net.
Scary scary post of the day is right after this one.

Yesterday: we went to Phoenix to applaud my mother in a recognition of her excellence in teaching, it was a state-wide recognition of outstanding individuals in education, from students to graduates to teachers. The food was okay ... certainly not worth the $45 I paid for it, but food is food to me ... as long as it's healthy and doesn't taste bad :-D

Exciting and hectic day, today.

Earlier, my dumbass self locked my sister and I out of her car with that damned auto lock feature ... it was set to lock whenever the ignition turned on, and I had the front door open ... I walked out, slammed the door, and walked around to the other side ... and the door wouldn't open ... car's running, doors locked ... extra remote wouldn't work because the car was turned on. lovely

I ended up paying $45 ... my own personal idiot tax. Pictures to come soon. ;-D

My sister dropped me off at school just in time for my math test ... a thriller, man ... a thriller.
Tests aren't supposed to replicate movies.

I realized I haven't been working at all. .. so, due to the fact that I had to post work hours today rather than tomorrow, I gave myself another 29 hours from Thursday to Sunday to look forward to, so I can finish up this particular project which has been haunting myself and fellow team-members, both of which have a lot more riding on this assignment than $ and grades ... think theses ! YES ! MORE THAN ONE !

I've been surfin' that streetboard everywhere I go ... and it's awesome ...

I even gave my sister a full one - hour session on it -- with her trying to get the movement down, amd me holding my arms out ready for a quick bear hug in case she should fall. Funny, but she was able to pick up the beginning steps faster than all of my friends !!! :-D

What's even funnier, so was my neighbor, Jenny -- even though she didn't get very far, I think it was due to the fact that she had some snowboarding experience which helped.

At any rate, I need to start sending copies of this video tape sent to me on streetboarding to the local stores ... maybe I can get a profit out of it, especially when demoing this baby.
The Meatrix

Monday, November 17, 2003

Okay. That's it. I've officially heard the worst pickup line in HISTORY ! (and fortunately, not in action)

*drum roll*

"Hey, you look korean. I've got some Gundam Hentai back at my dorm, and I know you koreans are into that sort of thing ..."


Not only is it the worst pickup line in the history of dating, but it's also perhaps the best way to get slapped and questioned as a harrassment suspect ! :-D Who among us has the guts to try it out ?! Are you man or otaku ?

Brought to you in part by Ryan of the UA.

ohhh ... here's a continuation by Netshade:
"Hey baby, can't a man share his love of animated robots and nude women with a lady? If that's wrong, I don't wanna be right."

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Life Lesson #31 : Don't complicate things. Just don't.
On Friday night, we brought the compy (and the streetboard) to Mike2's to spend the night. We decided to have a LAN party, using the following ingredient list:
Unreal Tournament GOTYE
GL Quake
Chicago: the movie
Blazing Saddles: the movie
#2 decent compies
#1 cable connection
#4 single-serving mudslides
#1 24 oz Mike's Hard Lemonade
#1 Bottle of Champaigne
#2 cups of 69 proof Lemon Liquor (cheap shit)
#?? of Amaretto (with ice cream)

We had a blast. Happy & drunk. And I have photos to prove it.

Saturday: Hangover hell.

Saturday morning, Patricia and Cora got in touch with us at 10 in the morning.

That whole day, I was really mellow -- and completely out of it. And everyone hated it. =D In fact, Cora put me into a headlock, and dragged me 15 feet, following up with a nuggie on my hair (all knuckles), in an attempt to wake me up.
It worked. For awhile.

Mike dressed up as Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin, for the TASS Screening. :-D He didn't look too bad, so most people did a double take when looking at him before realizing he wasn't wearing normal clothes.

We hung out with the girls, and cruised the mall for a few hours -- but we ended up dropping them off before going to TASS -- Patricia couldn't go since she needed to be with her family.

The Tucson Animation Screening Society screening was fun & slightly boring, even though many great shows were featured, and many conversations were thoroughly explored. I spent most of my time riding the streetboard.

Later on, I met up with Noel, and before we left TASS, we ran into a man named Don, who sparked a bizarre, yet memorable conversation.
Following that incident, we stopped by Patricia's place, said hi, picked Cora up, and headed back to Noel & Cora's.

There we stayed for an hour, playing Midnight Club #2, and at 10, arrived back here, at Mike2's place ... where we are now - just kickin' it till 11:30pm, and then back home I go.

Friday, November 14, 2003

In other news, today, Jamie is going to take a quiz in his computer science class, attempt to organize his files, and then drink (not too much) with Mike2 while duking it out in Unreal Tournament in the evening, and when the morning returns, he expects to go out with Mike2, Noel, Cora, and Patricia to TASS !

Hopefully, everything will go as planned :-D .
My legs feel like jello. This Streetboard thing is going to take some getting used to.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

It is here. My Dimension AS2 ... my baby... MINE ! Tonight, I RIDE !
Dating Rule #1: Never, ever bore your date.


My bad.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Matrix Revolutions opened today. Oh yeah. Can't see it yet. But I will.
Ecxiitng Rsearech at Cmabrigde

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

"Okay, so how does this relationship thing work? I'm lost ! :-)"

Interesting Halloween Friday. Some good, some bad. It had the potential to be awful, but since I was hanging out with the right group of people, it was awesome.
But since I don't have a lot of time to spare , and this summation has already taken too long to write, and because I've got two assignments due tomorrow, one test, and a project at work to finish, here's Patricia's well-assessed recount of our Halloween night !

But I will talk about the weekend as a whole. We weren't able to follow with tradition ... the midnight graveyard picnic ... but I guess I'm the only one that has a different purpose for being there ... but from now on, that reason will be in the forefront of my mind, instead of a side-quest, like the ones you get bored finishing in rpgs. Respect the dead.
They lived, they fought, they died ... and a great deal of them did so for reasons greater than themselves.

Of all the weekends to watch "Gangs of New York" my parents chose El Dia de los Muerdos !

Now, for those of you who don't know ... that movie is based upon a lot of fairly accurate information for New York in the 1830's & 40's, dealing with the immigrants arriving from various places.

And also, I should tell you that I've got the blood of many different types of people running through my body ... from the African continent to immigrants, and even colonial Americans, this movie has a lot of significance to me.

In one sense, "the blood stays on the blade": without a doubt, many of your own ancestors fought for what they believed was right ... and for you to be here ... if you misuse your time on Earth ... then what does that say about their efforts ?

But how we fulfill our destinies is still up to us -- how we view our responsibilities has always been up to us. So at the very least, you would be fulfilling your part by simply respecting and honoring the dead.

Unfortunately, my mother must be afraid that I am clueless in regard to spirituality, because she's doing everything but whacking me over the head with the universe, and throwing meaning and symbolism left and right ... (As if they were physical objects ! Imagine that :-p ) this morning, one small phrase from my lips was enough to send her into Thich Nhat Hanh lecture-mode ! :-)

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Halloween Weekend update coming soon. blog-visitations, too.

xor is awesome.
and so is AnalogX's supercool programmer's calculator

The top kickass movies post

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Life Lesson #27:

Folks, please ... don't play frogger with the damn car.
You are playing games on the road I drive.
Here are a few new life lessons I came up with, but didn't really realize I had done so until yesterday.

Life Lesson #28:
Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you don't think in patterns -- anticipate what you're really trying to do, before you act.

Life Lesson #29:
Aphorisms are only good to a point -- they don't have to be true to sound wise.

Life Lesson #30:
Don't base your ego on unstable, subjective traits, else it, too will be unstable and subjective.

Now I'm off for 3AM breakfast !
Finished with late homework ... again. This has got to stop. Linear Algebra homework is next. Goin' off to the waffle house to get some food and finish linear algebra.
Heheheheheh... I just got a message from my boss, asking to meet him today, in about 13.5 hours about work and the end of the current project ... HA ! WORK ! Let me tell you .... **snoooooore**


what was I saying ?

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Yet another traditional journal entry ... and another interesting day :-D

Yes, I hear the new Athlon chips now smoke the G5. A friend was explaining to me how he would be playing Unreal Tournament, then camp in a corner, switch over to a movie (and have UT still playing in the background) and suddenly he'd hear shots being fired, and swap back in time to kick some ass ... it's simply wrong I tell you ! The guy's got some major firepower ! But the mobo and cpu alone costed him about $1500 *cringe* but apparently the best place to go for computer components is Fry's up in Chandler.

I got my CSC quiz back on Thursday .... 20/20 ... yippee, but then, it was a pretty easy test.

In Trad104 we got to handle replicas of early hominid skulls :-D.

Between Thursday night and Friday morning, I was somehow able to break my writer's block to finish a 5-page essay that was due at 1:00pm Friday ... whew ! My saving grace was actually switching topics ! I had to rewrite my essay from scratch, and I did it ! I was so stoked that I felt nothing was going to stop me from going out that night and having a blast ! And absolutely nothing stopped me :-D !

The essay dealt with similarities between humans and chimpanzees ... It wasn't until later on that night that I realized the perfect analogy for the bonobo Kanzi's grasp of the english language (but too late to add it to the essay ): it's akin to the way people understand art, music, or relationships ... you can teach a person to be an expert at analyzing music, to play an instrument with amazing skill, and even give them as many resources and lessons on composing as you wish, but while the knowledge helps tremendously, it certainly doesn't gaurantee that person will create good music. The same is true for art . And in relationships, heck, *I* have a lot of great information, but personal experience ? Nooooo . Thus, between learning new material and using it, there can sometimes be a gap where you understand it, but can't apply it.

Rueben and Patricia came by to pick me up at around 7-ish, whereupon the 2nd time in a long time, my mother decides to let me go out and have fun right there on the spot ... I think it was because Patricia was there ... if there wasn't a girl there, then my mother wouldn't have wanted to say hi, and wouldn't have wanted to make sure that all my business at home was taken care of X-D heheheh.
So we went out to pick up Ambre, Rueben's girlfriend, and then stopped at Mainstreet, where we played pool, ddr, (on a slightly foobarred pad -- must've been from all those other guys slamming their feet down on the poor machines, but hey, that was what they were designed for ! So we sorta stopped playing ddr after that.) Ms. Pacman, etc ... we met a friend of Patricia's, Stephanie ... a real interesting character there ... definitely competetive ... the first time I was able to recognize an "alpha" female, before ... it was rather interesting & slightly disheartening to see the dynamics ... but I'm not going to make a discussion of that here.
At about 10:00 we thought about where to go next, and first thought of Borders Bookstore, but then I thought about going to Golf 'n' Stuff to play Bumper Boats -- what the hell was I thinking ?! Why waste more money ?! And the other issue was that most games are inherently conflict-oriented because there's almost always someone who's winning or losing, and someone who's really skilled or really unlearned.
So we went to Golf 'n' Stuff, I bought 3 tickets for bumper boats, originally one for me & Patricia, one for Stephanie, and one for Rueben and Ambre, but since Rueben weighs too much for two, the guy allowed us each to get on our own boats -- even so, Patricia wouldn't get in a boat ... but that actually turned out to be the more well-thought out course of action, considering my pants were soaked by the end of the ride via Stephanie and Ambre, and Stephanie's purse got uber-wet via the revenge of Yours Truly :-D , but I felt really guilty about it the rest of the night ... It was awesome, too ... at the beginning I walked around to pick the boat with the fasted revving motor, got in, and for some reason, while I'm still formulating strategies for the best way to splash other people without getting myself wet, I've certainly mastered the art of navigation :-D. The boats and the course are both bigger and more enjoyable than at Funtasticks, which means that is the only ride which beats Funtasticks, hands down :-D. After that we didn't have time to go eat, (Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, this is why things need to be planned out) and we had to drop Patricia off, since she had a looong day yesterday, and worse yet, is beginning an even longer day, today ... as she's going to be spending 6 hours on the road . On the way to dropping Stephanie off, we talked about puppy love syndrome ... essentially when a guy has never been in a relationship before and suddenly there's a girl which really knocks him off his feet, or when a guy has had a lot of relationships and dates, but never anyone who really 'clicked' for him until he met *her*.
In either case, the result is the same ... one can essentially think of a person with puppy love as a G-rated stalker :-D . He can't control his feelings, gets too close, too fast, and she has to let him know that he crossed the line ... most guys who are newbies at relationships must go through this at some point ... I did last year ... which fortunately immunized me from further puppy love syndrome attacks.
At any rate, Stephanie related some details that she just recently broke off an engagement a month ago, and also was supposed to go on a date tonight but the guy just completely backed out on the same night ... which sounds awful, and certainly explained some of her actions that night -- but after she left, Ambre revealed that it's pretty easy for her to see when some people are fibbing (or maybe she was fibbing :-D ), due to the changes in voice tone, and thinks it's obvious -- and told us that she thinks Stephanie was stretching the truth a bit ... so that makes another mystery.
Time to get to work.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

The first traditional journal entry in a very long time ... Interesting day, today .
The Media Zone at the ILC opened today ... door prizes and all that ... good stuff ... a woman who calls herself "Psymbiote" who installed a whole bunch of bio-info monitoring equipment on her body gave a speech there regarding the role of technology in the continued "conscious" evolution of mankind. That was awesome and unexpected. A nice guy there won a prize, a book on Maya 5, and just promptly handed it over to me ... he said his reasoning was that he knew I wanted it badly ... wow . I reminded him that it was a $70 book, but he was intent, and who am I to turn down such a generous offer ? :-D
at any rate, I also had fun with the new computers there ... I think they're G5's!! -- currently the fastest machines on the planet ... they even have dvd-r drives ... PUBLIC UNIVERSITY COMPUTERS WITH DVD-RECORDABLE DRIVES ... AND THEY'RE FASTER THAN ANY OTHER FREAKIN' COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE ON THE PLANET !!! THE PLANET ! Although that'll probably change with the other major chip-makers' 64-bit machines.
Anyway, my first song has finally been approved by mp3.com and the other will follow, I'm sure ... Still waitin' on my Dimension-AS2 to get here, and tryin' to maintain a budget ... but damn ... kinda hard when you're working part-time ! :-D but I can't complain ! I just can't complain ! I'm typing this as I await my mother's return from her meeting, but since she's here now, it's time to pack up and go !

Monday, October 20, 2003

Warning: non-scientific, unresearched musing ahead. (continued from a previous ramble months ago.)

I will boldly split infinitives wherever and whenever I freakin' wish !

English infinitives are phrases, not words, and thus provide more flexibility.

It's only natural that we like to hug our descriptions as close as possible to the roots of messages we convey.

Case and point:
Let us look at one of Latin's hallmarks : the flexible way that an individual can easily and arbitrarily re-arrange words in a sentence - with the proper suffixes and modifiers, it is often possible to reverse the order of words, and not just in simple phrases. (At the moment, of course, I am forced to call this "common knowledge" since I do not speak Latin, nor can I (currently) immediately provide proof of this claim.)

Another relative of more closely associating the gist of a message with the corresponding description appears to be the method of building verb phrases ontop of each other with different verb forms: while a common feature in many languages, its functionality extends past the scope of this discussion, but will also suffice to show what we mean by "mixing verb forms" -- i.e. "It is necessary that you do this..." or "I'm thinking of doing this" or "I'm asking you to consider this..." and the popular "going to" modifier for present and near-future tenses, as in "I'm going to watch the movies." and "I'm going to jog today." Both are also shining examples of complexity that, while syntactically redundant, provide more description which is commonly consistent with the expected times of action, based on that person's notion of time. If you don't believe it, analyze it yourself -- think about what you're really trying to convey the next time you say, "I'm thinking about goin' to the ..." , "I'm gonna go to the ..." , and "I'm going to the ..." For many people, those three sentences may give the impression of completely different time ranges.

Back to the main idea, consider the more pertinent example below:

I will boldly split infinitives wherever and whenever I dare to do so !

While ugly in structure, the example shows that English has constructs akin to the splitting of infinitives,(although what I wanted to show was that many other languages have familiar constructs, but once again, I don't have supporting data, although we may certainly assume it to be true ... but we can assume any truths or falsehoods we wish.) and though most of these constructs do not provide duplicate functionality, they are similar enough to provide insight and provoke more questions.

Warning : the above is an opinionated and completely un-researched ordering of semi-coherent ramblings .
Why did I even bother typing it, then ? (and, more to the point: how is that different from any of my other entries? :-D ) Because it's a topic that interests me, to the point that I might pursue further, in the not-so-near future. In the meantime I'll save this lil' ramble as a nice starting point, from which I can look at once I come full circle to see how far my bookworm investigations have driven me.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Muy interesante. Time to make a quick trip to the music store ? Maybe.. But they sure as hell have a good website.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Stephen Hawking has been known to take his chair to the dance floor with the fly girls.

A friend's self-conscious musing on her brainpower led me down a road of rambling thoughts.

Barbara Streisand has never learned how to read music ... never, Einstein didn't speak till 9 years old and couldn't read/write till 14, Churchill had a learning disability, Robert Schumann had terminal depression and a brain that created too many pathways: he was institutionalized because he reached a point where every sequence of sounds became an unwritten melody that was lost forever. Some people have naturally high blood pressure, while others have blood that carries 1.5x's more oxygen, thus acting like a third lung. Some people can calculate numbers without calculators, and others have eidetic memories.
Rita Carter has an interesting read on super-specialized brilliance.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Usually don't post that often anymore ... but I thought I'd add a few C tricks.

#1 : Array Subscript notation in C is commutative ... that is, to access the second character in a string 's' ... you can just easily type in s[1] OR 1[s] !

#2 : ANSI C decided that in addition to the standard that using a function name in an R-value without the parameter subscripts automatically returns the address of that function (that is , say we just type in malloc, instead of malloc() in any assignment),
that any pointer to a function, when given parameter subscripts, should automatically call the function it points to ...

so say we have a function f() that simply returns a random integer,
and a pointer 'pf' to a function that returns an int,

/* then the following will always be syntactically correct: */
int i;
int (*pf)() ;

pf = f; /*assignment */
i = (*pf)(); /* execution */

/* But very soon, in ANSI-C compliant Compilers, THIS will also be syntactically correct ! */
int i;
int (*pf)();

pf = f; /*assignment */
i = pf(); /* execution */

/* and more importantly, THIS will be correct :-D */

struct p {int (*pf)(); int y;} ;
struct p sp;
int i;

sp.pf = f;
i = sp.pf();

And this could lead to even more interesting behavior when messing with function memory ...

#3 : For structs ANSI C defines the offsetof macro, in <stddef.h>
but if not defined it's usually something like this ... not garaunteed to always be portable ...

#define offsetof(type, mem) ((size_t) ((char *)&((type *) 0)->mem - (char *)((type *) 0)))

And this allows us to do neat tricks, like accessing struct members by name at run-time,
with something like

*(int *)((char *)structp + offsetof(struct p, some_field) = value;

Obviously, one would want to use a bit of #define magic to make such code look prettier ... of course, the better alternative is that gcc has a few flags that allow a much more wysiwyg approach to buffers and offsets, which, in combination with unions and structs, will allow you to get away with darn near anything short of blind polymorphism in structs ...

I'm working on that right now ... I know there MUST be a way to do it --
The problem is that in THIS sense, and in this sense alone, C is VERY strongly typed -- all pointers are simply large integers, and if you want, you can even cast an integer to a pointer, but the key is that you MUST cast to SOMETHING, otherwise it won't work.
C Prime will attempt to make a generic pointer type (any error-checking on that should be up to the programmer), so a person could make a struct of doubles and a struct of integers, and will discern the type when using a generic pointer to one of those types ... (the idea is that the type would be discerned at compile-time and some macros would add the proper cast to each such expression) but you'll still have to use unions if you want to make a container that holds both types.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

MIT OpenCourseWare Free classes. Online. Everything but the degree.

Dig it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

I won the rap contest. :-D

I think this is what I won.

A really, really big-ass window-sticker. :-p

It was fun, tho ;-)

Oh, and I had to add this, xSHOTxCALLERx's forum signature ... it's f***ing awesome -- worthy of being a life lesson as just about any life lesson ... but in rap-style :D (unedited)

"lifes not a biitch, lifes a beautiful woman. you only call her a biitch cause she wont let you get that pussy;
maybe she felt yall didnt share any similar interests, or maybe your just an asshole who couldnt sweet talk the princess"...

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I enterened into a rap attack contest in order to win a small bit of Frontal Streetboarding merchandise ... I'll have to add that to my list of links :-). The forum there is awesome.

Rhyme #1 : Poetry in Motion

Rhyme #2 : Rap Attack

Well, I guess I do have some rhyme in me after all :-D

Also, look at the Rhymes of Meijin and xSHOTxCALLERx ... they're cool, too. erm, xSHOTxCALLERx's cool one is the one below mine (although he disses himself in it waaay too much.),
and Meijin's is the one that's all in cyan-colored text (somewhere above mine)

Thursday, September 11, 2003


Notice the words "under god" are not there. My notion of 'god' is that God chooses who is under God.
I am NOT Christian (although I find the bible fascinating ... it's a sacrificial religion), nor Islamist (any god that has even the notion of martyrdom is NOT MY GOD ... and the same goes for Christianity), nor Jewish (Any God that places one set of people above the rest is not my god ), nor Atheist (although I find their stance refreshing), nor Agnostic (take a step further guys. define your own beliefs), nor Buddhist (although I respect and observe a few of their practices), nor Wiccan (If you're a witch, then show me some practical magic ! ), nor Ba'hai (although I find the virtues fascinating), and not Satanist (although it's true that the defined Satanism has nothing to do with Satan, but I just don't give a shit ) ...

My own, separate religious philosophy is that I never ever kill any of God's creatures.
(mosquitos and flies excluded)

No matter what mistakes our leaders make, no matter how much we may hate them and/or their staff members ... remember, every few years is another chance to change.

But we still have our patriotism: our faith, at least in ourselves. But what does that mean, exactly ? It's one thing to say, "Go team!" and another to continuously engage in a representative government. Like ALL community-shared things, everyone must respect it, or else we'll all lose it . Not because of 'evil', which as always, is a relative term, but because people are stupid, and disrespectful of any property shared on a large scale : "It's not up to me, so why bother ?" "WTF, do you think my throwing a soda can out the window is going to affect pollution ?" "Sheeyit, I mean to vote ... but I never do..." "Why bother with the government when you can't change a damn thing about it, anyway?"
I hate those kinds of people. Am I a hypocrite? Maybe. But I'm sayin' somethin'.

"Why do these evil terrorists kill themselves in order to hurt people ?"
Vengeance. Bloody, bloody vengeance.

If I had little left to live for, I'd probably want to go over to the middle east and exact my own vengeance upon Bin Laden for what he did ... (now just for a second, let's switch over to the Middleast ... we have young people ANGRY over the deaths upon deaths and destruction of the land ... you can try to tell them it's for the good of their country, but all they know is that their family members and/or friends are killed, and/or their accumulated wealth/work is gone. What to do now except exact vengeance ?)

To Bush: Educating citizens and people all around wouldn't have costed $82 billion. And I hate to say it, but Black Ops seem (at least to me) to be more appealing than ever. But why don't they happen ?!
WHY NOT SPEND $82 BILLION on Computer Vision ?! LADAR and LIDAR technology is advanced enough that, using approximate locations and recognition software, we could get readouts of possible Bin Ladens and Husseins running around: even though it would take several powerful computer clusters to brute force through all the data, once the setup (computers, ground, air ) was complete, they'd have the most sophisticated "Big Brother" system ever conceived -- Come ON, people ... $82 BILLION DOLLARS ! Did at the height of his stock's worth, did Bill Gates ever even have $82 Billion ?!

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Time for a re-evaluation of this site's purpose:
In the menus above, there are places for things like items to view/download, Foobar Apparel, and Life Lessons ... Those are what really matter ... and the quick links to my friends' sites ... Everything else is just filler. :-p

Monday, September 01, 2003

Everything is happening at once, as it usually prefers to do.

No deep thoughts for now.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Friday, August 29, 2003

It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine ! (the Dimension AS1 ... when the new model comes out, it will be MINE !

I need to allocate more time to posting these days. I thought I'd have enough time but I don't. I'm finishing up an Incomplete from Spring Semester which is only days away from the time I said I'd have it completed ... ugh ... and I've got two trivial (but long) math and programming assignments due next week and some research work to finish !

Monday, August 25, 2003

Oh, and I'll update my favorite posts and such, too... and I'll add the credit listing to the compilation of 'Rockin' movies (see below) because Netshade most definitely had a hand in helping to create it :-)

An update is forth-coming. But I won't update until the next time I'm at school ... tomorrow most likely :-p.

Well, with that out of the way, I'd like y'all to keep on lookin' at this page, cuz I'm going to be moving it soon

Check out the weird, but cool dueling pianos song ... I've been wanting to get feedback from that weird old-school lil' thing for awhile now :-) instrument-file credits and information about the song can be found below (or in the archives).

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Hmm ... I've just found out that fruity.mp3 is crashing non-WinXP compies ... Hard to believe, but it has been tested and verified, oddly enough ... so I re-encoded it and added a safe version, fruity_safe.mp3 . Heheheh ... I never thought I'd have to have OS versioning for mp3s ... I'm betting that the other encoding software must've had some WinXP-specific watermarking that mussed it up for Win2k and earlier OS's.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I suppose I can load up a very, very, old song (did I mention extremely old ? Well, okay, it's not that old since I finished it in 2001, but I started it in '97 ! I was still a Junior in High School !) that I made when first learning to use the various freeware sound trackers out there ... In fact, I will ! This one was made with Fast Tracker 2, but I think I'll just post the mp3 for copyright's sake ... I'm the only one that has the perfect line-for-line xm module of the song, complete with full instrument files, and after all, most of the instrument files I used were taken from other people. But that means I'll also have to post up the comments from the xm file to the mp3 file. Well, I'll have it up shortly for your enjoyment (and/or laughter).

Before I give the link, you must remember that I started the song in '97 and then left it untouched until I finished in 2001 ! Remember !
Um ... after further thought, I've got the mp3 version here now. Dueling Pianos: a 50-cent samba and it's a really stark contrast to my other song, This IS Fruit Loops since one is jazz and the other is industrial ... but the problem is that Dueling Pianos is unequalized and the panning is absolutely horrible ... (aka: the overall sound doesn't mesh well, and the "dueling pianos" aren't separated out, so it sounds like 2 people on one piano. But worry not ! I'll change it later ... one day when homework is due, and I'm completely freaked out and losing sanity ... in other words, two weeks, latest. :-D )
Heh, this song's got a lot of history, a lot of would-be additions and extra parts that never made it into the final cut ... but I left one part in there, just for the heck of it: a rogue spasmatic trumpet solo right in the middle of the song ... and it appears no where else in the whole song ! :-) Totally out of place, but it made such a great segue that it had to stay ... I might change it to piano later on, but it's funny enough to leave in for now :-)
School is approaching fast. Soon the days of endless work, fear, life lessons, and overblogging/commenting shall come again. :-D
A certain friend of mine has finally made a blog, and out of all my close friends, this is the one I've been waiting for the longest. Without further ado, here is his introduction !

Also, I'd like to point out his currently most recent post which is by far, one of the most interesting posts I've read in awhile, and not just because I make an appearance in it :-D.

In other news:
Okay, I said I'd have the details soon, but whups. How about this ... I'm really planning out two songs ... which might actually become one song ... the first is a mechwarrior2-style : a hard, kickass drumbeat with some light industrial sounds + classical music instruments and beatnick instruments. The second is a "Rage-against-the-machine" style which is titled, "Teddy Bear". I'm thinking about combining the two and making the overall result 'jammable' ... or basically playable with a band, in simple variants for an extended length of time, just for the sake of playing good music together.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

It's about time I posted up a new song.

Details in a few.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

The News !

You're not only what you eat, but also what your momma ate when you were her womb-mate !

The Ozone layer is supposedly showing signs of recovery ! This is wonderful news, considering if the sun ever sends a large enough wave of radiation during one of its 11-year peaks, it could easily wipe out our protection if the layer is weak enough ... which means after one night of spectacular northern lights visible from every part of the planet that the sun doesn't reach, we all burn up and die at first sunlight, like vampires, looking like roasted chicken.

This is NOT unbiased news. It's reporting of several different bits and pieces to present an overall point. I agree with the overall point, but as far as the reporter's view of everything else, I'm disgusted. The people he wrote about ... they were making prejudiced judgements about individuals based on their heritage (parents were complaining of a white teacher teaching a class on black history, when in actuality, the black teacher who normally teaches the class simply had a schedule conflict, and wth kind of a title for a class is BLACK HISTORY ?! That's like giving a class on Asian History ... there's just TOO MUCH ! That is the vaguest title I've heard ! Do they mean Black History in America?), well after that, the reporter decided to make his own comment, but in doing so, he made the same damn dumb mistake, grouping up individuals with their heritage, in a horrible attempt at refuting something that one of the protesting parents complained about.

He also added information on Mike Long's really stupid arguments against a public school for gay, transgender, bisexuals, etc ...
As far as that's concerned, the better argument is the fact that the school would be far too much of a target for hate crimes; come on, the school is in NEW YORK! It's really too bad that the conservative fool never even realized what the point of the school was for : so that people with alternate lifestyles could learn to accept who they are, and learn more about themselves, and learn that they're not alone. It's still dangerous : they'd need a lot of security. Interestingly enough, Mark Steyn, (the reporter) makes a good point about this:it is a high school ... will the main focus still be on college/work preparation, or self-esteem ?
Still, I doubt it would be self-esteem ... I suppose they'll just have extra classes on mental health -- the segregated school in itself might be enough, as long as it has adequate funding : I highly doubt that the graduates of that school will be blowing their brains out any time soon (as opposed to living with a "don't ask, don't tell, and we won't beat the shit out of you" policy), and what's more, they might just come out with better education than other public schools.

Near the end, he finally makes his startlingly clear point, which I agree with : No one is focusing on the most important issues of school reform.
Why worry about it, anyway? School only acts as a catalyst of growth and development in giving people a better understanding of how they perceive the world in which they live. only.
The rate things are going, why even bother with high school at all ?

Thursday, July 31, 2003

This is subject to changes ... lots of changes.
PLEASE add your suggestions to the comments box below !
First Draft :

The Best all-time "rock-on!" movies :

1 Aliens
2 Matrix
3 Serial Experiments Lain (thirteen 15-20 minute episodes = 195-260 minutes = 3h15m-4h20m )
4 Ninja Scroll
5 Ghost in the Shell
6 The Princess Bride
7 Willow
8 Labrynth
9 Terminator 2
10 X-men 1 & 2
11 Spiderman
12 The Lady Eve
13 Cowboy Bebop, the Movie
14 Spirited Away
15 Castle of Cagliostro
16 The Usual Suspects
17 Fists of Legend
18 Legend of the Drunken Master
19 Mortal Kombat
20 Super Mario Brothers
21 Blade Runner
22 Big Trouble in Little China
23 Army of Darkness
24 Jurassic Park 3
25 Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail
26 Fight Club
27 Enter the Dragon ... don't watch for the acting, or the story.
28 Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
29 Hudson Hawk
30 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
31 Indiana Jones (All)
32 StickDeath (http://xiaoxiaomovie.com/)
33 Never-ending Story
34 Back to the Future (All)
35 The Goonies
36 Spaceballs
37 Flight of the Navigator
38 Tomb Raider
39 Masters of the Universe
40 The Sinbad movies ...
41 Any other Bond flics ?
42 Lilo & Stitch
43 Evolution
44 Minority Report
45 Nausicaa of the Valley of Winds
46 Lord of the Rings Movies
47 Akira
49 Pirates of the Carribean
50 Oceans 11 (the remake)
51 The Bourne Identity
52 The In-Laws
53 Last of the Mohicans
54 Ninjai (http://www.ninjai.com)
55 South Park: the Movie
56 Galaxy Quest

Stuff to be decided upon:

48 RE-WATCH BEFORE DECIDING ::XXX:: replayability factor: 88%

The following is another list of movies that are just damn good, but usually have absolutely no replayability. It will likely grow larger as well.
Name replay value
Auntie Mame70%
Soul Food76%
Love & Basketball?
The Color Purple 33%
Jin Roh03%
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon76%

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Before you read this, I must tell you that I don't really wear glasses.

[07/29/2003::23:17:00] mghall2: did I ever show u Man Faye
[07/29/2003::23:17:05] mghall2: http://www.cosplayuniverse.com/cosplay/manfaye/gallery/1/page1.html
[07/29/2003::23:17:35] mghall2: warning may cause a bunning sensation in the eyes
[07/29/2003::23:17:41] Jtoxification: heheheh
[07/29/2003::23:18:22] Jtoxification: I saw man -faye ... IT'S WHY I NOW WEAR GLASSES LIKE YOU, YOU BASTARD !
[07/29/2003::23:18:25] Jtoxification: :-)
[07/29/2003::23:18:46] mghall2: heres ruebens respons
[07/29/2003::23:19:03] mghall2: RjgSqll: OH GAWD
RjgSqll: MY EYES
RjgSqll: MY EYES
mghall2: he was worse iN RL
RjgSqll: AHHHH
RjgSqll: THE ASS|
RjgSqll: THE ASS
[07/29/2003::23:19:17] Jtoxification: LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[07/29/2003::23:19:41] mghall2: I got to link that on my blog
[07/29/2003::23:19:46] Jtoxification: hehehehe
[07/29/2003::23:23:03] Jtoxification: already done :-D
[07/29/2003::23:23:54] mghall2: yep
[07/29/2003::23:24:39] mghall2: lol http://www.cosplayuniverse.com/cosplay/manfaye/fayeandbush.jpg

Monday, July 21, 2003

Life is often akin to ocean waves over a beach ; it can hit you in waves and waves, pull at you with the undertow, while other times, it can be calm and will flow smoothly over the sand -- but no matter how heavy the waves are, an untainted beach and ocean is always among the greatest sights to behold.

Let's take it even further:

For a surfer, there can be no greater beach than the one with constant 10-20-foot waves coming every minute, and no greater let-down than a cool, calm tide.

It's all relative. :-)

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Stop running.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Happy Birthday, HaloScan!
Congrats to Jeevan, Simon, and their awesome free web service !

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Random collection of thoughts for the day:

High sodium diet didn't work ... yet. :-p Who knew it'd be so hard for one to raise his blood pressure in America ? My blood pressure didn't raise at all. The doctor says I should try lowering my medicine dosage slightly and see if that helps.

On a bumper sticker, I recently read this:
"The problems we face today will not be solved by the minds that created them."

Too true.

Often you'll find among the best poets and writers, an ability to convey the complex simply and concisely.

One day I will find myself among them, along with that ability.

Life catches up with you: even if you think you're far behind, it might still lap you if you're not careful.

It's not about a race, or a competition. It's about "you". Always has been. So what are "you" going to do ?

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Whoo ! Starry-eyed suprise ! Sunrise ! Yesterday was the first day of Monsoon season ! WHOOP ! And it was awesome ! Today is the 4th day of the high-sodium regimen! While I'm slightly dubious of the sodium's benefits, I saw first-hand yesterday that higher blood pressure is indeed what I need ;-) ... when I get angry or worried, I'm betting that my blood pressure starts to rise, and I suddenly become more awake and alert ... in fact, that's probably why I'm usually so alert to begin with when I go out with my friends, and then mellow out ... my blood presssure raises to an acceptable level for a short period of time.
At home, we switched out wall-sconces, moved furniture around, had a guy come by to deep-clean and smooth the carpets connecting to the tile, and I went over to the UA via M2, who really saved my ass yesterday, and we solved my current paycheck issue ... the fact that I'm not getting one for ANOTHER two weeks ! (heh, simply more $ for me next time around.)
My gov't insurance decided to drop me on the grounds that I'm making too much money... I need to let those idiots know that this is most likely a temporary summer job, and even if it IS continual, (which would just rock so much) it's gonna get cut down to 15 hours when school starts !
Today is also story day ! I get to write another chapter !

Warning! Before you read below this line, realize that underneath the previously introduced line are the ramblings of a young man who has just finished 8 straight hours of coding while he should've been sleeping. While I'm sure this will not amaze you, (well, if you're a CS-major/alumni, it sure as hell won't) you should remember exactly what happens to those who offer stories during moments of incoherency ... more incoherency !
Got done coding for work a few minutes ago, and I'm not even sure if all the shit I went through was even worth the effort. I mean, half of the work was simply tuning the source file to various coding conventions ... and very little of it was actual optimization work ... and what's more, even some of my best optimizations turned out to have messed with the damn automatic conversions done with integers and floats in division and multiplication operations. I'm not a happy camper. But at least I'm done.
I still haven't gotten a reply from my boss yet about the forking/pthreading.

Dammit, I was also supposed to talk to Agent Smith yesterday about digitizing B&W VHS footage that my boss has for a Computer Vision project, since Smith is a techie lord especially in the arena of video capture -- everything was supposed to go smoothly last night ... M2, KJ, and I would go over to Agent Smith's Friday Lan Party, I could talk with Agent Smith about VidCap, then KJ and I could talk about C-Prime, then I could finish my work IN PEACE, away from the parents ! But nay, nay I say NAY ! I WENT NOWHERE LAST NIGHT ! I stayed home.
But at least I got that much ... I was finally able to convince the parents that it was in my best interest tonight to stay up and finish my work ...
Now, before you say, "Hey, momma's boy!" which, I actually am quite proud of, beotch,
I must explain to you that they charge me $$ for staying up late , and primarily because I am an incredibly noisy person ;-)

I had planned on going to see the helicopter launch today with the computer vision code and all that ... but I drained my batteries last night ... the little LED display on my forehead is showing Zero of Three bars ... I need to recharge badly. G'morning, all ! I hope you have fun watching the sunrise ! I know I am !

Friday, July 11, 2003

Third day of the high-sodium intake ... I feel like a hefty bag of lead pipes in the middle of ripping ... I guess I'll start recording the food I eat for the week here, too.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Man, yesterday was awesome ! It was also the first day of my new doctor-recommended "high-sodium" diet :-D.
Rueben came over at 11 am, and helped us clean up the front room area -- the last major part of the house affected by the painting and tiling. After we finished, Rueben and I made like screeching tires ... and got the hell outta the house. We stopped by some apartments, and went out to Golf 'n' Stuff, where I got my DDR fix on. After I had sufficiently made a fool of myself (Actually my opinion has always been that there is a fine line between dancing and playing a video game ... unfortunately, most DDR players cross that line :-) , and end up looking like boobs ... I try not to let that happen and stay loose ... my friends keep on insisting that I look cool, but you never can tell unless you've got a video camera :-) , After that we decided to hit the batting cages for awhile, whereupon Rueben got hit in the arm with a rogue 80 mph softball, and I was successfully able to bat away a 60 mph softball aimed for my package ! At that point, we high-tailed it over to Funtastiks Fun Park ... where we decided to play some laser tag ! :-D heheheh. Erm, I can't remember, but according to Rueb, it was 3 teenage girls on Blue, 4 late teen, early 20's buff guys + a mother and child on red, and Rueben and I in yellow ... and the two of us kicked ASS ! we didn't get first place, but considering the fact that we were hopelessly outnumbered and the fact that we got such a high score just makes everyone else look that much worse :-D Damn, that was awesome !

After Lasertag, Funtastiks was pretty much closing down, so we decided to haul ass back to Golf 'n' Stuff, where we coincidentally met up with Alex and Eddie, who were there with their friends, Doug and Kylee .... it was awesome ... first, Alex and I had to complete our ritual table hockey game. Then we played miniature golf ... which actually allowed Rueb and I to stay out a bit later than planned, since I called home and, as Alex and Eddie put it, "I played the God Card," and told the parents we were playing miniature golf with Eddie, who happens to be a Youth Pastor for his church :-p heheheheh. Funny thing is that Neither Rueb nor I are particularly church-oriented ... I had to warn Rueb not to make any references to the band, Tool :-D especially not in Eddie's presence, who happened to be wearing a "Got Jesus?" t-shirt at the time :-p . And while we certainly had fun playing mini-golf... it just slowed everything down so much. In the end, I think we all got our miniature golf quota in for the current century! Anyway, I'm done.

Today, I code. And code, and code, and code ! :-) ttyl !

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Today (Tuesday, Not really Wednesday -- NO, NOT YET !)
I've been ordered by my PCP to increase my sodium intake ... to increase my blood pressure.
My mother and I went to my doctors, today. And we finally got answers to some questions we've been wondering about for years, but since I was never able to fully express the problem before, I was never able to get to the answers.

This time, we were prepared. This time, we got answers.
For the next week, I'll be eating salty foods like there's no tomorrow.
(It's either that or take medicine that'll increase my blood pressure for me ... and where's the fun in that? )

After the week is a follow-up with the doctor to see the results, which is also the day before my father gets his kidney removed, which is also the day before code is due at work, which is also the day before HaloScan Free Commenting Service's First Birthday. Got the fingers crossed.

Monday, July 07, 2003

Writing in present tense is just so much easier, more natural than in past tense ...

I promised myself I'd post less entries about nothing, and more entries about opinionated nothings, but every once in awhile, I'll backtrack. below is a slight backtrack.

I finally ordered some of my foobar apparel a few days ago ... it'll be in the mail shortly.
I guess the next thing will be some Blogger apparel. I have this kickass jacket with a huge, orange, styled "B" on the back that reminds me of the blogger logo ... the jacket is awesome, just the usual long sleeve, navy blue, with a collared neck... it's the simplicity that makes it cool, I suppose. Google should make a jacket like that ! I'd sport it !

Saturday, July 05, 2003

We of the English language can split infinitives because they're phrases, not words. English ain't Latin. Get over it :-).
Wow. Summer is official. My posts have dwindled down to nil, Netshade's Brainrazor site is down, Katie is awhol, Cyn is on the road, and everyone else ... ? Well, hellz ... we're ... engaging ... in ... real ... life !
At some point you've just gotta stop and walk away for awhile -- Keep it from becoming an obsession: no one is forcing you to blog or visit other people's blogs ... although there is definitely something to be gained from doing so. I once stated that we're creating custom-stained windows for others to view our lives from ... we get to choose what they see, and in what colors they see it. It becomes a dual-addiction : instant conversation about a topic of your choice ... and an instant look into the minds, eyes, and ears of thousands of other people, at any time, anywhere there's an internet connection. We've had blog-like sites before blogs came out, but now that there's a format, the genre is exponentially more accessible.
Your car has less horsepower than you think. From Rueben.

Friday, July 04, 2003

Life Lesson #24: If you truly do not like being agitated, then you will not greet problems with agitation.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

The entry below is just a rant towards certain political leaders ... least of which are the bad guys. It is not meant to be elitist in any shape or form or used as an analogy towards tech support whatsoever... I will admit that it is a tech support analogy, but it's meant to be one-way.

This is just a clarification.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Life Lesson #25: If you scrub too hard, you might dull the finish.

There are those who run the world

... idiots, assholes, puppets, etc ...

and those who program it.

p]-[ \_/ |<   +]-[3   \_/ 5 3 R 5,  d00d.    p]-[ \_/ |<   3/\/\    4 |_ |_ .

The two are easily differentiated ... which is unfortunate, since it is often the case that when the programmers are in too large of a public eye, their survival rates tend to decrease.

In a nutshell, the users seek to profit from the world, whereas the programmers seek to change it.

I have no grudges against people who want to profit, thrive, live well -- only against those who would do so, primarily off of another's back via fraud, opression, repression, embezzlement, fucked-up budget priorities, and, my personal unfavorite, corporate-sponsored athletes of the legislative, judicial, and executive varieties.

p]-[ \_/ |<   +]-[3   \_/ 5 3 R 5,  d00d.    p]-[ \_/ |<   3/\/\    4 |_ |_ .

Monday, June 30, 2003

The unwritten saga continues.

Life Lesson #26: The next time you think about saying, "Things could be worse,"

first think about whether it's within your power to make them better.

I'm not going to attempt to explain the shit that went down these past few weeks. Many bad things happened to many good people.

Just live and try not to fall into the cracks.

Read the book "Snow Crash," By Neal Stephenson. It may just change the way you look at the world, and you'll never listen to music the same way again.

I certainly can't look at my life lessons the same way anymore

Life does not always pause for us to describe it in wonderous detail ... unless you steal time away from other things... such is the case for many things ... such as reading books at 4:30 am ... or blogging at 2:45 am ... or cleaning the f***ing paint off of a paintbrush.

Monday, June 23, 2003

I'm back.

And I may just have a few pictures for y'all soon of the new house look, compared to the old :-D

Anyway, I've stayed up working . I'm damn near done with project #1 at work. Tonight I suddenly went overboard on that ... god, I think I'm now addicted to short-circuiting code ... which is really a very bad thing, considering it makes for really f***ing hard reading material upon a first glance ... which defeats the purpose ... BUT IT'S SO DAMN COOL !

So I'm done ... errr ... I have to test the code, and show that it actually runs of course ... and also that it runs at least marginally faster than the original.



I'll visit y'all later ! I promise ! And I have more good coding practices ... and maybe tomorrow I'll actually finish that dang #macro statement construct !

Thursday, June 12, 2003

If it seems like I haven't been visiting lately, well, I haven't.

I'm busy.

Very busy.

Painting this week.

Tiling next week, and work.

ttyl !

Monday, June 09, 2003

Check out this theory of SARS' origin
At first I was like, "wtf? This is BS!"
But after reading it all the way through ...
and after weighing the reliability of the source ....
I have to say that it is an interesting possibility.

Saturday, June 07, 2003

I just hit upon the jackpot of things to optimize in the current code at work ! I can't believe that finding something to optimize has made me so damn excited :-D

In other news, after rereading the specifications for the code I'm supposed to be optimizing, I just learned that the first program was used as a stepping stone only!
So I didn't/don't even need to worry about that program at all ! ! ! Talk about fubar!

I've updated CPrime at last.
(heheh. check out the <meta> information at the top of the source :-D )
I've already got a good start on the #macro preprocessor statement.
In fact, as soon as I'm done with it, I'll make it available for download as a standalone, too ! :-D

The other project is coming along slowly, but surely, as well, although it's still way too early to judge.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Take imho the best free online IQ Test there is.

A penny saved. Laugh your ass off.
I'm just about done ... there's not much I can do to speed up the first program, but apparently one of the coders mentioned that there's a lot to be done in speeding up the second program ... yay. That's where the math comes in :-p.
In the meantime, I've been formatting the source code into the format specified by Kobus' documents.
helper program #1 : A rather simple beast of the Regular Expression variety written in C++. I used this guy to convert all keywords of the form keyWord to the form key_word. A good exercise all around. Damn I'm bored. It's almost 1:00 am, and I've had the worst kind of insomnia for the past few days ... No way I'm going to lay in that bed for hours at a time for another damn night. So I decided to do some more work.

Speaking of which ...

I talked to the people in the know about when my paycheck was comin in, and when I need to turn in my time-sheet, and suprise suprise , my first week I was supposed to turn in a timesheet. The next one is due this Thursday, which means I get my first paycheck next Friday ... Friday, the 13th of June ! ROCK ON ! Muwah ha ha ha !

In the meantime I'll have to talk to those people about gettin' my first week's pay.

In other news I have hit upon my first major idea in quite some time... this time, I WILL COMPLETE IT ! AND IT (at least, the alpha version) WILL BE COMPLETED WITHIN THE MONTH. AND IT SHALL BE GLORIOUS ! And NO ! I'm NOT telling y'all what it is ... UNTIL I'm DONE ! Muwah ha ha !

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Check out this slashdot article.



I've been trying to find information on this advanced doppler radar technology stuff, since it's supposed to be the 3D equivalent of a digital camera, which maps out everything into 3D points, but haven't found anything on it yet. I'm sure Kobus knows about it, but once again, it's still better to check than to assume.

It's all about nmap, baby.
Warning! : Disregard of caution during use of this tool can lead to serious consequences, many of which are of legal status in body and in origin.

Tomorrow, I get back to school, and complete phase #1 in my research job: getting familiar with the function library and adding two programs to it. It'll be awesome since I'll finally have something to show for myself, considering Kobus (Professor Barnard) is dropping by Tucson to help out for a few days next week. I figure that gives me enough time to get started with Prasad on the ncuts picture segmentation code. Technically, I thought it should simply be click click click, done ... but my confidence has suddenly run dry. We'll see.

Today is the first day of June, my dear Aunt June's birthday
:-( Happy Birthday, Aunt June

... and the first day of Haloscan's re-opening to signups...

The first of the month ... Which also means that my print quota at the U is 400 pages ! Time to print out a shitload o code !

Friday, May 30, 2003

Shite ! My Foobar Teddy Bear is going on clearance ! I must grab him before it's too late !

Btw, if I didn't mention it before, I will now: I hate Java. Coffee is good. Java bad.
Check the great language shootouts that are linked through this web page.

Far too much memory usage.

Far too slow, compared to normal languages, (as all bytecode is ... except for OCaml bytecode)

They've had to add boxing/unboxing in order to get around all the damn Object casting from Containers ... which is still pending I think ...

And one of their co-creators has finally admitted that Java really needs a good set of overloadable operators !

Thursday, May 29, 2003

At the research job, I'm finally getting the hang of things! insomuch as that's possible :-D
But at HaloScan, I seem to have made 3 mistakes in ONE week ! Bleah ! That may sound silly to you, but think about it like this: you're doing your own thing, making your own web page, and decide to use HaloScan for your commenting system ... something happens and your comments don't work ! You go to the forums and ask for help ... you get some moderator who's very nice, but gives you some scary-looking code to fit into your website, and you have to trust him and pray that it works ... well, what if it doesn't ? Then maybe it's your fault cuz you may not have followed his directions ... maybe it's his fault for having bad code ... either way it makes A BIG HEADACHE !
I HATE MAKING MISTAKES ! Well ... Who doesn't ...
But it's when I make mistakes wihle representing a group or identity, ggrrrrr that's when it pisses me off !

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Current Music : Speed Junkie and Rocktronica by Sonic Mayhem.
These guys made the music for a ton of games, Q2 and Quake 3 Arena being the first two that come to my mind...

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Okay ... today was a fight for time ... this whole day I knew I wasn't going to have enough time to do everything I wanted to accomplish, and in someways that helped my mind ... as I'm forcing myself to take in more and more data at one time ... and hopefully increasing my typing speed in the process. Anyway, I only have 8 minutes to type this all in ....
um ... I screwed up on the athlon tests ... I will print the actual results tomorrow ... they are in fact exactly what I thought they should be and have a significant increase in speed ... I will also include the difference in speeds ... and I will also print out the average of cpu clock tics, as recommended. I've been attempting to run this iarc code I've been given, but I can't even build the damn thing and it's makefiles are wrapped TWICE ! there's one makefile that SIMPLY includes another makefile, which adds all of ONE set of flags for compiling, whereupon it finally includes the first makefile of substance, which adds a whole shitload of flags, and (finally) some make options, but then ... *insert long blood-curdling scream in the distance* ... I found some information from Kobus' (Professor Barnard's) Computer Vision library, but until I look into the templates and Kobus' scripts, I'll have problems... I'm going to need to talk to the programmers who made it ... of course, I should've done that already . This was supposed to be a warmup exercise !
Also learning a lot about computer and network security ... stuff I've been wanting to know, just so that I'm never caught unaware or off-guard again :-p
I also got a nice solution from John Cropper of the CS labstaff about the dang idling and exit problem with sshing from off-campus, and (to some degree) the lag time, too. I've more to say, but I think I've bored enough people for one day, and without enough time to add the stories or updates, it's kinda pointless... (it's always about time, isn't it ? Never enough...) Anyway I'l talk to y'all l8r !

Monday, May 26, 2003

we reflect upon those individuals who fought and died for this country, those individuals who ARE fighting and dying for this country, and those individuals who fought for this country and survived ... those individuals who've witnessed countless horrors, undergone painfully unthinkable dilemmas, and split-decisions that have cost/saved lives.

This day, we reflect upon our freedom, and our ability to say that we are free.
This day, we reflect upon Lincoln's reflection oh so many years ago that he may be the last president ...
This day, we reflect upon the Gettysburg Address.
This day, we reflect upon the celebration that black people who are legal members of the United States are also full citizens as well.

I celebrate the fact that I am alive and well, programming in a vastly unexplored field, and getting the opportunity to learn mathematics that they didn't exactly teach in linear algebra class. ;-) I am here because many others fought and/or died* so that I could be here.

we celebrate ...

But we also reflect upon Memorial Day's purpose:

A reflection.

Sorry... this last part below was just waiting to come out for quite some time. Just a rant:
*(And they did NOT give up their lives easily, nor willingly ... they not only fought for their country, but for themselves as well, with an understanding of what the preciousness of life is about, with an understanding, which is far more admirable than blowing your damn self up and attacking people within the confines of everyday life, somehow thinking that you've made some difference, or that some god actually thinks you're a hero for selfishly attempting to open Heaven's Door and become a CHEAP and most self-degrading martyr by attempting to take away any chance at life that others have. If any god were to celebrate that, then I pity the fate of humanity. Regardless of your reasoning, because the above certainly can't fit every case, there is no rational reasoning to giving one's life up in such a way: it doesn't help a damn thing ... it certainly doesn't help your cause, as you'd need more individuals, and are always decreasing the size of your supporters, and it will never do enough damage to ward off other forces, nor frighten them ... all it does is destroy that which you are attempting to save. Thus, I am forced to assume that your true goal is not for your religion, but for yourself. What does a terrorist have to celebrate aside from his/her false pride ? A good question. Aside from benefits/freedom to family members/friends, I cannot think of much else, as it usually falls under power/money/drugs )
*Whew* ... only 12:30 pm and my first "real" day on the job has been a bit rough !

In addition to the further optimization plans, I've been advised to test the actual cpu clock time , even though clock speeds can be directly tinkered with, in Linux, and even at the hardware level. Well it aught to be interesting nonetheless. I'm still not understanding how I can add this ugly mess to the KJB library, because of all the damn dependencies in the makefiles ... yes, I said "makefileS" ... and there are double wrappers for some of them, too. 'Nuff said.
Current Music: Xenon by Mr. T, DDR Extreme Mix Version. You just know I'm going to post a list of my favorites soon ... it's inevitable :-D !

Only 30 hours of work in. I want 40.
Well, it's my first week, so I shouldn't be that angry... after all, I make my own time schedule, so I'm the only one to blame.
I've been getting information about video capture cards ...
Also been talking with my Rocket Scientist/Engineer neighbor about a vast number of resources on Computer Vision, the most exciting of which seems to be some new sort of doppler radar technology that maps out space in three dimensions, thus simplifying the task to a HUGE extent. I figure it's of enough importance to tell Kobus (Professor Barnard) although I'm sure he already knows of it.
Also, I'm testing some old optimization tricks (as you all can easily see).
Optimization Results Round #1 ! (I should warn you that while these showed loop inversion to be slow on the Athlon machines, I attempted a second test on only loop inversion within a single for loop and found that when testing index != 0 that the results usually returned in a sixth of the time !)
OMG. You have no idea how fucking hard it was to find good and accurate Linux timers. I didn't want to use gprof simply because it created too big a profile for my task, and because I had incorrectly assumed that there were standard linux timers that were more accurate than a microsecond. I was wrong. :-) The Computer Science Department's Lectura Server does have a high-resolution timing function: gethrtime, which is accurate to the nanosecond. Unfortunately, the Pentium III Debian Machines and Athlon RedHat Machines didn't know wtf gethrtime was. So after an unsuccessful search for a nanosecond-accurate timer, I was forced to go with Linux's standard function, gettimeofday, which is accurate to the microsecond. Fortunately, its overhead is only one microsecond, and I can average out the time over multiple calls, and get a good idea of the run-time. (And that's exactly what I did, too).
Rouond Two will involve the rest of the nice (and significant) optimizations that we know and love, such as strength reduction (I'm only worried about that within loops), comparing parameterization of variables vs pointers vs addresses, stack-fucking, loop unrolling (although I've read that GCC 3.2X does this automatically), and of course, UBER-short-circuiting, which is what I'm most excited about ... aka programming C like it's SML ! I've been wondering for quite some time how the compiler would handle such a huge line of &&'s, ||'s, and commas ! :-D
So, next I'll go through GCC 3.2X's various levels of optimization, and, after finally gprofing the IARC code, I'll be able to apply the optimizations according to the Athlon results. Once I'm done, the real optimization begins. But by then, I'll hope to understand the code finally, so it shouldn't be a problem. But believe you me ... that is UGLY code :-p
Check it out !
Optimization Results Round #1 !

Heck, I'm feelin' a bit saucy right now ... maybe I'll even finish adding the rest of the button links, quotes, search bar, and updating the javascript archive engine ! ...... ...... erm .... maybe not tonight.

Man, I'm getting really really sick of these badly-timed blogger server errors ...


Saturday, May 24, 2003

Friday, May 23, 2003

For my next trick ... I give you a small and very simple (at least codewise) sample of a Sparc machine's weird and cool capabilities ... the stuff that started my interest on making CPrime.
(yes I know the code is a bit messy, but I was in a hurry. I'll clean it up later, since I am also in a hurry NOW ! :-D)
I was wanting to test if functions duplicated in memory were given their own static members (individual bits of memory allocated) or not (which means they refer to the same memory address). That code actually compiles and runs in the CS Dept's Lectura Server. It's really really weird. You can mess around with the assembly instructions dynamically, and even print them out 'n' stuff . I'm thinking about getting info on Sparc Assembly instructions so I can play with it some more :-D . KJ also mentioned to me that the functions copied in memory needs to be page-aligned else the OS will complain. Pretty freakin' cool, no ?

Mayann... I'm so wantin' tah tell ya all about the cool shit I'm lookin' at in my research job ... the professor has years and years of functions and such built into one huge-ass image/matrix manipulation library ! But wait till I'm a bit more familiar with it, first :-D

Oh, yah, btw. I've got a really cool AIM log to share with you guys between Me an' KJ later on :-D
Okay. Question: should I just load up my center buttons in the beginning and have them open small windows, or should I keep them the way they are, even with their slow load times (because of blogger's high load times) ? Or should I link them up as an external javascript source somewhere near the top of my page ?

Well, at least they know a problem actually exists!

Thursday, May 22, 2003

Beware of Tattoo Artist! Especially if you don't know the language he writes in ! Heh.
"At the end of the day, this is an ugly boy."
Jeez. I'll remember to stick to images or non-literature symbols while searching for the perfect tattoo.
Added, in the first 14 minutes of Friday Morning:
It may be necessary to copy the other javascript code into a separately linked file, so that the file links independently of the damn blogger html site, since it's having serious problems loading the whole damn blog !
Well, here's the first of my newest series, Good Coding Practices. The first few may seem a bit simple, trite, or glaringly obvious to some, but unfortunately, not all individuals. But I figure it's a good base to start from:
Good Coding Practice #1:
Always put opening brackets on separate lines below declarations. You will often see it the other way in books, and I've actually had people attempt to convince me by saying, "Man, I'm telling you, this is how the professionals do it! Trust me!"
Too bad. I'm more concerned with readability. :-p Instead of :
int aFunction(parameters) {
/* A lot of Code */

do this:
int aFunction(parameters)
/*A lot of Code */

It may seem nitpicky, but BELIEVE ME when I say that it neatly walks all the way around the problem of nested scopes from hell and forgotten closing brackets.

Good Coding Practice #2:
Naming and organization is important. don't have two separate functions in different files with the same name, and don't have the same function in different files.
use header files, prototypes, and file linking ... in javascript the headers and file linking is equivalent to <script type="text/javascript" src = someURL> . It's easier to read and understand. And in larger projects, you'll want to use folders ... make sure your source code organization is logical, because it can soon become a nightmare . There IS a point at which a program gets so big that you will have forgotten some names and details of other parts of your code, and when you reach it, you will want easy access.
Good Coding Practice #3:
In C and C++, array subscript notation for any array anArray of type someType with an integer index i, or :
someType anArray[i] is usually compiled as:
*(anArray + (i * sizeof(someType)) )
Thus, when using a significant amount of array operations, if your code is time-sensitive in some areas, then it may be worth while to investigate the increase of speed by simply using pointers to access the array's contents. i.e. this:
for (int i = 0; i < length; i++)
{ /*some code involving anArray[i]*/ }

becomes this :
for (someType *ptr = anArray, *end = anArray+length * sizeof(someType); ptr < end ; ptr+= sizeof(someType))
{/*some code involving *ptr */}

just a quick example. You'd probably want to beautify that code somewhat more.
There's also some interesting information about loop inversion, but until I run my own tests, I'm hesitant to post it ... in fact, I'll run tests on this one, too :-p

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

34 visitors today. 34. Unbelievable. Is SiteMeter lying ? I see information on web browsers used, and etc ... so y'all can't be just robots an' proxies ... so ... what's goin' on ? Well, for 34 visits ... I aught to have a life lesson and some coding tips ready tomorrow. So I will.

Oh! btw. This shouldn't be too important,
but in case y'all didn't know,
I'm also really damn proud of it, dammit.

Even though some people don't really realize this even months after we first meet, I figure it's always an interesting conversation to have.
"Well, I knew you're ... um ... ethnic but ... we just couldn't figure out what you are, ... y'know ?"

This has actually been something I've wanted to add to my blog for some time in writing, or in type, as the case may be. Just one of those things so weird that you can't believe it actually happened/happens even after you write it down ... sort of like the "Flasher Girl" incident ... or my brother's "Neo" incident. I'll explain that one tomorrow !
Hiya ! Updates:

Add the CS Advising Department to my current list of those people for whom I must buy flowers.
Current List:

Dr. Zdechlik & Gail Fischler, Music Teachers (for their overwhelming support)
Pat Murray, CS Advisor ( For academically saving my @$$ ! )

She found a way in which I can make a comeback from this hideous semester.

Now at least the javascript buttons don't show errors while they're loading.Thanks, Netshade. Ever have those times when you can't find an elegant solution to a problem, then someone walks by and just nonchalantly pulls one out from the tip of your finger, leaving you to feel like a colossal (but thankful) idiot ? :-D
Um ... I guess I should give the Life Lessons their own Button, and that would solve problem #5 as described below. I'm actually touched that #5 means a lot to at least one person :-D .
Umm I'm supposed to give radical updates, but at the moment, I've got to go ... again ... I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to get to GameWorks today in time to see if that girl I met the other day will be there. That really sux. Why didn't I get her number ? Because it didn't seem like I talked with her long enough for it to be appropriate! Arrrrgh! Well, I know at least two "in-the-know" ladies who frequent this site just often enough to make me feel a bit worthy ... so um, what're your opinions about getting a girl's phone number ? (This is definitely "need-to-know" stuff ! Not just for me, but for other guys ... damn, but I guess I should make a survey, but I just don't get enough visitors, or at least, active ones. I'll make an ongoing Poll ! This'll be the next Poll !

How, when, and after which circumstances have been met does it seem acceptable for a guy to ask a girl for her phone number ?